Medical Genius Chapter 442

 He Qianxue was once again dumbfounded.

                Being slapped twice in one day, this was really something she had never thought of before.

                Lin Mo was quite speechless, this He Qianxue was really asking for it!

                He Qianxue covered her face, her eyes glowing red as she angrily said, "You ...... dare to hit me?"

                The noblewoman sneered, "Just hit, you're not convinced, are you?"

                "I tell you, today I will not only beat you, I will even beat this wimp together!"

                "Zhang Long, don't talk nonsense with them, break both legs of that wimp first!"

                Zhang Long sneered, "Kid, do you hear me, my sister has given the word."

                "I gave you a chance and you didn't cherish it."

                "Now, then I won't be polite!"

                "Give me a fight!"

                A group of people behind Zhang Long immediately rushed up, wanting to surround Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, reaching out and pulling He Qianxue aside, he took a fierce step forward.

                Zhang Long was in front of him, and when he saw Lin Mo rushing forward, he lifted his foot and kicked him.

                Lin Mo was extremely fast, his left hand clasped Zhang Long's ankle and his right elbow slammed down on Zhang Long's knee.

                The crowd only heard a click as Zhang Long let out a miserable scream, and this leg bone was directly broken.

                The few men at the back were a bit confused, they were also often in fights, but who would have thought that a doctor would strike so ruthlessly?

                In doubt, Lin Mo struck again.

                A heavy punch struck the face of the man on the left, and the bridge of his nose was broken.

                Another kick sent the man on the left flying into the wall, hitting him so hard that his internal organs were almost broken, and he couldn't get up with his stomach covered.

                Several of the men behind him were also hit hard by Lin Mo separately.

                In almost one blow, all these men were knocked to the ground and none of them could stand up.

                This was a situation that no one had expected.

                Especially Wang Dong and his mother, both of whom looked dumbfounded.

                Usually, it was Zhang Long's gang that bullied others, who would have thought that Lin Mo would be so tough, beating down so many people by himself.

                After a moment of silence, the noblewoman shouted shrilly, "You ...... you dare to hit someone!"

                "Wang Dong, call the police! Quickly call the police!"

                "Your uncle and the others have been injured, I want him to go to jail!"

                Wang Dong took out his mobile phone and hurriedly tried to call the police.

                At this moment, an angry voice came from outside, "You don't need to call the police, I have already done so!"

                The crowd turned their heads, only to see the dean walking in with a group of people.

                The noblewoman was overjoyed, "Dean, it's great that you're here!"

                "This doctor at your hospital, assaulting us for no reason, what do you say!"

                "I tell you, this matter, you must take care of it for me!"

                "Otherwise, I'll make it impossible for you to be the dean!"

                The dean sneered, "Don't worry, I'll definitely take care of it!"

                The noblewoman was immediately pleased with herself and glanced obliquely at Lin Mo, "Hmph, did you hear that?"

                "I'm telling you, you're dead!"

                "This time, I'm not only going to make you lose your job, I'm going to make you go to jail!"

                "And, all the losses, you'll have to pay for them!"

                "Of course, you're just a soft-earned loser, you definitely can't afford to pay for it!"

                "But, your wife's family has money. I'll ask your wife for this debt!"

                "Fighting with me? You don't even have to take a piss and see if you have the qualifications!"

                Lin Mo laughed coldly without saying anything.

                At this moment, the dean had already walked into the office.

                He first walked up to He Qianxue and said with concern, "Miss He, are you all right?"

                "Director Lin, sorry, I received the news just now and came over late."

                "I say sorry for the inconvenience!"

                The noblewoman froze and said urgently, "Dean, what are you doing?"

                "I asked you to give me an explanation, who asked you to go and apologise to them?"

                "Even if you want to apologise, you have to apologise to me first, do you know how to do anything?"