Medical Genius Chapter 432

He Qiuxue has had many boyfriends in school, so she could see at a glance what this Zhao Li meant.

                Even in the past, He Qianyue had many boyfriends, she would not look at Zhao Li like this.

                What's more, after the last incident, He Qianyue has changed a lot.

                At least, she has understood what she really wants.

                "Sorry, I still have work on my side."

                He Qianxue politely refused.

                Zhao Li looked slightly embarrassed and immediately said, "Miss He, this kind of rough work, how can I let you do it?"

                "Lin Mo, how can you let Miss He wipe the table?"

                "This kind of thing, you can't do it yourself?"

                "Miss He, you give him the towel and let him wipe it himself!"

                What happened to Lin Mo at the hospital before had been deliberately suppressed by Elder He and the dean.

                There were not many people who knew about Huang Yongfeng's matter.

                Therefore, most of the people in the hospital, did not know what Lin Mo's current situation was.

                Especially after the last time Xu Jiangong Fang Hui came to the hospital to make a scene, many people feel that Lin Mo is relying on relationships to get to the top.

                Therefore, the hospital's people despise Lin Mo even more.

                Wang Dong Zhao Li, such as from the beginning to the end have not looked at Lin Mo.

                They have a superior family background, their own conditions, how will they look up to the mouth of the son-in-law wimp?

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, you want to chase He Qianxue, I do not stop you.

                However, you came to my section, to me to drink and drink, you really think I am working for you?

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, not bothering to pay attention to such people.

                He Qianxue, on the other hand, frowned: "Doctor Zhao, Brother Lin is the head of our department, how can you let him do these jobs?"

                "These things are just my part of the job."

                "If you don't have anything to do, please also go out, don't affect the normal work of our department!"

                Zhao Li looked embarrassed, he had never been defeated like this before when chasing girls.

                However, he didn't dare to snap at He Qianxue, so he could only turn the spearhead to Lin Mo.

                "Director Lin, if I remember correctly, the nurses in our hospital, don't need to help you clean up!"

                "What? You think you can bully Miss He because she just graduated and just came to work and doesn't know anything?"

                "What kind of dirty work do you give her to do? What kind of director do you really think you are?"

                "Hmph, have you forgotten that a few days ago, you were just a janitor sweeping toilets in the hospital!"

                "Do you really think you can flaunt your power because you've eaten soft rice, found a rich daughter-in-law, and their family sent gifts and spent money to make you a director?"

                "I tell you, this is a hospital, not your home."

                "We don't care how you eat soft food or how you act with authority at home. But there are rules in the hospital!"

                "You let Miss He help you clean for a living, that's breaking the hospital rules!"

                "If you apologize to Miss He right now, I can pretend this never happened."

                "Otherwise, humph, believe it or not, I'll make you get out of the hospital!"

                Lin Mo frowned.

                This Zhao Li, he was really vicious.

                In order to hook up with He Qianxue, he didn't hesitate to verbally abuse him.

                What toilet sweeping, what gift giving, what soft rice eating.

                If it were a newcomer who did not know him, he would have immediately despised Lin Mo.

                And said Lin Mo bullying newcomers, let her do these menial work tired? This is not clearly sowing discord!

                However, before Lin Mo could say anything, He Qianxue immediately said: "What did you say?"

                "I did all this work voluntarily, what do you care?"

                "Dr. Zhao, I'll say it again, please leave, don't interfere with the normal work of our department!"

                Zhao Li was confused, what is this situation?

                He helped He Qianyue speak and scolded Lin Mo like this. As a result, He Qianyue was angry with herself?

                Why was she defending Lin Mo, a loser?