Medical Genius Chapter 404

 After dinner, Xu Hanxia took Lin Mo straight to Shengshihaoting, she wanted to see her new house.

                Tiger personally led the way, after all, he had many houses here and was very familiar with the inside.

                On the way, Tiger introduced the house by the way.

                These few people, Old Zhang, really had a heart too.

                For over 50 million, they bought the most expensive villa in this place.

                It was located in the best location in the whole Shengshihuting, just at the central lake.

                The house has an area of about seven hundred square feet and there is also a yard of over six hundred square feet outside.

                The biggest highlight of the house is the indoor swimming pool and the outdoor pool.

                Inside, it goes without saying that every room is luxurious to the extreme.

                From the gym downstairs, to the bedrooms upstairs, the study and even the baby's room, all are extremely beautifully decorated.

                Even the nanny's room on the ground floor was much bigger and more beautiful than the master bedroom in Xu Hanxia's previous home.

                Old Zhang and the others were also very thoughtful, as all the furniture was readily available and the best ones were bought.

                In other words, now this house, Lin Mo and the others can live here directly.

                Xu Hanxia ran upstairs and downstairs several times, happy as a child.

                Lin Mo is relatively calm, his house in Wangjiang Garden, absolutely second to this set.

                However, over at Wangjiang Garden, Lin Xi is still in a coma and Lin Mo does not want to take Xu Hanxia over yet.

                Therefore, this house, for Lin Mo now, was better than nothing.

                At least, in the future, Xu Hanxia would not have to live in the company.

                Just after sitting down in the living room, Lin Mo's mobile phone suddenly rang.

                When he picked it up, it was Fang Hui's call.

                Xu Hanxia said directly, "My mum must be asking if you asked Chen Shengyuan for money."

                "Just say what we discussed last night, just say you've been there, Chen Shengyuan wants to start a company for you, that's it."

                Lin Mo nodded and picked up the phone. Fang Hui started with some pleasantries and then got straight to the point, asking if Lin Mo had gone to Chen Shengyuan to ask for money.

                Lin Mo answered according to what Xu Hanxia had said, and Fang Hui was directly confused.

                After a while, Fang Hui said, "How ...... did you get this?"

                "What did you tell him?"

                "I told you to go to him for money, he ...... What is he doing giving you a company?"

                "Where's the money?"

                Lin Mo said, "Mom, Mr. Chen said, directly give money, not quite suitable."

                "After all, there were many people who helped with this matter at the time. It wouldn't be appropriate to give me money and not give money to others."

                "So, Mr. Chen started a company for me, so that when someone asks about it later, Mr. Chen can also say that he was in partnership with me."

                Fang Hui said urgently, "What does our family need a company for?"

                "This company can't eat or drink, so if we want to make money, we don't know how long we'll have to wait!"

                "What our family needs most now is money you know?"

                "Look at your father, he's had his eye on an Armani suit for over a month now, and he can't afford it."

                "And me, some time ago, my friends, all bought a new set of jewellery, only I don't have any, how do you want me to hold my head up in front of these friends in the future?"

                "Also, our family only has that one car, which is not enough at all. She'll have to borrow it for a while, and if she drives away, your father and I will have to walk on our own.

                "Don't we have to replace our house?"

                "What's wrong with your ...... brain?"

                "You don't know what our family is like? What kind of company do you want you?"

                Lin Mo was speechless, didn't you say before that the money you wanted back was for me to buy a house and a car and clothes?

                How come at this time, it has suddenly become your needs?

                Lin Mo said, "Mom, this can't be helped."

                "That's what General Manager Chen said, and besides, this company is opening soon."

                "I see the attitude of Mr Chen, asking for money is impossible!"