Medical Genius Chapter 428

 As promised, today was the day to treat Nanba Tian's daughter.

                In the car, He Lao had an apologetic face, "Mr. Lin, I'm really sorry."

                "I told Qianxue not to let her bother you, but she just wouldn't listen."

                "Actually, Qianxue also wants to apologize to you."

                "Also, she knows that what she did before made you look down on her."

                "She also wants to change herself, so she'll start from the grassroots and hone her skills."

                "Mr. Lin, if she causes you any inconvenience, just say the word and I'll let her go home right away!"

                Even Elder He had said so, how could Lin Mo not give him face.

                "No harm!"

                "Young people, it's good to know your mistakes and be able to change."

                Lin Mo casually said back.

                Soon, they arrived at Nanba Tian's villa.

                Nan Batian had been waiting in the hall, and when he saw Lin Mo, he immediately welcomed him.

                "Mr. Lin, that mandarin fruit, it has been disposed of as you instructed."

                Lin Mo nodded, he walked to the ward, Nan Bing'er, Nan Baitian's daughter, was still lying on the hospital bed.

                Although Nan Bing'er was awake, her body was still very weak.

                Because of her dark illness, Lin Mo didn't give her much medicine, so, so far she hasn't healed.

                Mandarins were placed on the table next to her, and there were also some other medicinal herbs that Lin Mo had ordered.

                He Lao personally went to select the herbs, a thousand selections, each and every herb, are of the highest quality.

                Lin Mo put these herbs together, pounded them with a medicinal mortar, then put them inside a medicinal jar and slowly boiled them.

                After almost half an hour, the medicinal taste rushed out.

                Lin Mo poured out the medicinal liquid, and then, he dipped the mandarin fruit into this medicinal liquid.

                The crowd looked at the side really well, only to see that the mandarin fruit as if the ice cubes put into the hot water, visible to the naked eye melted.

                "How can this ...... happen?" He Lao could not help but exclaim.

                You should know that this mandarin fruit, which looks ordinary, is actually very hard.

                Even with a pill mortar, the mandarin fruit could not be cracked.

                Now, this medicinal liquid, actually melted the mandarin fruit?

                Lin Mo laughed lightly: "All things under the sky, are born from each other."

                "The entire body of the mandarin fruit is medicine, if it is boiled in the ordinary method, there will definitely be medicine residue left, and the effect will be greatly reduced."

                "Only by using this method, melting all of the mandarin fruit into medicine, can we achieve the best effect."

                He Lao was shocked, if not for Lin Mo's hand, he would never have known such a method in his life ah.

                The mandarin fruit completely melted, and the bowl of medicinal liquid became colorful.

                The original black medicinal soup now became a bright red, just like fresh blood, looking at it with an unusual beauty.

                Lin Mo took out silver needles again and told Nan Bing'er to sit up straight.

                He drew out three silver needles with one hand and stabbed them into the three major acupuncture points on the top of Nan Bing'er's head at the same time.

                Nan Bing'er did not have the slightest discomfort, an acupuncture expert, would not make people feel pain.

                "Feed her the medicine, take a spoon, two spoons."

                Lin Mo shouted lowly.

                Nan Batian personally stepped in and carefully fed Nan Bing'er two spoons of medicinal liquid.

                Lin Mo then stepped in and stabbed three more silver needles at the back of Nan Bing'er's neck.

                "Feed again, two spoons."

                Nan Batian fed two spoons of medicinal liquid again.

                So on and so forth, it took almost an hour for the bowl of medicinal liquid to be fully fed.

                At this time, Nan Bing'er's body, has been pierced with hundreds of silver needles.

                Nan Batian stood next to her, his face anxious: "Mr. Lin, how is it?"

                "The medicine is all finished, is Bing'er feeling better?"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "There's no hurry."

                "Her illness, it's been dragging on for a bit too long, it needs a recovery process."

                "It is estimated that half an hour is almost enough."

                Nanba Tian breathed a long sigh of relief.

                He Lao, on the other hand, was amazed, "Mr. Lin, why did you just feed two spoons of medicine for every three needles you pricked?"

                "Couldn't the silver needles be placed all the way down before feeding the medicine?"