Medical Genius Chapter 4-6

 Chapter 4

This night, Lin Mo stayed by Lin Xi's hospital bedside and did not leave.

                Luckily, the Shengyuan Pharmacy was open all night.

                Elder He had personally instructed the people in the shop to treat Lin Mo well. Therefore, no one dared to disturb Lin Mo either.

                During this night, Lin Mo did not stay idle either.

                The amount of information inside the jade pendant was huge, however, among them was the most important set of techniques, called the Creation Technique.

                This was the basis for Lin Chongxuan to become the number one warrior in the world, and it could take over the creation of heaven and earth, and was both a divine medical technique to heal the sick and save people, as well as a powerful martial art to punish evil.

                Lin Mo took three Little Returning Pills, and with the medicinal effects of the Little Returning Pills, he slowly induced the flow of medicinal power in his body and began to cultivate this Creation Skill.

                If a normal person were to cultivate this Creation Skill, it would be extremely difficult to achieve anything.

                However, Lin Mo had obtained all of Lin Chongxuan's memories, and Lin Chongxuan had already studied the Creation Technique thoroughly and knew it all by heart. When Lin Mo also studied the Creation Technique thoroughly, and then cultivated it, he would naturally get twice the result with half the effort.

                In one night, Lin Mo had cultivated the Creation Technique to the first level, and his body was already flowing with true energy.

                As the day dawned, Lin Mo saw that Lin Xi was breathing calmly, so he got up and walked out of the room.

                Behind the large pharmacy was a large courtyard that looked like a small garden, with many trees planted inside.

                Lin Mo took out the silver needles that He Lao had left behind last night and took a silver needle between his two fingers in his right hand, flicking it, that silver needle pierced directly into the trunk of the tree next to him.

                The silver needle was so soft that it would not be easy for an ordinary person, without diligent practice, to pierce into the skin.

                This tree trunk was extremely hard, so Lin Mo's silver needle was almost halfway in, but the needle did not bend at all.

                If ordinary people were to see this, they would be amazed!

                And this was the power of the Creation Skill.

                If this needle were to pierce a person's body, wouldn't it be fatal?

                Lin Mo then punched another set of fists, and with the flow of true air, this set of punches was also tiger-like.

                After a casual shower, he had just walked out of the room when he heard his mobile phone ringing.

                As soon as Lin Mo picked up, his mother-in-law Fang Hui's angry voice came from the other side: "Lin Mo, where the hell have you been?"

                Her mother-in-law, Fang Hui, was the most hot-tempered in the family and also the most hateful towards Lin Mo. She had always felt that Lin Mo had ruined her daughter's life and her family.

                Lin Mo forced down the anger in his heart and said in a low voice, "I'm taking care of Xi'er ......"

                "Cut the crap with me, I don't care about Xi'er or not, now, immediately, come back right now!" Fang Hui said angrily, "Also, go get a car, Halfsia is coming back today, come pick us up and go pick her up at the airport!"

                "I ......" Lin Mo still wanted to speak, but Fang Hui directly hung up the phone.

                A trace of annoyance flashed across Lin Mo's face, his mother-in-law's family had always called out to him like this, never caring about his feelings.

                At that moment, Lin Mo really wanted to call back and refuse. However, after pondering for a long time, he finally decided to make a trip.

                The attitude of his mother-in-law's family was not crucial, but the most important thing was that he had to find out what was in his wife Xu Hanxia's heart!

                Also, he had to know whether Xu Hanxia had done something wrong to him last night or not!

                Lin Mo was just about to go out when he saw He Lao walking over.

                "Good morning, Mr. Lin!"

                He Lao was all smiles, last night he had taken one of the Little Returning Pills Lin Mo had given him to his boss Chen Shengyuan.

                Chen Shengyuan could be described as having a reckless origin, relying on fighting his way to the top, and had many old injuries on his body. Now that he was old, his old injuries recurred from time to time and he was in pain.

                As a result, after taking a Small Returning Pill, the old injuries that had been haunting him for years were healed overnight.

                For this reason, Chen Shengyuan was particularly excited and had the cheek to beg away another Little Returning Pill from Elder He, which he was going to send to the big backer behind him.

                He was even more excited when he learnt that Elder He would be able to mass produce such a pill in the future, and on the spot, he gave Elder He fifteen percent of his shares in the Shengyuan Pharmacy.

                In this way, He Lao became the second largest shareholder of Sheng Yuan Pharmacy.

                This Chen Shengyuan was also a shrewd person, and he knew very well that if Elder He could mass-produce such pills, his status would definitely skyrocket. When the time came, it was possible that many people would come to poach Elder He.

                It would be meaningless for him to pay any amount of money, someone would always offer more than him.

                However, if he gave him shares, it would be different, then he would be tied to Shengyuan Pharmacy, and he would not run away.

                The Shengyuan Pharmacy was spread throughout Guangyang City, monopolising nearly 50% of Guangyang City's medicinal material business, worth billions.

                A fifteen percent share was worth at least several hundred million. Moreover, with the mass production of this Little Returning Pill, the value would only go higher!

                He Lao was now both reverent and grateful to Lin Mo, and stood in front of him, his body also bowing slightly to show his respect for him.

                "Good morning!" Lin Mo nodded his head and suddenly said, "Elder He, can I trouble you with a few things?"

                Hearing this, He Lao was filled with joy, "Mr. Lin, you must not be polite to me. If there's anything you need, just give me an order!"

                From Elder He's point of view, it was an honour for him that Lin Mo was willing to ask for his help!

                Lin Mo: "My sister needs to recuperate for a while, can I stay here and trouble you guys to take care of her for a while?"

                "Don't worry, Mr Lin!" Elder He immediately said, "I will personally keep an eye on her here, and also, I will find the best medical care to take good care of Miss Xi'er!"

                "Thank you, Elder He!" Lin Mo nodded his head, he took this favor down.

                He Lao hurriedly smiled, "This is all what I should do."

                "In that case, I'll leave this place to you." Lin Mo walked to the door and suddenly stopped again, "By the way, Elder He, is there a place to rent a car nearby?"

                "Rent a car?" He Lao was stunned and immediately said, "What kind of car does Mr. Lin want to rent? What's it for?"

                "I need to pick up someone from the airport."

                "How many seats do you need?"

                "A normal sedan will do."

                "Then why rent it!" Elder He immediately laughed, "I have a car that I don't normally drive, so Mr. Lin can take it first."

                As he spoke, He Lao had already called his driver and told him to go and bring the car over.

                Walking out of the pharmacy, there happened to be a black car slowly driving over.

                This car had a rather strange logo, like two M's crossed and stacked together.

                The body of the car was long and slender, quite a bit longer than a normal sedan, even longer than a BMW 7 series that Lin Mo had seen before, looking extremely flashy.

                The license plate was rather ordinary and could not be seen as anything special. On the front windscreen of the vehicle, there was also a small sign attached, as if it was an entry and exit pass, and it was not clear what exactly it was.

                He Lao smiled lightly and said, "Mr. Lin, I bought this car the year before last, I haven't driven it yet, so you can drive it first."

                Although Lin Mo did not know this car, he knew that it must be worth a lot of money. How could a man of He Lao's status drive an ordinary car?

                However, Lin Mo didn't refuse, he happened to lack a car right now. Besides, if he gave Elder He that prescription, it would be more than enough to buy a hundred of these cars!

                "Then, thank you very much, Elder He!"

                He Lao hurriedly waved his hand, "Mr. Lin must not be polite."

                Lin Mo nodded and drove away.

Chapter 5

Xu Hanxia's family lives in Anyang District, a rather dilapidated old district in Guangyang City.

                In Guangyang City, the Xu family can only be considered a small family, with a family fortune of no more than 100 million.

                Xu Hanxia's father, Xu Jiankong, was once the strongest contender for the head of the Xu family. However, he had two daughters and no children at his knees, so he directly lost his bid for the family headship.

                Afterwards, Xu Jianping, Xu Jiankong's younger brother, tried to reclaim the Xu family assets in Xu Jiankong's hands. He took advantage of the fact that the old man of the Xu family was seriously ill and forced Xu Hanxia, who was of marriageable age at the time, to find a son-in-law to marry on the pretext that he wanted to celebrate the old man's wedding.

                Xu Hanxia was known as the number one beauty in Guangyang City, and the incident was a sensation, so there were countless men who wanted to be the son-in-law.

                However, Xu Hanxia finally chose Lin Mo, who had an honest face and no background.

                For no other reason, Xu Hanxia had no intention of letting such a man touch her.

                Of course she would not look for a man with ambition, but a man who is honest and can be subdued is the most suitable.

                After Xu Hanxia recruited Lin Mo to come to her home, the old man's illness really got better.

                However, Xu Jianping took the opportunity to take issue with Xu Jiangong, saying that Xu Hanxia had found a son-in-law, and that Xu Jiangong's family fortune would fall into the hands of a foreigner in the future.

                So, the old man took back the family property from Xu Jiankong's hands, and Xu Jiankong's family fell straight from the clouds to the mortal world.

                The spacious flat that they had been living in was given to Xu Jianping's son, the future heir to the Xu family.

                Xu Jiangong's family, too, moved to a dilapidated neighbourhood, a three-room apartment of more than a hundred square feet, with a huge drop.

                Under such circumstances, Lin Mo became a thorn in Xu Jiangong's family's side.

                In their opinion, if it were not for Lin Mo, their family would not have been in such a situation.

                Moreover, the fact that Lin Mo was such a loser made their family a big joke in Guangyang City.

                One of the things his mother-in-law, Fang Hui, used to say was, "If it wasn't for this loser Lin Mo, Hanxia would definitely have married into a wealthy family and achieved an unlimited amount of success!"

                During these three years, Lin Mo was like a nanny, taking care of the family in a lowly manner.

                For three years, they never let Lin Xi enter that family's door one step.

                Lin Mo worked for three years and all his salary was taken away by them. When his sister fell ill, they didn't pay a single cent.

                Moreover, Xu Hanxia had done such a wrongful thing to him, who else would be able to endure it?

                When he arrived at the entrance of the community, Lin Mo barely managed to calm himself down.

                Although he was very angry, he still had to find out what Xu Hanxia had done and what she was thinking!

                This was a dilapidated old neighbourhood, and the passages inside were not spacious enough for vehicles to drive in.

                Lin Mo parked his car outside and walked back, just as he was about to go upstairs, two people came to the stairway, it was Lin Mo's father-in-law Xu Jiangong and mother-in-law Fang Hui.

                As soon as he saw Lin Mo, Xu Jiangong's face darkened and he turned his head to the side.

                Fang Hui had a furious look on her face and said loudly, "Lin Mo, where have you been all day? You didn't even cook, you didn't even wash your clothes, what do you want to do?"

                Lin Mo's brow furrowed, and then relaxed for a moment.

                Before he could figure out what Xu Hanxia had actually done, he didn't want to tear himself away from the Xu family just yet.

                "I'll go up and clean up now." Lin Mo said in a low voice.

                "No need!" Fang Hui said angrily, "Hanxia will be getting off the plane in a few minutes, if you delay picking her up, I won't spare you!"

                Lin Mo bowed his head and said nothing, he had gotten used to this over the years.

                "Where's the car you were told to borrow?" Fang Hui said impatiently as she walked.

                "I ......"

                Lin Mo was just about to speak, but Fang Hui had already cursed, "Looking for a taxi again, right? Can't you think about Hanxia? She is at least a senior in the company. Every time she comes back from a business trip, you find a taxi to pick her up, doesn't she want to lose face?"

                "Lin Mo, Lin Mo, you're the biggest loser I've ever seen in my life, can't you let Hanxia have some decency for once?"

                "Forget it, if I bother with people like you, I'll die of anger sooner or later. I've called your brother-in-law, Huang Liang, and he's coming over in his Accord. Remember, when you see your brother-in-law, say a few more kind words, don't you feel ashamed to keep bothering people?"

                Fang Hui's mouth was like a machine gun, talking nonsense, not giving Lin Mo a chance to speak at all.

                Lin Mo simply stopped speaking, he was already used to this over the years.

                In a short while, the three of them reached the entrance of the district and just saw a Honda Accord driving by.

                Fang Hui immediately waved, signalling for the car to come over. As a result, the car went around them and parked all the way to the other side.

                "What's going on? Didn't see us?" Fang Hui was surprised.

                There was a car parked beside them, none other than He Lao's car.

                Xu Jiangong looked at the car and said softly, "It's not that he didn't see us, he was going around this car!"

                "Around? Why?" Fang Hui wondered.

                "Maybach, V12 engine, starting price is over three million. Moreover, this car has obviously been modified, all down to no less than five million. If you cut it a bit, you can't even sell his Accord to pay for it."

                Xu Jiankong's eyes were longing as he said these words.

                The Xu family's old man's car was a Maybach, but compared to this one, there was obviously a considerable gap!

                Fang Hui was also shocked: "I really didn't think that there would be anyone in our neighbourhood who could drive such a luxury car!"

                "It may not be driven by someone in the neighbourhood, it might be someone they know." Xu Jiangong paused for a moment and whispered, "However, someone who can know someone who drives such a luxury car is by no means a simple person!"

                At this moment, a man with a shaved inch head came down from that Accord, and it was Lin Mo's brother-in-law Huang Liang.

                Fang Hui was immediately full of smiles, "Aiyo, Xiao Huang, I have to trouble you again, I'm really sorry!"

                Huang Liang first took an envious glance at the Maybach, and then a smug look on his face, although he couldn't afford to drive such a car, it was still way better than Lin Mo!

                "Mom, look at what you're saying, we're all on the same side, why are we being polite?" Huang Liang looked at Lin Mo teasingly, "Brother-in-law, if you need a car, just give me a call yourself, why bother Mom every time?"

                Lin Mo bowed his head in silence, this Huang Liang, was from a landlord's background. Later, he followed a boss and became a small businessman.

                Although he had married Xu Dongxue, Xu Hanxia's sister, his eyes were full of evil intent every time he looked at Xu Hanxia.

                In private, Huang Liang's mockery of Lin Mo also far exceeded that of ordinary people.

                Every time there was a family gathering, he tried his best to show his superiority in Lin Mo, to mock Lin Mo and to deliberately show off to Xu Hanxia.

                This kind of person, how could Lin Mo go begging for him?

                Seeing that Lin Mo did not say anything, Fang Hui said with hatred, "What are you doing frozen, why don't you hurry up and thank your brother-in-law!"

                Huang Liang looked at Lin Mo smugly, Lin Mo frowned and said in a low voice, "Mom, I have a car, no need to thank him!"

                "What kind of car do you ...... have?" Fang Hui was stunned, and then said angrily, "To pick up Hanxia from the airport, you have to find a better car, you won't find a broken car again, can you think about Hanxia?"

                Huang Liang also heatedly laughed, "Yes, brother-in-law, Hanxia is also a senior member of the company, no matter what. Why don't you bite the bullet and buy a car, you can't keep letting Hanxia ride home in other men's cars!"

                Lin Mo's face was cold as he said in a deep voice, "Don't worry about it, from now on, she doesn't need to ride in other people's cars anymore!"

                "Oh, who wouldn't say bragging words, the key is to see if there is this strength!" Huang Liang patted his Accord and laughed, "Buying a car now is not expensive, but it still costs two to three hundred thousand. Brother-in-law, I heard that saving your sister's life is only 300,000, so are you buying a car, or a life?"

                "Lin Mo, you are so disappointing. You're not capable yourself, and you only brag about it. That's all, I don't expect you this time!" Fang Hui hated his iron, "Xiao Huang, come with us to the airport to pick up someone!"

                "Yes!" Huang Liang was overjoyed, of course he wanted to have more contact with Xu Hanxia.

                Just then, Lin Mo walked to the side of the Maybach, he pulled open the door and turned his head to look at Fang Hui, "Mom, it's better for me to go!"

Chapter 6

Fang Hui had half a foot in the Accord when she suddenly saw Lin Mo open the door of the Maybach, and she froze on the spot.

                Xu Jiangong and Huang Liang, too, were all wide-eyed.

                The car Lin Mo had borrowed was actually this Maybach worth no less than five million?

                How was this ...... possible?

                The scene was a little awkward for a while, as everyone looked at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo had already sat in the driver's seat, opened the window and said, "It's getting late, let's go quickly."

                Only then did Fang Hui come back to her senses, and Xu Jiankong looked at each other, and the two of them immediately exited from the Accord.

                Just kidding, who would want to sit in an Accord if they had a Maybach?

                Who would take an Accord to pick up Xu Hanxia? That depends on what you're driving against!

                Compared to a Maybach, it's a world of difference!

                Huang Liang stood dumbfounded in his place, unable to recover for a long time.

                Fang Hui sat in the car, looking at everything in the car with a newfound wonder and envy.

                Although she didn't know anything about cars, she could tell that this car was definitely worth a lot of money.

                The leather seats were so comfortable that they felt like sitting in first class on an aeroplane. The seats were also adjustable in various ways, something she had never seen before.

                The ambient lighting inside the car, tuned the atmosphere inside the car just right.

                When the vehicle is in motion, the interior is quiet to the extreme, with no noise at all.

                The most crucial thing is that the car is extremely smooth to drive. Even if the road is uneven, the people inside the car do not feel the slightest bump.

                This is a real luxury car!

                Of course, Xu Jiangong was a little more knowledgeable than Fang Hui. He could tell right away that this car was much more expensive than the one his father had!

                After a long silence, Xu Jiangong finally spoke, "Lin Mo, this car, where did you get it?"

                Fang Hui also immediately looked at Lin Mo, they knew Lin Mo's situation very well. If you knew someone, it was not bad to have a broken car, where could you borrow such a luxury car?

                "I borrowed it from a friend." Lin Mo said softly.

                "What friend? What's his name?" Xu Jiangong asked in a hurry.

                "You guys don't know each other." Lin Mo casually replied back.

                Xu Jiangong asked many more questions later on, but Lin Mo just passed them all by.

                Xu Jiangong was a little disappointed, in his opinion, this friend of Lin Mo's was probably not on the stage. Otherwise, Lin Mo would not have been so tight-lipped.

                "Lin Mo, you have to be a man of honor and integrity. It's not scary to be poor, it's scary to be poor at heart!"

                Xu Jiangong slowly threw out a sentence, then closed his eyes and stopped talking.

                Fang Hui also roughly understood her husband's meaning, so the look in Lin Mo's eyes once again brought some contempt.

                When they arrived at the airport, the three of them waited at the exit for a short time before they saw a group of people walking out.

                Among them, there was a woman who attracted particular attention.

                A white shirt, a black professional suit, a black skirt, snow-white skin and an arrogant figure, the dress of a standard urban white-collar worker.

                Although she was wearing a large sunglasses that covered half of her face, the remaining half of her face was still so exquisite that it made people jealous.

                This was Lin Mo's wife, Xu Hanxia, the once-famous number one beauty in Guangyang City!

                Only now, Xu Hanxia was accompanied by a young man with a greasy face.

                Whether it was the Armani on her body or the Patek Philippe on her wrist, it all showed that this young man was of extraordinary wealth.

                This youth, whom Lin Mo had also met, was named Cui Yifan, the heir of the Cui family in Guangyang City.

                He had been pursuing Xu Hanxia for a long time in his early years and had repeatedly let it be known to the public that he wanted to take Xu Hanxia down.

                Unexpectedly, these two had returned on the same flight. Moreover, they were even walking together, which made Lin Mo's heart tingle along with them.

                At this moment, Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui had already greeted them.

                "Aiya, young Cui, it's really a bother for you to take care of Hanxia!" Fang Hui had a flattering smile on her face, if Cui Yifan could marry Xu Hanxia, then their family, would definitely be able to rise again.

                In contrast to the shabbily dressed Lin Mo, Fang Hui's face was again filled with contempt.

                When these two were compared together, it was a world of difference.

                So what if they could borrow a luxury car? Cui Yifan's family could buy a Maybach just like a game. Moreover, that was a car that definitely belonged to the person himself, can you compare this borrowed car?

                Cui Yifan laughed lightly, "Auntie Fang, you're welcome, this is all I should do!"

                Lin Mo stood by and listened, his heart thumping. This voice was familiar to him, wasn't it the same man who had answered Xu Hanxia's call last night?

                At this moment, Lin Mo's heart completely went cold.

                Last night, his own wife, Xu Hanxia, was in the same room with this Cui Yifan?

                Fang Hui Xu Jian Gong was still exchanging pleasantries with Cui Yifan when Xu Hanxia walked over with a chilly face.

                "Go home, I'm tired!" Xu Hanxia's voice was icy cold and she didn't even glance at Lin Mo, as if Lin Mo didn't even exist.

                Fang Hui: "Aiya, you kid, why are you in such a hurry? It's so hard to meet Cui Shao, let's have a few words!"

                Xu Hanxia also ignored her, threw the luggage in her hand to Lin Mo and walked straight away.

                Lin Mo gritted his teeth, wanting to throw the luggage aside. However, in the end, he held back.

                What exactly happened last night, he could not be sure yet. Even if he wanted to get angry, he still had to investigate everything clearly before he did so!

                Silently carrying the luggage, he walked behind, who knew that Cui Yifan would catch up with Xu Hanxia.

                "Hanxia, let me give you a lift!" Cui Yifan laughed, "I just bought a Ferrari, it's just time for you to accompany me to try out the car!"

                "A Ferrari?" Fang Hui exclaimed next to her, "This car isn't cheap, how much did you pay for it!"

                "It's not much, seven million or so." Cui Yifan smiled lightly, "It's just that I made a little money from my last project, so I bought a car to treat myself."

                "Cui Shao is really young and talented, he is a capable businessman at a young age, it is admirable!" Fang Hui lamented, while glancing at Lin Mo, her eyes grew colder.

                The difference between these two people was too great, wasn't it?

                Fang Hui whispered, "Half Xia, why don't you go back with Cui Shao and talk about some business matters by the way?"

                Xu Hanxia didn't say anything, so Cui Yifan took the opportunity to laugh and said, "Right, Hanxia, it just so happens that our family's company wants to invest in some medical projects recently, so we can talk about it by the way!"

                As they spoke, the group had already walked to the exit.

                A fiery red sports car was parked at the exit, so stylish that it drew countless sideways glances from people.

                There was a young man standing by the car, and when he saw Cui Yifan come out, he immediately ran over, "Young Cui, your car!"

                Cui Yifan took the car keys, walked over and pulled open the door, struck a gentleman's pose and smiled, "Miss Xu, please!"

                Many girls around looked at Xu Hanxia with envious faces, a rich young man with a luxury car and such a gentleman, how many girls would refuse?

                Fang Hui also urged, "Hanxia, go ahead, don't keep young Cui waiting."

                Xu Hanxia hesitated slightly, as if she was thinking about whether to get in the car.

                Lin Mo's heart ached again, Xu Hanxia ah Xu Hanxia, your husband personally came to pick you up and you are still hesitating whether to get into another man's car? You don't even need to avoid people anymore when you do anything now?

                Seeing Xu Hanxia hesitate, Cui Yifan immediately smiled and said to Lin Mo, "Lin Mo, I have some business matters to discuss with Hanxia, you don't mind, right?"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, he carried his luggage, walked to the Maybach and stuffed it into the trunk.

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help but be surprised, and after thinking for a moment, she still sighed and shook her head helplessly, "Young Cui, sorry, I have to go home with my family. Business matters, let's talk about it next time!"

                Lin Mo clenched his fists in the car, and he was also planning in his heart that if Xu Hanxia got into that car, it meant that they were really done with fate. Then, everything could be over.

                However, Xu Hanxia finally did not get into that car, could he still save the marriage again?

                However, looking at Xu Hanxia's icy expression, Lin Mo's heart could not help but ache again.

                Is it so painful for you to come home with me? If I hadn't come, would you have simply followed Cui Yifan home?

                The young man beside Cui Yifan was annoyed: "Damn it, what is that Lin, just a soft-earned loser who dares not to give face to young Cui? Wait for me, I'll go over and teach him a lesson ......"

                The young man was just about to go over, but he was pulled back by Cui Yifan.

                Cui Yifan looked at the car, his face was pale, as if he had seen a ghost, and said in a trembling voice, "Don't ...... go over there!"

                "What's wrong?" The young man was full of doubts.

                Cui Yifan didn't say anything, and kept watching Lin Mo drive away before he let out a long breath, as if relieved.

                "Young Cui, what's wrong?" The young man said curiously, "It's just a Maybach, it's only five million. We have a seven million dollar car, what are we afraid of him?"

                Cui Yifan glared at him and said in a low voice, "What the hell do you know. The value of the car doesn't matter, it's the logo on the car that matters!"

                "What logo? The license plate? It's ordinary!" The young man said, "Young Cui, this car of yours has a plate of three eights, it's much more expensive than him!"

                "I'm talking about the pass on the car ......" Cui Yifan said through clenched teeth, "Can't you see? The passes for Wangjiang Park, the city together, less than fifty. This pass, it's worth a fucking billion, and you go and compare it to someone?"