Medical Genius Chapter 431

 Chen Yu laughed, "Sister Qianxue brought us here, she said the hospital conditions are better here."

                "Moreover, she also helped us advance the medical fees, Sister Qianxue is really a great person."

                "Dr. Xue has already treated my mom, my mom is completely well and will be discharged in a few days."

                "She's still discussing it and is going to invite you to her home for a meal."

                Lin Mo immediately smiled, "Then I definitely have to go, how long has it been since I ate my aunt's cooking."

                In the past, when Lin Mo and Chen Yu lived as neighbors, they didn't often dine at Chen Yu's house.

                Chen Yu: "Brother Lin, I ...... I'm here this time, mainly to say thank you."

                "If not for you, I ...... I ......"

                Saying that, Chen Yu's eyes got red.

                The last time she slipped into the exchange meeting alone, she almost made a big deal.

                He Qianxue looked embarrassed: "Chen Yu, actually, I'm to blame for all the things that happened last time."

                "Don't worry, after this incident, I also realized my mistake."

                "In the future, I will definitely not make such mistakes again!"

                These words of He Qianxue were actually said for Lin Mo's ears.

                However, Lin Mo didn't care, didn't care at all about He Qianxue's situation, which made He Qianxue's heart a little gloomy.

                After chatting for a while, Lin Mo went to the upstairs ward to visit Chen Yu's mother again.

                Uncle Chen happened to be here, and thanked Lin Mo a thousand times with gratitude.

                After chatting for a while, Lin Mo left first.

                When he passed by the dean's office, he suddenly heard an angry voice coming from inside.

                "Dean, why should the new nurse be allowed to go to that trash Lin Mo's office?"

                "That Chinese medicine department of his, there isn't even a patient, he's redundant as a director."

                "And send him a nurse for what?"

                "If I were to say, he should go back to sweeping the toilets, what qualifications does he have to be the director?"

                Lin Mo frowned, he could hear that the one who spoke was an attending physician at the hospital named Wang Dong.

                It was said that his family had a large network of connections, so he was usually rampant in the hospital.

                However, in the past, Lin Mo and he did not have much contact, and the two of them did not have much conflict.

                I didn't expect that this Wang Dong would go behind his back to say bad things about Lin Mo.

                "Xiao Wang ah, Lin Mo's situation, you don't know much about it."

                "These things, is the hospital's arrangement, you should not care so much!"

                The dean said back in a serious tone.

                Wang Dong immediately said, "Dean, I don't want to care so much!"

                "I came to find you, just to talk to you."

                "In our department, there is a shortage of nurses."

                "You take He Qianxue, transfer her to our department!"

                Hearing this, Lin Mo Fang understood.

                Wang Dong didn't want to deal with him, but he was running towards He Qianxue.

                Lin Mo did not bother to pay attention to such things, you Wang Dong want to make trouble, let it.

                If you transfer He Qianyue away, it would be better.

                Lin Mo took into account He Lao's feelings, could not directly drive He Qianxue away.

                If you transfer her away, then I will save myself the trouble?

                Back in the office, He Qianxue was still busy wiping the table.

                "Miss He, don't be busy."

                "This little thing, I can do it myself."

                Lin Mo said.

                He Qianxue smiled: "Brother Lin, don't be polite."

                "When I come to be a nurse, I have to start from the basics."

                "All these things are what I should do."

                "You take a rest first, I'll pour you a cup of tea later."

                Lin Mo was a bit surprised, this He Qianxue, has really changed her personality?

                He didn't bother to say anything, and casually sat on the chair next to him to read the newspaper.

                Suddenly, the door of the room was pushed open and a male doctor of one meter eight walked in.

                Lin Mo recognized him, this man's name was Zhao Li. The family background is very strong, he is also handsome, is the hospital's famous Prince Charming.

                Zhao Li didn't even look at Lin Mo, he walked directly to He Qianxue and said with a light smile, "Miss He, first day at work is hard, right?"

                "I bought two cups of milk tea, have a drink together?"