Medical Genius Chapter 427

 The new nurse

                In the afternoon, Lin Mo returned to the hospital.

                In front of the guidance desk, a group of nurses were chattering and chatting.

                "Hey, have you heard? There is a new nurse in the hospital this time, and she's very pretty!"

                "You're so behind, I knew about it yesterday. Yesterday, this nurse came to report to the hospital, when many doctors were stunned."

                "Yes, I heard that more than a dozen male doctors in the hospital, are trying their best to get this nurse to their department."

                "These men, not at all with any good intentions ah. See a beautiful woman, you can not move your legs!"

                "No way, beautiful, is the advantage of ah. Yesterday the nurse, you did not see, it is said that when the school is the school flower. I'm a woman, look at all the heart, let alone those stinky men."

                "You're all behind on this news. Let me tell you, this morning, the hospital several young doctors, in the vice president's office almost fight, is trying to get this nurse to their department."

                "Really? For the sake of a nurse only, it is necessary?"

                "Hey, when they can fight for me, how good it is!"

                "Pull down, if you can lose 50 pounds, it is estimated that there is still some play."

                "You guys say, this new nurse, the last will go to which department ah?"

                "I guess, either to Wang Dong's department, or to Zhao Li's department."

                "I also think so, Wang Dong and Zhao Li, that is our hospital's famous doctors. Moreover, both of them have good family backgrounds and are not married, so they will definitely not miss such an opportunity."

                "You don't know, in the morning, I saw Wang Dong's mother come to the hospital, probably for this matter."

                "Wow, this is to choose the rhythm of the daughter-in-law ah?"

                "Such a beautiful woman, and the only one worthy of Wang Dong, this is very suitable ah ......"

                Lin Mo listened to the crowd's discussion, could not help but be speechless to the extreme.

                For a nurse, almost fought, shame or shame ah?

                He didn't care much, and went directly to his section.

                Just into the office, he felt that something was wrong, the office was neatly tidied up.

                Moreover, in the air, there was a perfume smell.

                Lin Mo was surprised, he was the only one in this department, how could there be a perfume smell?

                Puzzled, a nurse came in through the door.

                Lin Mo fixed his eyes and saw that it was He Qianxue!

                Lin Mo froze: "Miss He, you ...... how come you're here?"

                He Qianxue wiped the sweat on her forehead and smiled lightly: "Mr. Lin, I'm about to graduate, which don't start the internship."

                "So, I applied myself to come to this hospital as a nurse."

                "Your medical skills are very brilliant, I want to follow you around, and I hope to learn something."

                Lin Mo's heart moved, the new nurse they said before, could it be He Qianxue?

                School girl, beautiful woman? This is certainly ah!

                "Sorry, this department of mine is usually quite idle and doesn't need nurses."

                "If you want to intern, it's better to go to those departments in front."

                Lin Mo said back.

                He Qianxue hurriedly said, "Brother Lin, I came here mainly because I want to follow you and learn."

                "Don't worry, I'm just here to help you out, I definitely won't disturb you."

                "My office is next door, if there's anything, you can just call me."

                As he watched He Qianxue go out, Lin Mo had a bit of a headache.

                Honestly, he didn't have any good feelings towards this He Qianxue.

                If she wasn't Elder He's granddaughter, Lin Mo wouldn't even care about her.

                I didn't expect that after so many things happened, she still has the face to come to him, huh?

                However, for the sake of He Lao's face, Lin Mo did not say anything else.

                Lin Mo, this section, is really idle to the extreme.

                After sitting in the office for two hours, there was not a single patient.

                At five o'clock, He Lao arrived at the hospital, personally picked up Lin Mo and went straight to Nanba Tian's house.