Medical Genius Chapter 436

 When the noblewoman heard this, she immediately said, "What?"

                "He, the director, came up on the basis of connections?"

                "He used to sweep the toilets?"

                Wang Dong nodded his head: "No, he used to be a cleaner in our hospital, sweeping toilets for three years."

                "He found a good family, and went to be a son-in-law, soft food well, to serve his parents-in-law family comfortable."

                "So, his father-in-law came and sent a sum of money to Vice President Fang Qing, before he arranged to be the director here."

                "In fact, he is the director, is a complete set up."

                "This department, no patients at all!"

                The noblewoman's face is full of contempt: "So it is based on the relationship up ah? I thought I had some real skills!"

                "In my life, there are two kinds of people I hate most: those who are not capable, and those who eat soft rice."

                "You have both of them, it makes people want to vomit."

                "Hmph, this Fang Qing, the courage is not small."

                "A toilet cleaner, even dare to arrange to become the head of the department, this is not a joke!"

                "It seems that your hospital, it is necessary to take a good look."

                "I'll talk to your father tonight, let him come here to check, some are not suitable to be vice president, should get out!"

                "Really can not, this hospital also has no need to exist!"

                When the noblewoman said this, her face was full of arrogance, as if she could rule the life and death of the hospital with just one word.

                Wang Dong also had a smug look on his face, he was proud of his family's network.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, had a helpless face.

                You Wang Dong want to find He Qianxue, that's your business, what's the point of involving me?

                Moreover, to come to my office to point fingers and insult me in all kinds of ways, this is too much to put me in the eyes!

                He Qianxue looked embarrassed, she didn't expect that she would meet such a strange person.

                "Brother Lin, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry."

                "You wait a moment, I'll fix it ......"

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "All right, you go over and get busy first."

                "Wang Dong, and this ...... aunt?"

                "If there is nothing wrong, please also leave."

                "Don't affect the normal work of this section of mine!"

                The noblewoman was furious: "You ...... who do you call an aunt?"

                Wang Dong was also furious: "Lin Mo, how do you speak to my mother?"

                "And you dare to let us go?"

                "Who are you, do you really think you can be my equal because you are a director?"

                "I'm telling you, apologize to my mom right now."

                "Also, get that bitch out of the hospital!"

                "I can spare you once for today's incident."

                "Otherwise, don't blame me for being unkind to you!"

                Lin Mo was also fired up and said in a cold voice: "Apologize for what?"

                "This is my department, you are interfering with my normal work by not seeing patients here."

                "I let you guys out, it's completely in line with the hospital's rules, what's wrong with that?"

                "Whether Miss He stays or goes, the hospital has its own arrangements, it is not your turn to dictate!"

                "I'll say it again, get out immediately. Otherwise, don't blame me for being unkind to you!"

                Wang Dong let out a big laugh: "You still see patients here?"

                "Lin Mo, do you know what the patient looks like?"

                "And still treat us unkindly?"

                "Fine, come on, I'd like to see how you can be unkind to us!"

                He Qianxue looked embarrassed, she walked over and said sharply, "Don't make trouble here!"

                "If you guys have anything to do, just look for me."

                "These things have nothing to do with big brother Lin!"

                "You guys ......"

                With an impatient face, the noblewoman threw a slap at He Qianxue's face and angrily scolded, "Get out of the way!"

                "Who are you, are you allowed to speak here?"