Medical Genius Chapter 44-46

 Chapter 44

At this moment, a person suddenly ran over to the door, it was Huang Liang, the brother-in-law.

                "Dad, Mom, it's getting late, let's go eat."

                Huang Liang said with great enthusiasm.

                Seeing Huang Liang, Fang Hui's expression soothed: "Have you made the arrangements?"

                "It's arranged, it's your favourite Su dish." Huang Liang said fawningly.

                "Ah Xiao Huang, it's still you who know how to do things."

                "I'll feel much more at ease with you in the company from now on!" Fang Hui nodded in satisfaction, "Honey, let's go, let's go eat!"

                Xu Jiangong put those files down, didn't even look at Lin Mo, put his hands behind his back and followed Huang Liang Fang Hui in a high-minded manner.

                Lin Mo was annoyed in his heart, he was also a son-in-law.

                I came here to make a fool of myself.

                But Huang Liang is here because he knows how to do things?

                This was too much of a distinction!

                However, he had long since gotten used to this.

                This Huang Liang was very good at offering small favours and was liked by Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui.

                To Lin Mo, none of this mattered, the most important thing was Xu Hanxia's attitude towards him.

                Suddenly, Huang Liang came over with a smug smile on his face, "Brother-in-law, don't toss and turn, Hanxia is out."

                Lin Mo frowned, "Where did she go?"

                "To the bank to talk about some business." Huang Liang laughed, "Brother-in-law, you're looking for something from Hanxia?"

                "If you need anything, call me, I'm now Hanxia's personal secretary and driver!"

                "What?" Lin Mo's face suddenly changed.

                "Hanxia believes in my abilities and specifically hired me to be her personal secretary and chauffeur!" Huang Liang laughed, "So, in the future, if there's anything, you can just tell me."

                Lin Mo was annoyed, how could Xu Hanxia do such a thing? This Huang Liang obviously had bad intentions!

                "Brother-in-law, we're going to eat. If there's nothing to do, you shouldn't come to the office."

                "Look at you in that outfit, it affects the company's image!"

                Huang Liang walked away smugly, leaving Lin Mo with an annoyed face.

                Taking out his mobile phone, he called Xu Hanxia to ask about it.

                As a result, after calling several times, there was no answer, presumably he was talking about business.

                Helpless, Lin Mo could only walk out of Xu's Pharmaceuticals alone.

                Suddenly, a BMW roared past him, ready to find a random place to eat.

                Luckily, Lin Mo reacted quickly enough and dodged a step in time, otherwise he would have been hit.

                The BMW stopped right in front of Lin Mo and two people, a man and a woman, got out of the car.

                "Honey, you're so kind, you know that I like to eat Su Cuisine, you specially brought me here. Thank you hubby, mua-da!"

                The girl was pampered, dressed in a cool dress, revealing her white and slender thighs. With heavy make-up, she looked a little bit pretty.

                When Lin Mo took a look at her, his face turned cold. This was because this girl was no other than his former classmate, Zhao Yi Yi, whom he had a crush on.

                When he was in high school, Lin Mo belonged to the type of girl who had low self-esteem. When he was at the beginning of his love life, he had a crush on the class flower Zhao Yi Yi.

                Originally, this was not a big deal, but Zhao Yi Yi's best friend found out about it.

                That loudspeaker, which was widely publicized in the school, made it known to the whole school.

                Zhao Yi Yi splashed a cup of water on Lin Mo in public and threw down the words, "Lin Mo, just by you, a toad still wants to eat swan meat?"

                From then on, Lin Mo was nicknamed Toad in school.

                This Zhao Yi Yi had also become a disgrace in Lin Mo's heart!

                I really didn't expect that I would meet her here.

                At this moment, Zhao Yi Yi also noticed Lin Mo.

                She froze for a moment and then sneered, "Yo, isn't this Lin Mo."

                "What are you doing standing here? Valet parking, huh?"

Chapter 45

Next to Zhao Yi Yi was a man with flowery arms, probably in his forties, with a shaved inch head.

                With a big gold chain, a big gold watch and black sunglasses, he was the type that could not be messed with at first glance.

                The man's name was Wang Long, nicknamed Brother Long.

                In the past, when Lin Mo was at school, this Wang Long had been hanging around in that area of their school, extorting students.

                At that time, Wang Long called himself the boss in that area and had screwed many young girls.

                Zhao Yi Yi had an affair with him when she was at school, and at that time, Zhao Yi Yi even threatened Lin Mo that if he dared to peek at her again, he would let Wang Long gouge out Lin Mo's eyes.

                I didn't expect that after a few years of not seeing him, this Wang Long had become a rich man and was now driving a BMW.

                "Who's this?" Wang Long glanced obliquely at Lin Mo, with an arrogant face.

                "Just that toad I told you about, the one who had a crush on me when I was in school." Zhao Yi Yi said smugly, "There was a homework book with my name written all over it!"

                Lin Mo frowned, he had only written Zhao Yi Yi's name in one book.

                This Zhao Yiyi, she had even added fuel to the fire!

                "So it was him!"

                Wang Long instantly laughed as he wrapped one hand around Zhao Yi Yi's slender waist and looked at Lin Mo provocatively, "Kid, you're really a toad who wants to eat swan meat. You dare to wish for a goddess like Yi Yi?"

                "Do you know how much money Yi Yi spends on clothes a month? Do you know how much Yi Yi's cosmetics cost a month?"

                "Let me tell you this, if we go to a bar, one night's expenses will cost you a year's salary."

                "How dare you hit on Yi Yi like that? Don't take a piss and look at yourself, are you worthy of it?"

                Wang Long scolded, took Zhao Yi Yi's slender waist and laughed, "Forget it, Yi Yi, don't bother with such lowly people. Let's go, don't let this kind of trash affect your mood!"

                Zhao Yi Yi had a smug look on her face, "Lin Mo, don't follow me anymore. Do you know that you make people feel sick when you do that!"

                Zhao Yi Yi Wang Long went into the restaurant next to him with his toes high.

                Lin Mo was inexplicably scolded and was irritated to the core.

                When he looked up, it turned out to be Yipin Xuan.

                This restaurant, which Lin Mo had also heard of, was a very high-end place in Guangyang City.

                If you went in for a meal, it would cost two to three thousand per person.

                Lin Mo had never been in such a place before, but this time, he was annoyed.

                The card that He Lao had given him had tens of millions of dollars stored in it.

                Wasn't it just a comparison of money? Did he lack it?

                Walking over with his head held high, who knew that just as he reached the door, he was stopped by the security guard.

                "Sir, do you want something?" The security guard's attitude was quite polite.

                Lin Mo: "I'm going in to eat!"

                "Sorry, we have rules in the shop. Those who are not properly dressed are not allowed to enter or leave at will."

                "Why am I not dressed properly?" Lin Mo was annoyed, he didn't come here butt naked.

                Security guard: "I'm really sorry, your outfit is too casual, please forgive us for not being able to receive you!"

                "Then he's not dressed casually?" Lin Mo pointed at Wang Long.

                The security guard immediately said, "Brother Long is different, he's a gold card member here!"

                Lin Mo was annoyed, there were so many rules for a meal?

                "Isn't it just a member? How much is it, you name it, I'll get one now!"

                Lin Mo pulled out his pocketbook and yelled as he flipped through it.

                The security guard smiled, "Sir, our membership here, it's not something you can just do."

                "In order to become a member of our place, you first have to have two members ......"

                Speaking of this, the security guard's eyes suddenly straightened as he saw a black card in Lin Mo's wallet.

                It was the supreme card given by Huang Yongfeng!

Chapter 46

"What about the two members?" Lin Mo asked.

                The guard gulped and looked shocked, "Sir, I ...... can I see this card of yours?"

                "Card?" Lin Mo was puzzled and pulled out the black card.

                This card, was given to him by Huang Yongfeng. Lin Mo didn't take it seriously, so he kept it in his wallet.

                The security guard took the card and took a look at it, and was even more shocked.

                "Sir, excuse me, can I trouble you to sit in the shop for a while first."

                "Sit?" Lin Mo was surprised, just now he had said that he was not dressed properly and was not allowed to enter. What is this now?

                Lin Mo followed the security guard into the shop, and the security guard didn't dare to be slack and took Lin Mo to a place by the window to sit down, where the environment was a bit better.

                "Mister, you have to excuse yourself for a while. If there is anything you need, you can order our waiters!"

                The security guard gave a respectful explanation and hurriedly left with his card.

                Lin Mo was full of confusion and didn't know what was happening. But since he had come in, he didn't have to be polite and picked up the menu and ordered in a flurry.

                Wang Long and Zhao Yi Yi were sitting not far away and when they caught a glimpse of Lin Mo entering, both of them were stunned.

                "Why did this kid come in?"

                "Of course, he must have seen us coming in and was not convinced, so he followed us in and pretended to be rich!"

                "He can't afford to eat at a restaurant that costs at least 2,000 per person?"

                "Oh, what the hell. Let's just watch, he won't be able to pay the bill later, that'll be fun!"

                The two of them were laughing and joking, and Wang Long even took Zhao Yi Yi in his arms and looked at Lin Mo provocatively.

                At this moment, the office upstairs.

                The security guard ran over in a panic and said in a trembling voice, "Is Manager Xie ...... here?"

                "What's the panic?" The man at the door glared at him discontentedly, "The manager has gone out for something, what do you want?"

                "Hurry up and get him back!" The guard said urgently.

                The man glared, "Are you fucking crazy? Who the hell are you to tell the manager to come back!"

                The guard gritted his teeth and snapped his card out, "Hurry up and get the manager back!"

                The man took a look and his face changed: "Isn't this ...... our General Manager Huang's Supreme Card? Who's here? Nanba Tian, or the one from the provincial city?"

                The guard said sharply, "Neither!"

                "Neither? Someone stole their Supreme Card?" The man drew a breath of cold air, "Oh my God, this is not something we can fix. Just wait, I'll have the manager come back!"

                Lin Mo didn't know that this card of his had brought such a shock to these people.

                He had ordered his food and was about to eat when Xu Hanxia suddenly called.

                "You called me?" Xu Hanxia's voice was clear and cold, "What's the matter?"

                Thinking about Huang Liang, Lin Mo was also a little upset in his heart and casually said, "Nothing much, wrong number!"

                "You ......" Xu Hanxia was annoyed and said through clenched teeth, "Where are you now?"


                "Where are you eating?"

                "Yi Pin Xuan!"


                Putting down her phone, in less than ten minutes, Xu Hanxia, dressed in a professional outfit, walked into the hall.

                As soon as Xu Hanxia entered, she immediately attracted everyone's attention.

                After all, she was the number one beauty in Guangyang City, Xu Hanxia belonged to the absolutely impeccable ones, no matter her looks or temperament.

                Wang Long's eyes were almost glazed over. Compared to Xu Hanxia, what was Zhao Yi Yi beside her?

                Everyone was looking at Xu Hanxia, especially the men, who were all thinking of how to talk to Xu Hanxia.

                In full view of everyone, Xu Hanxia came directly to Lin Mo's table and sat down in front of him.