Medical Genius Chapter 41-43

 Chapter 41

Huang Yongfeng almost pissed himself in fear.

                He ran over, cracked and slapped Mrs. Huang twice, roaring, "Shrew, shut up!"

                Mrs. Huang was blinded by the blow and covered her face, "You ...... why are you hitting me ......"

                Huang Yongfeng roared, "Why did I hit you? I hate to kill you. If it wasn't for you, would my son have become like this?"

                Mrs. Huang said sharply, "What did I ...... I do? He was the one who delayed my son's illness, what does it have to do with me ......"

                "If you hadn't been disrespectful to Mr. Lin, your son would have been cured long ago, how could he have become like this?" Huang Yongfeng said angrily, "Was it you who drove Mr. Lin away yesterday?"

                "This ......" Mrs Huang stammered, "He's just a cleaner ......"

                Huang Yongfeng: "What's wrong with a cleaner? He stabilized his son's condition, that's a miracle doctor."

                "You instead hired a miracle doctor from the capital, how come you didn't cure your son?"

                Mrs Huang bowed her head and said reluctantly, "It was an honour for him to cure my son. If he cures my son, I will just give him ten million dollars!"

                Huang Yongfeng was almost spitting blood, Lin Mo was Nanba Tian's brother, would he be short of money?

                Lin Mo sneered, "Madam Huang, since you're so rich, then hire someone else!"

                Madam Huang was anxious, where would she go to hire someone else now?

                "Then ...... how much money do you want then?"

                "No matter how much it is, goodbye!"

                Lin Mo turned around and left, Huang Yongfeng was close to tears, he hurriedly stopped Lin Mo: "Mr. Lin, I'm sorry, don't be normal with her. I beg you, save my son ......"

                "It's not good, Young Huang has started vomiting blood again ......" A cry of alarm came from the ward.

                Mrs. Huang's face was pale and she said urgently, "Save the people, quickly ...... save the people ......"

                No one paid any attention to her, even, those doctors didn't dare to approach the ward.

                Huang Yongfeng's face swelled red, suddenly turned around and threw a slap at Mrs. Huang's face, "Kneel down for me!"

                Mrs. Huang was sobered by the blow and knelt on the ground, begging, "Mr. Lin, please save my son. It's my fault, you forgive me, I ...... I won't dare to do it again ......"

                Lin Mo coldly glanced at her: "Forget it, let's give Mr. Huang face today!"

                Walking into the ward, Lin Mo picked up a few silver needles next to him and stabbed them into Huang Shao's body respectively.

                Huang Shao's condition quickly stabilised, his breathing was steady and his vital signs returned to normal.

                Elder Yue watched from the side, shocked to the extreme.

                He had just heard Huang Yongfeng talk about what had happened before and knew that Lin Mo had been driven away by these people's insults, and all the resentment he had towards Lin Mo was gone.

                "Mr. Lin is indeed a divine doctor, this hand of acupuncture has opened the eyes of the old man, I admire and admire him!"

                Elder Yue said from the bottom of his heart.

                Lin Mo: "Elder Yue is very kind!"

                Next, Elder Yue personally operated on Young Huang, and soon had everything settled.

                Huang Yongfeng thanked Lin Mo profusely and took out a card and handed it to him.

                "Mr. Lin, this is the supreme card for all of Huang's companies."

                "With this card, all purchases at all companies under Huang's name are completely free of charge, please make sure Mr. Lin accepts it!"

                Lin Mo pushed back again and again, but Huang Yongfeng still stiffly shoved the Supreme Card into Lin Mo's hand.

                Zhao Yuan and Zhao Jia Fan looked envious, they had also heard of this Supreme Card.

                In the whole of Guangyang City, Huang Yongfeng had only issued two of them.

                One went to Nanba Tian, and one went to a big shot in the provincial capital.

                Now, this third one, surprisingly, had been given to Lin Mo.

                Zhao Jiafan said unconvincingly, "Mr. Huang, Lin Mo only did what he should have done, why do you have to be so polite to him?"

Chapter 42

Huang Yongfeng's face changed and he kicked Zhao Jiafan over, "If you didn't say anything, I forgot to settle the score with you."

                "Zhao Jiafan, how dare you do such a thing to stir up trouble!"

                Zhao Jiafan's face changed greatly and he said in a trembling voice: "Mr. Huang, what are you saying, I ...... I don't know ah ......"

                Huang Yongfeng was furious: "Still fucking pretending, Mr. Lin told me everything. You son of a bitch, you almost killed my son, how can I spare you!"

                "Men, drag this son of a bitch out and feed him to the dogs!"

                A group of men rushed in and dragged Zhao Jiafan out without a word.

                Zhao Yuan panicked and hurriedly ran, "Mr. Huang, don't be angry, he ...... didn't mean it. You look at it for my sake ......"

                "What kind of dog are you, you dare to mention face to me!" Huang Yongfeng waved his hand angrily, "Drag this dog out too and feed him to the dogs together!"

                Zhao Yuan Zhao Jia Fan, the father and son, wailed and cried, but no one paid any attention.

                Yue had originally planned to invite Lin Mo to the city hospital, but Lin Mo did not intend to be too high-profile and stayed here in the emergency department.

                Huang Yongfeng donated $50 million to the hospital on the spot to show his gratitude.

                Not only that, but every year in the future, another 30 million would be donated to the hospital.

                The dean, who was still away on business, was overjoyed to learn this news and called Lin Mo to thank him at the first opportunity.

                Of course, these things were not made public by Lin Mo, who had to hide his secret.

                The people in the hospital only knew that it was Elder Yue who saved Young Huang in the end, everything else was kept under wraps.

                However, without Zhao Yuan, Zhao Jia Fan and his father, Lin Mo was much more comfortable in the hospital.

                After work at noon, Lin Mo got on his electric bike and went to Xu's Pharmaceutical again.

                Just as he reached the gate, Lin Mo heard a yelling sound coming from inside.

                "Why are we not allowed in? We are the employees here, why aren't we allowed to work?"

                "That's right, we just went home for a rest yesterday. Why didn't we get a bonus yesterday?"

                "We've worked so hard for the company to develop new drugs, and when the company makes money, they want to kick us out? There is no such reason!"

                "Xu Hanxia, come out. If we don't make this clear today, we won't be done with you!"

                Lin Mo took a glance at these people, the ones who had chosen to resign yesterday.

                It looked like they knew about the company signing a three billion dollar order and wanted to come back to work again.

                "You've all resigned and still come here to make a scene, do you still want to have shame or not!"

                Lin Mo said loudly.

                The group of people immediately turned their heads, and the man at the head spat, "I thought it was someone, but it's this door-to-door son-in-law. Don't think that because that bitch Xu Hanxia pampers you, you can dictate what to do here!"

                "If you want to come here and talk, change your surname to Xu too!"

                "In ancient times, when a woman married into a man's family, didn't she have to change her surname. Now that you've married into the Xu family, it's only right that you change your surname too!"

                The crowd laughed and mocked Lin Mo with abandon.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, he walked up step by step, suddenly grabbed the man at the head and kicked him down the steps.

                "How dare you hit someone!"

                The crowd was furious.

                Lin Mo was majestic and shouted angrily, "If you dare to swear at Han Xia one more time, I will have your dog's life!"

                The group of people were instantly stunned, they had never seen such a Lin Mo before.

                "You have three minutes to get lost immediately. Otherwise, I'll call the police!"

                "Remember, you are no longer employees of the company, and your resignation reports have all been signed. If you make trouble here again, humph, I'll let you all go to jail!"

                With those words, Lin Mo didn't even look at them and entered the company with his head held high.

                The group of people looked at each other, but eventually left in disbelief.

Chapter 43

Just after returning to Xu Hanxia's office, Lin Mo met Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui.

                Xu Jiankong was wearing a brand new suit and a Rolex.

                Fang Hui also wore a dress that she would only wear to a high-class banquet, and wore a large necklace around her neck, dressed in a glamorous way.

                "Aiya, this little matter, do we still need to bother Hanxia? You can just ask him to come to me!"

                Xu Jiangong threw a file bag out and waved his hand, "Next!"

                That employee silently picked up the file bag from the ground and left with his head bowed.

                Another employee walked over, "Mr. Xu, this is a new order form, it needs to be signed by Mr. Xu!"

                Xu Jiangong didn't even look at it: "Put it here, I'll just sign it."

                Employee: "Mr. Xu, this ...... really needs to be signed by Mr. Xu."

                Xu Jiangong was annoyed: "No, what do you mean?"

                "Hanxia is my daughter, she is the chairman of the company, the company is hers and mine."

                "What's the difference between my signature and her signature?"

                "That's not what I meant ......" the employee said awkwardly, "The main thing is that it has to go through the company's accounts, and it needs ...... to require the company's official seal ......"

                Xu Jiangong froze for a moment, his face unhappy: "I know, put it here, I'll go back to her for the official seal!"

                The employee hesitated slightly, Xu Jiangong said angrily: "I'm talking to you did not hear?"

                The employee hastily put the document down, and Xu Jiangong continued to wave his hand: "Next. I said, "Can you guys hurry up, with this kind of efficiency, do you deserve the bonus you got yesterday?"

                The group of employees dared not speak out in anger and hastily handed over their respective documents.

                Lin Mo was speechless, Xu Hanxia had only just become the chairman of the board, and Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui had come to make a fool of themselves.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                When Fang Hui saw Lin Mo, her face was full of displeasure: "Lin Mo, what are you doing here?"

                Lin Mo: "It's noon, I'm here to find Hanxia for dinner."

                Fang Hui was annoyed: "Why are you running around if you're not sweeping the floors at the hospital?"

                "What, you don't like the hospital food and want to come here to eat and drink with Hanxia?"

                "Lin Mo, Lin Mo, normally at home, it's fine if you're greedy for a small bargain."

                "But, this is in Hanxia's company, can you save face for Hanxia?"

                The people around all looked over, mockingly.

                "This son-in-law is so thick-skinned, he even wants to rub it in for a lunchtime meal?"

                "He's not capable of anything, he only eats soft rice, he's a vampire!"

                "Hey, Mr Xu is such a good person. How come she found such a loser husband when she's so capable and pretty?"

                "Pooh, what the hell, he still comes to our company for dinner? Has he ever made any contribution to our company? Shame on you!"

                Lin Mo was upset, if it wasn't for me, where would you have signed that 3 billion order?

                Who hasn't made any contribution to the company?

                I'm the one who has contributed the most!

                However, he couldn't say these words out loud after all.

                "Mom, I'm going to look for Hanxia."

                "Stand still!" Fang Hui stood directly in front of him, "Didn't you hear what I said?"

                "Don't ever set foot in Hanxia's company again!"

                "Security guards, keep an eye on him, he's not allowed to enter the company again!"

                "Yes!" Several security guards shouted in response.