Medical Genius Chapter 420

 Lin Mo had just finished packing up his things at home when he was urged by Fang Hui to go to Chen Shengyuan and get the company's affairs in place as soon as possible.

                Xu Dongxue followed Fang Hui and said with a smile, "By the way, brother-in-law, as you know, my husband has always been in the construction industry."

                "You go and talk to Chen Shengyuan and ask him to get this company into the real estate side."

                "That way, it fits in well with what my husband used to do."

                "Plus, the real estate industry is also very lucrative."

                "With my husband's ability and connections, with this company, making a few hundred million a year, that's still no problem!"

                Fang Hui was overjoyed and nodded her head repeatedly, "That's right, that's right."

                "Lin Mo, anyway, Chen Shengyuan gave the opening of the company, what exactly to do, that's up to us."

                "You just let him open the real estate company, understand?"

                Lin Mo nodded calmly.

                Leaving home, Lin Mo went straight to Sheng Yuan Group.

                When he entered Chen Shengyuan's office, Zhou Qingwu was already sitting here.

                Zhou Qingwu was full of spring, sweeping away his previous dishevelment.

                Before the Six Provinces Medical Exchange Conference, the Zhou family was in an extremely critical situation.

                The Huo family wanted to swallow the Zhou family's properties, while the ten families of Guangyang City also took the opportunity to fall on their sword and follow suit by annexing the Zhou family's properties.

                The Zhou family was unable to resist at the time, leading to internal strife.

                Some members of the family joined together to force Zhou Qingwu to abdicate.

                Zhou Qingwu had to hand over the family's power.

                However, Zhou Qingwu had already quietly invested in Lin Mo long before that.

                This time, Lin Mo won a big victory in the medical exchange, and Zhou Qingwu made a big profit from this investment.

                Today, the Zhou family's assets have rapidly doubled and its strength has skyrocketed.

                Zhou Qingwu's right investment not only allowed him to successfully reclaim the family's power, but also brought the family to a higher level.

                Moreover, the key thing is that the Huo family has been ordered by Nanba Tian not to enter Guangyang City after this incident.

                In other words, the Huo family now had no way to deal with the Zhou family either.

                Zhou Qingwu took the opportunity to strike, and those family members who had forced him to abdicate before were directly swept away by him.

                And those people outside who had fallen on the Zhou family also came running to the Zhou family to apologise and make compensation.

                Not only did the Zhou family get back those things they had lost before, they also gained more.

                Today, Zhou Qingwu's prestige in the Zhou family had simply reached an unprecedented height.

                When he saw Lin Mo coming, Zhou Qingwu immediately stood up, took three steps and came over, excitedly saying, "Mr. Lin, you're here!"

                Lin Mo nodded with a light smile, "Elder Zhou, if there's anything you want to do, just talk on the phone, why do you have to come all the way here?"

                Zhou Qingwu hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, it's too insincere to talk over the phone!"

                "You have helped my Zhou family so much and saved my Zhou family, how can I do something so insincere!"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "It's just a hand up."

                "Besides, there was a risk when you invested in me at that time."

                "It was just that you chose correctly!"

                Zhou Qingwu lamented, "The most crucial thing is that Mr. Lin does not care about the past!"

                "Thinking about the things I did back then, I was really an asshole son of a bitch."

                Lin Mo laughed and came to the table to sit down.

                Zhou Qingwu followed him over, "Mr. Chen went out to sign a contract and will be back soon."

                "Mr. Lin, you've helped my Zhou family so much, I don't know how to repay you."

                "How about this, Mr. Lin, I'll give you 10% of the shares of the Zhou Group, as a token of my appreciation?"

                The Zhou Group was the foundation of the Zhou family.

                The Zhou Group was worth billions before, and after this incident, the value of the Zhou Group was estimated to be over ten billion.

                A 10% shareholding would be billions.

                Lin Mo was surprised: "Elder Zhou, this gift is too expensive, I can't accept it!"