Medical Genius Chapter 409

 Xu Hanxia gritted her teeth and said in a deep voice, "This is not some old debt, this is all the truth I'm talking about!"

                "I still say the same thing, what Lin Mo owes our family has been paid off."

                "This house is his, it has nothing to do with our family!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was annoyed and was just about to speak.

                Xu Dongxue suddenly said in a gloomy voice, "Come on, Mom and Dad, stop it."

                "Can't you see that?"

                "Xu Hanxia, you keep saying that this house belongs to Lin Mo and has nothing to do with us."

                "But the truth is, you moved here yourself to live in this big, bright, spacious mansion, and let Mom and Dad live in that shabby house."

                "To put it bluntly, you just want to get rid of your parents."

                "When we were looking for a son-in-law, we were talking about giving Mum and Dad a pension."

                "Now you have a company, a villa and a luxury car, and you want to kick Mom and Dad out."

                "I can see that this man, with a black heart, is really capable of doing anything."

                "Mom and Dad, you guys don't get mad either."

                "Just pretend you don't have that daughter, I'm still here anyway!"

                "Don't worry guys, even if it's tough for me, I will definitely be filial to you and will give you old age."

                "Huang Liang, do you support me?"

                Huang Liang immediately nodded, "Xue'er, you're so right!"

                "You have to be a man of conscience."

                "It's not easy for Mom and Dad to raise you, and all these years, how much they've suffered."

                "If we as children are not filial to our parents when they are old, are we still human?"

                "Mom and Dad, although I am not a son-in-law, you have always treated me like a son."

                "In my eyes, you are also my own parents. I will definitely take care of you guys even if I am suffering and tired!"

                With these words, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui burst into tears.

                "Look, look, how understanding Xue'er and Huang Liang are!"

                "Hanxia ah Hanxia, thanks to me and your father, we still tried our best to pay for you to go to school and study."

                "Your sister dropped out of school early at home for you to go to school."

                "Now you've managed to pay your way out of school, and you're like this?"

                "Hey, it's my uselessness, I didn't educate you well!"

                Fang Hui said, wiping tears from her eyes.

                Xu Hanxia was about to die of anger.

                At the beginning, Xu Dongxue was unwilling to go to school, that's why she dropped out early.

                Besides, they were still in the Xu family at that time.

                After all, the Xu family had the Xu Pharmaceuticals, so it was easy to pay for her schooling, so how could there be any talk of desperately paying for her education?

                And that Huang Liang, you are also pretending too much!

                What do you mean by taking care of this as if it were your own parents?

                Have you ever taken care of your own parents?

                It's only because our family has this company that they are clamouring to do their filial duty.

                Your own parents are still farming in the countryside!

                In her heart, she muttered, but Xu Hanxia didn't dare to say these words out loud.

                If she said it again at this time, it would be impossible to end this matter.

                Xu Jiangong also shook his head slowly: "People, it's not important how much money you make, the key is not to forget your roots!"

                "I really didn't think that the child I taught myself would forget his roots so much!"

                "Hanxia, have you forgotten that year when you were still young, your mother took you out to play?"

                "At that time a motorbike crashed over and it was your mother who held you in her arms and blocked the motorbike with her back."

                "To this day, your mother still has a scar on her back."

                "When it was rainy, your mother was sore."

                "You do things like that, can you stand up to your mother?"

                Her eyes reddened and she couldn't help but remember what had happened when she was a child.

                In fact, her parents had been really good to her.

                The reason she was upset with her parents was because of their greed and the injustice they had done to Lin Mo.

                However, recalling those past events still made it hard for her to be ruthless towards her parents ah.

                Lin Mo sighed, he certainly understood Xu Hanxia's dilemma.

                After a moment of silence, Lin Mo finally said softly, "Mom and Dad, you should move in here."