Medical Genius Chapter 425

 Chen Tao a few people look at each other, ponder for a long time, one of them gritted his teeth and said, "General Xu, I ...... I am willing to raise the price by five percent, I hope General Xu can give us priority in supply!"

                Seeing this situation, several other people have opened their mouths, all clamoring for a five percent price increase.

                Xu Hanxia's heart moved, such a price increase, the company can indeed earn a lot more money ah.

                But Lin Mo shook his head: "Sorry, we can't not keep the agreement because of this five percent price!"

                The crowd looked at each other, they could see that Lin Mo was not satisfied with this price.

                Chen Tao gritted his teeth: "Then ...... that ten percent!"

                Lin Mo still shook his head.

                Chen Tao's face changed: "Mr. Lin, then ...... then how much do you want?"

                Lin Mo smiled gently and held out two fingers.

                The faces of all the people changed: "Twenty percent?"

                "Mr. Lin, this ...... price is too high, we have no profit ah!"

                Lin Mo shook his head: "I'm not talking about twenty percent!"

                "I'm talking about twice as much!"

                The crowd's eyes widened and they almost didn't vomit blood.

                Twenty percent was hard for them to accept, twice as much? How was that possible?

                Chen Tao said urgently, "Mr. Lin, even if we take the medicine back, the price won't double."

                "Plus labor, rent, and all kinds of expenses, our profit, not even fifty percent."

                "You ...... you want twice as much, this ...... this is simply impossible!"

                Lin Mo lightly smiled: "It's okay, if you can not accept, I do not force!"

                "The sale is not benevolent!"

                "Gentlemen, there is still a meeting to be held in the half summer, do not send ah!"

                Chen Tao and the others looked embarrassed, they simply could not leave ah.

                If there was no business from Xu Pharmaceutical, they would have to go bankrupt.

                "Mr. Lin, how about ...... how about forty percent ......"

                "We don't make money, you also give us a way to live."

                Chen Tao said in a trembling voice.

                Lin Mo sneered, "Not good!"

                "Either twice as much, or, there is no negotiation!"

                A boss said sharply, "Twice, you're clearly asking us to die!"

                Lin Mo gave him a look: "When you came to Xu Pharmaceutical to withdraw the order, didn't you also want us to die?"

                Chen Tao said anxiously, "Mr. Lin, what happened before, we know we were wrong."

                "We also apologized, and we are willing to give up our profits."

                "But, you should at least give us a way to live."

                "We all cooperate in order to make money."

                "Really force us into bankruptcy, Xu Pharmaceutical, what advantage can we take?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "Of course I will give you guys a way out of life."

                "Double your price, for one year, you only need to sign an order of fifty million in Xu Pharmaceutical."

                "After that, you can buy other companies' products at will, and I guarantee that no one will stop you."

                Chen Tao and the others looked at each other, this was a way to live.

                They were allowed to buy products from other companies, then they could make money from somewhere else.

                In other words, they need to make money from somewhere else to fill Xu Pharmaceutical.

                The people were helpless to the core, Lin Mo was using this method to make them work for Xu Pharmaceutical.

                However, they also had no choice.

                Either they go bankrupt or this way, they can still barely support, better than bankruptcy.

                The people actually regretted in their hearts, if they did not withdraw their orders at that time, how good it would be.

                You know, at that time, there was a boss, indeed, did not withdraw the order.

                Because of this matter, he was also reused by Chen Shengyuan, Chen Shengyuan gave him a lot of medical resources tilted there, this boss must be a big profit.

                Look at that boss, and then look at yourself, Chen Tao and other people's hearts are bitter.

                But, what can be done about it?

                Who let their own short-sightedness, missed the opportunity to fly to the sky?

                Self-inflicted, can only say a deserved.