Medical Genius Chapter 426

 Chen Tao, these people finally agreed to Lin Mo's conditions, each signed a 50 million contract and left.

                And they just left not long after, someone came to see Xu Hanxia again.

                This time, it was Yuan De and others who came.

                Before Yuan De they came to Xu Pharmaceuticals and signed a three billion dollar contract.

                However, after the Huo family's incident happened, they cut off business with Xu Pharmaceuticals.

                At that time, this incident was a great blow to Xu Pharmaceutical, Xu Pharmaceutical almost collapsed, is because Yuan De and others temporarily broke the contract.

                In fact, with Yuan De's position and strength, they did not need to be afraid of the Huo family.

                But, at that time, the Huo family promised them some benefits.

                Moreover, they decided that the Huo family would definitely be able to take down the Xu Pharmaceutical, so they chose to help the Huo family.

                The result is that this time the Huo family failed miserably and returned, Yuan De and their benefits did not fall.

                The most critical thing is that Guangyang City got a lot of medical resources.

                At this time, if Yuan De and the others continue to cooperate with Xu Pharmaceutical, they will be able to enjoy these medical resources.

                Everyone is a businessman, naturally understand the truth of business in business.

                Yuan De and the others did not delay in the slightest, running to first apologize to Lin Mo Xu Hanxia, and then they directly negotiated a new contract.

                Finally, the people negotiated successfully, on the basis of the original, a 30% increase in price, is considered to re-enter the contract.

                The original contract price was three billion, a 30% increase, that is, an additional nine hundred million.

                This nine hundred million was earned by Xu Pharmaceutical for nothing.

                Holding the contract in her hand, Xu Hanxia was still in shock.

                She knew that if Lin Mo won this time, Xu Pharmaceutical would be able to make a lot of money.

                But she did not expect that it would be so easy to make money.

                One way or another, after re-signing a few contracts, she earned an additional nine hundred million.

                Plus the previous contract of Chen Tao and the others, the Xu Pharmaceuticals side, equal to more than a billion more income ah.

                You know, the previous Xu Pharmaceuticals, assets of only 100 million.

                Now, the Xu Pharmaceuticals casually earn more than a billion, who else can imagine?

                When the meeting was held in the afternoon, Xu Hanxia excitedly told the employees below about the new contracts.

                These employees are all jumping for joy, the company made a lot of money, they can certainly also get a lot of bonuses ah.

                And Xu Hanxia is also very dry, directly called the company's shareholders, to discuss the matter of bonus.

                The company's shareholders, hearing that the company has made so much money again, are also very happy.

                As for the bonus, those shareholders naturally did not stint, immediately agreed.

                Xu Hanxia immediately took out ten million dollars and sent it to the employees below as a reward.

                This day, the entire Xu Pharmaceutical is like a holiday, everyone's face can not hide the joy.

                Not only that, even the herb companies below also got some bonuses.

                Of course, some people rejoice, but also some people are sad.

                Before Xu Pharmaceuticals but there are dozens of small shareholders, but now there are only a dozen of them left old Zhang.

                Last time when Xu Hanxia invested in Lin Mo, these shareholders were encouraged by Xu Yongqing to come over and force Xu Hanxia.

                Later, it was Chen Shengyuan who bought all the shares in their hands to save Xu Hanxia's position.

                Now, Xu's Pharmaceuticals has developed to this point, those shareholders are regretting it.

                Many of them came to Xu Hanxia and wanted to buy back their shares, but they were all rejected by Xu Hanxia.

                When they needed their support the most, they fell on their sword, sold their shares to cash out, and sneered at Lin Mo Xu Hanxia.

                Now that Xu Pharmaceuticals has survived the toughest times and made a lot of money, you guys want to come back? Is it possible?