Medical Genius Chapter 421

 Zhou Qingwu hurriedly waved his hand: "Mr. Lin, it's not expensive!"

                "If it wasn't for you, the Zhou Group would have been swallowed up, so how could we still be here today!"

                "Besides, you've made so much money with me this time, what's this small amount of shares?"

                Lin Mo pushed back for a while, but Zhou Qingwu's attitude was firm, so he finally had to accept it.

                In fact, Lin Mo also knew what Zhou Qingwu had in mind.

                To give shares is false, want to tie the Zhou family and Lin Mo together is true.

                This time, the Zhou family has also seen Lin Mo's ability.

                The Huo family is still watching intently, the Zhou family must find a backer, Lin Mo is the best choice.

                Give Lin Mo shares, it is tied to Lin Mo in the Zhou family. If something happens to the Zhou family, Lin Mo will stand by and do nothing?

                As for the one billion shares, Zhou Qingwu is very open-minded.

                Nanba Tian brought three billion to the Zhou family, Huang Yongfeng Song Zhilan all brought a lot of money to support Lin Mo.

                Those people are all big shots in Guangyang City, and they all trust Lin Mo so much, so what's a billion dollars for himself?

                After chatting for a while, Chen Shengyuan came in.

                "Mr. Lin, I'm really sorry for keeping you waiting!"

                "We have won a great deal this time, there are too many people coming to cooperate with us, I am so busy these days that I don't even have time to eat!"

                Chen Shengyuan smiled so much that he couldn't even keep his mouth shut.

                After this time, Shengyuan Group will go up another level, with assets of over ten billion easily.

                And he, too, would be standing on an equal footing with the ten families.

                In the past, the ten families actually did not care much about him, thinking that he was just a subordinate of Nanba Tian.

                Now, he stood up with his own strength, the ten families, who still dare to underestimate him?

                Zhou Qingwu lamented, "At first, Mr. Chen, you took Mr. Lin to Huo Tiancheng, wanting to join the Guangdong Province delegation, was rejected by Huo Tiancheng."

                "As a result, this time, Mr. Lin won big and made the Huo family almost regret it."

                "With this defeat, the Huo family is basically like withdrawing from the top ten families in Guang Province, and the Huo family's strength will be greatly weakened."

                "I heard that those people in the Huo family are going crazy and are all holding Huo Tiancheng's parents responsible."

                Chen Shengyuan laughed, "That's normal."

                "Huo Tiancheng was too arrogant and conceited, and deserved to end up like this!"

                "If he could have been a little more humble back then and let Mr. Lin represent Guang Province in the battle."

                "Then, this time the Huo family is the real big winner, the Huo family in the top ten families in Guang Province, at least into the top five."

                "Just because of his arrogance and conceit, which led to this result, can the people of the Huo family not be angry?"

                "Huo Tiancheng is now dead, if he was still alive, he would only end up worse!"

                After chatting for a few minutes, Lin Mo then told Chen Shengyuan about the matter of opening a company.

                Chen Shengyuan knew about Lin Mo's situation in the Xu family, and he actually felt quite unworthy for Lin Mo.

                However, this was always Lin Mo's family matter, so he couldn't say anything.

                "Mr. Lin, don't worry, I'll make sure it's done properly."

                "It will take some time to open such a construction company directly now, I guess."

                "How about this, I'll acquire one, this is the fastest!"

                Chen Shengyuan said back.

                Lin Mo nodded, this matter is the faster the better, lest Fang Hui nagging him all day long.

                Zhou Qingwu came over: "Why do you want to acquire it?"

                "Mr. Lin, our family has a small construction company, which can be transferred to your name first."

                "This construction company, it's involved with all ten major families."

                "If it does well, it can make a lot of money."

                "Doing badly, huh, will also involve a lot of trouble."

                Zhou Qingwu is an old fox, heard Lin Mo's dissatisfaction with Huang Liang, so give this company, in fact, is to give Huang Liang set it.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly and nodded in agreement, he also did not intend to let Huang Liang take advantage.