Medical Genius Chapter 430

 Lin Mo hurriedly helped Nanba Tian up, "Mr. Nan, you're welcome."

                "For such a long time, you have helped me so much."

                "Treating Miss Nan is also what I should do."

                Nan Batian remained excited: "Bing'er is everything to me, more important than my life."

                "You saved her, more important than saving me."

                "From now on, everything that I, Nanba Tian, have, Mr. Lin, you can call upon at will!"

                This sentence, if heard by other people in Guang Province, would be shocking beyond measure.

                Nanba Tian, that was an existence that almost became the number one king in Guang Province.

                If it were not for his love, he would have been the king that forcefully suppressed all the big families in the six southern provinces!

                Even though now stay in Guangyang City, have not gone out for many years.

                However, who would dare to disrespect Nanba Tian in the six southern provinces?

                It didn't take long for the kitchen to get the thin porridge ready.

                Nan Bing'er changed her clothes and ate two big bowls under the wait of several servants.

                Nanba Tian looked at the side with tears in his eyes. In the past, Nan Bing'er could not eat this much in a day.

                This time, Nan Bing'er is really well.

                Lin Mo wrote another prescription and asked He Lao to boil the medicine for Nan Bing'er according to the prescription to nourish her body.

                Although Nan Bing'er is well, but after all she has been sick for many years, her body is weak and congenitally deficient.

                If you want to turn her into a normal person completely, you still have to nourish her slowly for some time.

                However, once the blood disease was cured, other things, it would be much easier.

                After arranging everything, Lin Mo left.

                Nan Batian personally saw Lin Mo out, and Nan Bing'er, with the help of two servants, also rushed over personally.

                "Brother Lin, thank you for saving me."

                Nan Bing'er said sincerely.

                Lin Mo quickly waved his hand, "Miss Nan is very kind."

                "This is all what I should do."

                Saying goodbye to Nan's family, He Lao personally sent Lin Mo back to the hospital.

                On the way, He Lao said, "By the way, Mr. Lin, the dan furnace you asked me to inquire about, I have inquired about it."

                "This kind of thing, nowadays, is rare, only some of them have been passed down in ancient times."

                "However, most of them are treated as antiques, not many people will take them out to sell."

                "I heard that in the outskirts of the Northern Pass, there is a Wu Zhai, once someone took such a dan furnace for sale."

                Lin Mo immediately said, "Wu Cottage?"

                "Where is it?"

                "Is it close to here?"

                He Lao: "It's not far, it belongs to the territory of Guang Province, but that place, where the three provinces meet, is mixed with dragons and snakes."

                "Because of the complicated personnel, so in that place, there are often some unseen things for sale."

                "Later, the scale of development became large, and that place became a famous underground black market."

                "However, this underground black market opens once a month."

                "Do the math, it should be another week before it opens again."

                Lin Mo nodded: "Okay, then in a week's time, I'll go to Wu Zhai and take a trip."

                He Lao sent Lin Mo to the hospital and once again apologized to Lin Mo for what happened to He Qianxue.

                Lin Mo originally wanted to say that he wanted He Qianxue to change the department, but since He Lao had said so, he couldn't say anything else.

                He was unhappy with He Qianxue, but at least he had to give face to He Lao.

                Back in the office, the environment inside was better arranged.

                The room was decorated with some bonsai, and some small ornaments were placed on the table, which should be arranged by He Qianyue.

                Lin Mo just sat down not long after, he heard a familiar voice from the door: "Brother Lin is working here?"

                Lin Mo hurriedly got up and opened the door of the room, only to see Chen Yu and He Qianxue walking over together.

                He Qianxue took Chen Yu's hand and smiled, "Isn't this your brother Lin?"

                Seeing Lin Mo, Chen Yu blushed and lowered her head, "Brother Lin."

                Lin Mo was curious: "Chen Yu, why are you here?"

                "How is auntie's condition?"