Medical Genius Chapter 423

 Xu Hanxia was so angry that her face was red, and after eating, she directly pulled Lin Mo out of the house.

                Sitting in the car, Xu Hanxia said angrily: "Lin Mo, you ...... how you handed the company to them ah?"

                "The company let Huang Liang to manage, you have made great concessions."

                "Now even the ownership of the company is given to others, how can this work?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly: "Hanxia, don't get excited!"

                "This matter, it may not be who takes advantage and who suffers!"

                Xu Hanxia looked at Lin Mo's expression, suddenly realized, and laughed: "It seems that you have an arrangement."

                "Okay, then I won't say anything."

                "Remember, make sure to teach them a lesson, otherwise, they'll be looking for trouble all day long in the future, endlessly!"

                After breakfast, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui dressed up neatly and rushed directly to Shengyuan Group.

                Chen Shengyuan took out the contract, both sides signed it, the company will be owned by Xu Jiankong.

                Xu Jiangong took the contract, full of joy: "Chen, these things, trouble you!"

                Chen Shengyuan smiled lightly and nodded his head.

                Fang Hui said in a strange way: "What's so troublesome about it? It's just one company, it's only a drop in the bucket for Mr. Chen!"

                "Mr. Chen has made a fortune this time, investing so much, making at least tens of billions, right?"

                "Lin Mo has done so much for you, earned so much money for you, and you just give a broken company?"

                "Tsk, Mr. Chen, this is a bit ungenerous of you!"

                Chen Shengyuan's face instantly chilled and said in a deep voice: "Are you teaching me to do things?"

                Fang Hui did not yet see Chen Shengyuan's annoyance, and still said to herself, "How dare I teach you to do things!"

                "It's just that I don't think this is the right thing for Mr. Chen to do."

                "Lin Mo has earned so much money for you, you ......"

                Chen Shengyuan directly shot up: "So what!"

                "I invested so much, the risk I took, shouldn't it be counted?"

                "If you feel that what I give is not enough, then you should not receive."

                "This company, I can still get it back now!"

                "Also, you listen to me clearly."

                "Although I, Chen Shengyuan, have been doing legitimate business for the past two years, it doesn't mean that anyone can point fingers at me anymore."

                "I am giving face to Mr. Lin, otherwise, just by your words, it would be hard for you to get out of Shengyuan Group!"

                Fang Hui shivered in fear and shut her mouth tightly, not daring to speak.

                Xu Jiangong was also trembling and said in a trembling voice: "Mr. Chen, you ...... you don't get angry."

                "Women are like that, long hair and short insight, you don't see things in general with her."

                "I tell you I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, you don't mind the small man, spare her once ......"

                Chen Shengyuan glanced coldly at Fang Hui and said angrily, "Listen to me clearly, let me know what you are saying about me behind my back in the future."

                "I can guarantee that I can make everything in your Xu family all come to naught!"

                "You can try if you don't believe me, I can make your Xu Pharmaceuticals bankrupt right now!"

                Fang Hui's face was pale and she said with a trembling voice: "Mr. Chen, I ...... don't dare, I absolutely don't dare anymore ......"

                Chen Shengyuan impatiently waved his hand, "Get out!"

                Fang Hui Xu Jiankong ran out of Shengyuan Group in a pissing fit.

                Back downstairs, sitting in the car, Xu Jiankong suddenly slapped Fang Hui in the face and cursed angrily, "You long-winded woman, do you want to find death?"

                "Do you know what kind of person Chen Shengyuan is?"

                "It's fine if you usually sneer at others, but you dare to talk to Chen Shengyuan like this?"

                "You're tired of living, aren't you?"

                This time, Fang Hui didn't dare to refute a single word, lowering her head and not speaking.

                She had been too arrogant for a while and had drifted a bit, thinking that she could dictate to anyone.

                Unexpectedly, this time encountered a ruthless stubborn, she was really scared pissed.

                Huang Liang sat in front and was also scared in a cold sweat after learning what happened.

                "Mom, you have to pay attention to what you say in the future."

                "This Chen Shengyuan, we really can't afford to mess with!"