Medical Genius Chapter 439

 The nurse immediately became angry and pointed at Chen Yu, "Watch what you say!"

                "I'm telling you, there are so many people here, they can all testify for us, it was your father who started the fight."

                "If you talk like that, I can sue you for slander!"

                Chen Yu was shocked, she knew that those people around her, definitely would not testify for her.

                He Qianxue's face was cold, she basically knew what was happening.

                She took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: "Let's put aside the issue of right and wrong, let's first discuss the matter."

                "He is injured, sitting here is even blackmail?"

                "You as medical personnel, this old gentleman head injury, bleeding more than."

                "Instead of helping him with bandages, you are all here to watch?"

                "Do you have any medical ethics left?"

                The nurse was immediately annoyed and pointed at He Qianxue, "Who are you talking about?"

                "You're a trainee nurse, how dare you tell us what to do?"

                "Do you know who I am?"

                "I'm telling you, even if you've been transferred, you're still under my control!"

                He Qianxue angrily rebuked, "I don't care who you are, this old gentleman is injured, and it's wrong for you not to bandage him!"

                The nurse was furious: "Are you teaching me how to do things?"

                He Qianxue: "Yes, I am teaching you to do things, what's wrong?"

                "Are you doing the right thing?"

                The nurse didn't expect that He Qianxue would have such a big temper.

                She gritted her teeth, "What a sharp-tongued bitch!"

                "What kind of a thing are you to teach me to do things?"

                "I'm telling you, I won't bandage him today, what can you do?"

                He Qianxue still wanted to speak, at that moment, Zhao Li, who was full of spring, walked over.

                "Aiyo, what's going on here?"

                "Why did it get like this?"

                "Tsk, this patient is so pitiful, why is he sitting in the corridor?"

                Zhao Li laughed teasingly.

                He Qianxue was angry: "Doctor Zhao, I'm asking you, why did you throw them out of the ward?"

                "I did all the procedures for the transfer, and I paid the money, so who are you to kick them out?"

                Zhao Li glanced at He Qianxue, "Excuse me, this is my department."

                "The bed you occupied, there is a patient who booked it long ago."

                "So, she can't stay there."

                He Qianxue was furious: "What reservation?"

                "How come I didn't know about these things when I was doing the procedures?"

                Zhao Li sneered, "Then ask the person who did the procedures for you, don't come and ask me!"

                "My department, my patients, I know best myself."

                "Who should be in which ward, I know best in my heart!"

                "Who shouldn't be in the ward, I know very well too!"

                "Miss He, although you are a trainee nurse in the hospital, but the hospital does things, there are also rules!"

                "This is my department, even the director can't force me to do anything!"

                He Qianxue frowned, Zhao Li's meaning was obvious.

                This department was under his control, whoever he wanted to let stay in the ward, would stay in the ward. If he didn't want anyone to stay in the ward, they had to get out.

                To put it bluntly, it's a hint to He Qianxue.

                If you want someone to stay in the ward, you have to find me!

                Looking at Chen Yu's parents, He Qianxue said in a deep voice: "Dr. Zhao, let's not talk about right or wrong."

                "Chen Yu's mother's health is not good, she needs to rest in bed."

                "This wound of Uncle Chen, it also needs to be bandaged quickly."

                "How about arranging their affairs first?"

                Zhao Li smiled smugly, "Miss He, this matter, I'm afraid it's not too good."

                "How about this, you go to my office, I'll help you think of a way!"

                He Qianxue's face was cold, this Zhao Li's guts were too big.

                "Zhao Li, listen to me clearly, I am not begging you now!"

                "I've done all the procedures for the hospitalization, and I've paid the money!"

                "You have no right to kick them out!"

                He Qianxue said angrily.