Medical Genius Chapter 438

 Wang Dong assisted the noblewoman and went directly to the dean's office.

                Just after entering the door, the noblewoman immediately yelled, "Dean, I'm giving you a chance now."

                "Immediately expel that Lin Mo and He Qianxue from my office, and also, have the security bring them to me and give them a good beating!"

                "Otherwise, I'll make you lose your job as dean!"

                The dean frowned and said in a deep voice: "Nonsense!"

                "Lin Mo is the head of the hospital department, and Miss He is our nurse, is this something you can just fire?"

                "Also, you had security bring them here and had to fix them up a bit?"

                "What kind of place do you treat our hospital as?"

                "I'm telling you, I don't care what your status really is, the hospital is definitely not a place for you to spill your guts!"

                The noblewoman froze.

                In the past, when the dean saw her, she was always respectful.

                What is this now?

                The dean even dared to confront her?


                "That's what you said, don't you regret it!"

                "When my husband comes later, I'll see how you can explain to him!"

                The noblewoman shouted angrily and led Wang Dong away in a rage.

                The dean watched the two walk away, a cold smile wiped across his face.

                Of course he knew He Qianxue's identity, but he hadn't told anyone about it.

                He had long been dissatisfied with Wang Dong, who, on the basis of his family's connections, had acted like a bully in the hospital and had no one in his sight, not even him.

                This time, he wanted to take advantage of this matter to drive Wang Dong out of the hospital completely.

                "You can't live if you make your own mistakes!"

                The dean said softly and couldn't help humming a little song.

                He Qianxue was helping Lin Mo clean up his office when the phone suddenly rang.

                She picked it up and saw that it was Chen Yu's number.

                "Chen Yu, what's wrong?"

                Chen Yu's voice came with a crying voice: "Sister Qianxue, you ...... you help me, I ...... my mother was kicked out of the ward ......"

                He Qianxue's face changed: "What happened?"

                "Who kicked you out of the ward?"

                Chen Yu: "It's a chief physician named Zhao Li, he ...... said that this bed, someone had booked it a long time ago ......"

                "My mom is still on an infusion, he took out all the needles ......"

                "Sister Qianxue, I ...... dare not tell brother Lin."

                "How about you send us back to the original hospital again ......"

                He Qianxue's face was suddenly cold, she remembered.

                Zhao Li, is the one who just came to invite her to drink milk tea.

                When he was driven away by He Qiuxue, he threw a harsh word.

                He Qianxue didn't take it seriously, but she didn't expect that this person would be so mean and went to deal with Chen Yu instead.

                Without a doubt, he must have found out that Chen Yu was hospitalized by He Qianxue, so he deliberately drove Chen Yu away to force He Qianxue.

                "Chen Yu, don't panic, I'll be right over!"

                He Qianxue put down her phone and hurriedly ran to the front hospitalization department.

                Just when she reached the upper floor, she saw Chen Yu standing in the corridor with her mother in tow.

                Chen Yu's father, on the other hand, was sitting on the floor, covering his forehead, with blood gushing out from his fingers.

                There was chaos all around.

                He Qianxue's face changed and she said urgently, "What's going on here ......?"

                A fierce-faced nurse came over and sneered, "This patient's family is causing trouble here and trying to beat people up."

                "As a result, not having beaten people, they bumped their own heads and sat here trying to blackmail people."

                "We have called the police, you continue to sit here, I want to see who you can scare!"

                Chen Yu hurriedly said, "We ...... we didn't make a scene ......"

                "They threw our stuff out and kicked my mom out ......"

                "My mom was getting a water infusion and they wanted to pull my mom's needles, my dad was afraid something would happen and wouldn't let them."

                "Then they ...... several of them, together, beat my dad and pushed my dad against the wall and hit him ......"