Medical Genius Chapter 402

 Lin Mo's words made the crowd overjoyed.

                One had to know that Xu Pharmaceutical's previous business was already over three billion.

                If it was doubled, it would not be six billion, right?

                With such a large amount of business, Xu Pharmaceutical would definitely make a huge profit.

                As shareholders of Xu Pharmaceutical, their assets would be greatly increased again!

                Old Zhang said excitedly, "I told you, following Mr. Lin is definitely the right thing to do!"

                "Gentlemen, now you're convinced!"

                "Hahahaha, that bullshit Chen Tao, son of a bitch, thanks to the fact that I've known him for over twenty years."

                "At that time he wanted to withdraw the order, I even ran to him and talked to him for half a day, and drank and vomited twice, but the bastard still insisted on cancelling the business."

                "Now it's good, Xu Pharmaceutical doesn't even need his business anymore, and instead he's coming back to beg us?"

                "Humph, tell that bastard not to dream!"

                "Xu Pharmaceutical, will never work with him again!"

                The crowd nodded, and they all had a feeling of raising their eyebrows.

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "This time, it's not a question of whether he'll work with us or not!"

                "Chen Tao's company, it's in Guangyang City."

                "This time, Chen Shengyuan already has complete control over the medical resources in Guangyang City."

                "If Chen Tao cannot cooperate with us, he will also lose other channels of cooperation."

                "The problem he's facing now is the matter of when the company will collapse!"

                The crowd was surprised: "It can't be?"

                "Chen Tao is doing pharmaceutical sales, this, too, can be restricted?"

                Lin Mo nodded, "Chen Shengyuan wants to make Shengyuan Group bigger, next, he will rearrange the medical industry in the whole Guangyang City."

                "Some companies that are not competitive will be kicked out by him."

                "With Chen Shengyuan's methods, not many companies will be able to go on in Guangyang City this time."

                The crowd looked at each other, all shocked to the core.

                Old Zhang suddenly rejoiced, "In that case, won't we, Xu Pharmaceutical, be prosperous?"

                "Mr. Chen has shares in our company, the bigger his side gets, the more business our company will only get."

                "Gentlemen, it seems that what Mr. Lin said about doubling, is more than that!"

                The crowd was overjoyed again, who wouldn't be happy to have money to earn?

                Xu Hanxia was also pleasantly surprised, she didn't expect that there would be so many benefits for Lin Mo to win this time.

                While the crowd was eating happily, the door to the room suddenly opened and Tiger entered bending over.

                "Mr. Lin, Mr. Xu, gentlemen, sorry I'm late."

                "I'll punish myself with three cups!"

                Tiger was also very crisp and drank three glasses straight away before sitting down amidst the laughter of the crowd.

                After taking a few bites of food, Tiger then said straight away, "Mr. Lin, Mr. Xu, I just came from my brother's place."

                "He actually wanted to invite you to dinner, but he's just too busy over there right now, with a lot of places to deal with in the other five provinces, so he can't get away for now."

                "However, he asked me to bring a message to you all."

                "All of you have invested this time, and he has thought of two ways to return the favour."

                The crowd immediately put down their cups, this was the main point of their concern.

                Tiger glanced at Lin Mo, who nodded his head, signalling him to continue.

                Tiger immediately said, "The first method, all of you can directly sell the medical resources in your hands, and my brother will acquire these medical resources at seven times the amount you have invested."

                "In other words, if you guys invested ten million, you will get back seventy million!"

                The crowd was overjoyed, all calculating just how much money they would get back.

                Tiger took over, "The second one, instead of selling, you all can choose to work with my brother."

                "Put the funds with my brother as an investment."

                "Within a year, it will allow you to double this money, again. In other words, after a year, you can get back at least fourteen times that."

                "For ten million dollars, you would get back one hundred and forty million dollars!"