Medical Genius Chapter 441

 Chen Yu waved her hand in a hurry, "Sister Qianxue, it's not ...... fine ......"

                "Don't mess with them, just let my mum finish this bottle of water and let's go."

                "Your kindness is always in our hearts."

                "But there are not enough beds in this place, so we ...... we won't compete with others ......"

                He Qianxue's eyes were slightly red, and Chen Yu's kindness made her feel even more guilty.

                Thinking about what happened to Chen Yu at Wanhu Manor earlier, He Qianxue especially hated herself in her heart.

                "Don't worry, it will be fine!"

                He Qianxue whispered comfortingly and took out her mobile phone, sending a message to her father.

                Back at Lin Mo's section, He Qianxue helped take care of all these things first, including Uncle Chen's wounds.

                They had just finished their side when a few people rushed in at the door, led by none other than Wang Dong and her mother.

                "That's them!"

                "They just hit us, arrest them!"

                Wang Dong's mother thundered.

                A few men followed behind, led by a man with a half-inch shave.

                Half of his neck was covered in tattoos, his face was full of cross flesh and he had a fierce and fierce look on his face.

                The tattooed man walked up to Lin Mo and looked him up and down: "Sunzi, you're the one who fucking hit my sister?"

                "You don't even go out and ask around about my name, Zhang Long of North Street Exit."

                "You even dare to hit my sister, are you fucking tired of living?"

                Wang Dong shouted from the side, "Uncle, don't be polite to him!"

                "This kid is just a soft-earned loser. Recently his daughter-in-law has made some money, and look at the way he's getting carried away."

                "I'll show him today that his family's assets are nothing!"

                The tattooed man sneered, "Really?"

                "I thought he was so powerful, but he's just a son-in-law!"

                As he said that, the tattooed man reached out to slap Lin Mo's face while cursing, "How dare you hit my sister, just a dog like you?"

                Lin Mo frowned and took a step back, avoiding the tattooed man's slap.

                The tattooed man was furious: "How dare you fucking back up?"

                "I, Zhang Long, am talking to you, that's to give you face."

                "Damn it, kneel here for me!"

                Lin Mo did not move at all, and the few men behind Zhang Long were instantly annoyed.

                "Brother Long told you to kneel down, didn't you hear him?"

                "Damn it, I think he just needs a beating!"

                "Beat him up!"

                "Break his legs, see if he kneels down!"

                A few men shouted and shouted, raging to beat Lin Mo.

                He Qianxue immediately stepped forward and said angrily, "That's enough!"

                "This is a hospital, not a place where you can cause trouble!"

                "I'm warning you all, get out immediately, or else I ...... I'll call someone ah!"

                Zhang Long's eyes lit up, "Yo, this girl looks good."

                "Dong'er, is this the one you have your eye on?"

                "Not bad, the vision is on par with your uncle."

                "But she's got a lot of character to polish."

                "That kind of personality is not suitable for our family!"

                Wang Dong's mother immediately said, "What is she dreaming of?"

                "A wild girl with no upbringing and no qualities, and she still wants to marry into my family?"

                "Hmph, even if this bitch is pretty, she is not good enough for my son!"

                Zhang Long nodded his head repeatedly, "Sister, you are right."

                "You should marry a virtuous wife, an uneducated thing like this is indeed not worthy of my nephew!"

                "Hey, little girl, don't say I don't give you face, Master Long."

                "Get lost immediately, or else, believe it or not, Master Long I will beat you up together!"

                He Qianxue said angrily, "Try touching me if you dare!"

                "I'm telling you, tell these people to get out immediately, then make amends to Brother Lin and apologize, and I can leave today's matter alone!"

                "Otherwise, I ......"

                Before the words left his mouth, Wang Dong's mother ran over and slapped He Qianxue across the face.

                "B*tch, you still want to threaten us? I think you just deserve a beating!"