Medical Genius Chapter 437

 He Qianxue was dumbfounded by this slap.

                Ever since she was a child, she was the daughter of the heavens, gathering thousands of favors in one.

                She was the daughter of the He family in Guangyang City, although in Guangyang City, she was not as good as the heirs of the top ten families.

                However, He Lao's network in Guangyang City is great, and people are also very good.

                Behind the Chen Shengyuan, equivalent to the backing of the South Battalion.

                Therefore, even the heirs of the ten families are polite to He Qianxue.

                Growing up, she has never suffered a loss.

                Except for the last time Huo Tiancheng cleaned up, no one has dared to flick a finger at her.

                Even her parents, when she was naughty and mischievous, couldn't spare a few words.

                And this noblewoman, unexpectedly a slap on her face, she did not come back to her senses for a long time ah.

                Lin Mo was a little annoyed, although he did not have a good feeling about He Qianxue, but this is after all He Lao's granddaughter.

                Besides, He Qianxue was in his section, equivalent to his subordinate.

                His own subordinates, in front of his own face was beaten, he can not face ah.

                Lin Mo shot up and shouted angrily, "That's enough!"

                "How can you beat up people in the hospital?"

                The noblewoman had an arrogant face: "What's wrong with beating her?"

                "A trainee nurse is just a trainee nurse, I beat her up, you don't like it?"

                "Hmph, I'm not only beating her, I'm beating you too!"

                Saying that, the noblewoman threw another slap at Lin Mo.

                This noblewoman was really used to being arrogant and domineering, she was the general manager of the company and often cleaned up her subordinates, many of them had been slapped by her.

                And her husband is in charge of the hospital side, she is also in charge of these places, also are rampant domineering.

                Before that, she had beaten several doctors and nurses, and those people eventually had to choose to put up with it.

                So, in her opinion, beating up a trainee nurse and a wimp who eats soft food is not a matter at all.

                However, this slap failed to hit Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo directly kicked on the chair next to him, and the chair crashed into the small of the noblewoman's stomach, knocking her over to the ground.

                The noblewoman had never suffered such a loss, and lay on the ground on the spot and howled, "Ouch, hit me to death!"

                "You ...... you dare to hit me, I'm not finished with you ......"

                "Call the police! Call the police! I want you to go to jail, I want your life!"

                Wang Dong was also extremely angry, pointing at Lin Mo and yelling, "Lin, you dare to hit my mother?"

                "I'll kill you!"

                Wang Dong grabbed the stapler on the table and smashed it towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo frowned and kicked Wang Dong in the small of his back, and Wang Dong directly fell to his knees.

                "You ...... you dare to hit my son?"

                "I will never let you go!"

                "You will regret it! You will regret it!"

                The noblewoman roared in a shrill voice.

                Wang Dong's face was as red as a pig's liver and he grimaced, "Lin Mo, wait for me! Wait for me!"

                "This time, if I don't kill you, I'll take your fucking name!"

                He and the noblewoman supported each other and left.

                He Qianxue's heart puffed out as she watched from the side.

                Seriously, these situations were nothing to her.

                Wang Dong and the noblewoman, in front of the He family, were as humble as ants, and she could solve them with a simple phone call.

                However, the fact that Lin Mo had just struck these two people still made her extremely excited.

                At this moment, she had a strange feeling in her heart, and the eyes she looked at Lin Mo were even more full of admiration.

                She suddenly remembered the matter of Wanhu Manor, Lin Mo beat up that woman, and that man.

                At that time, she had always felt that Lin Mo was too barbaric, although she knew afterwards what had happened, she still felt in her heart that Lin Mo's way of handling things was a bit too much.

                However, now when these things really happened to her, she only felt that Lin Mo did things too manly.

                When a woman is aggrieved, she does not want a man who can stand up for her and help her out fiercely?