Medical Genius Chapter 399-400

 Chapter 399

Lin Mo glanced at the two men in surprise, "Elder He, you're waiting here specifically for me?"

                "What's the matter?"

                Elder He looked embarrassed and said in a low voice, "Mr. Lin, I mainly wanted to bring this unfilial granddaughter over to say thank you."

                "I'm really sorry for what happened at this exchange."

                "This child, being spoiled by me, rushed you, and it is my fault for not educating her properly."

                "I didn't expect that you would repay your grievances with virtue and even save us, I'm ...... I'm ......"

                As he spoke, He Lao's eyes were red and his voice began to choke.

                Tonight, Lin Mo could be said to have sacrificed his life to save them, which made him very moved.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "Elder He, you're welcome."

                "Back when I was at my most helpless, you were the one who helped me."

                "There is no way to repay this kindness."

                "I saved you, it was just a handful, why should I care!"

                He Lao hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, you are not raising your hand by risking your life like this tonight."

                "I ...... I really don't know how to thank you here either."

                "How about this, Mr. Lin, in the future, if you need any help, just say the word, my old life is at your disposal!"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "Elder He has spoken too highly."

                "You and I are friends, why bother with that."

                After exchanging pleasantries, He Lao took He Qianxue with him and left.

                As he was leaving, He Qianxue hesitated for a moment.

                Wanting to say a few words, but in the end, she didn't have the face to speak.

                At this point in time, no matter what she said to Lin Mo, there was no point in saying anything else.

                Her image in Lin Mo's heart was already fixed, and not only that, after tonight, her reputation in Guangyang City was also finished.

                This was all of her own making, and she had nothing to do with anyone, she could only make her own mistakes.

                When Lin Mo returned to his villa, several nannies had already rested.

                He went upstairs to his room, where Lin Xi was still in a coma.

                Lin Mo gently stroked his sister's hair, his heart infinitely doting.

                Thinking about the scene where Lin Xi deliberately jumped down from the stairs so as not to become a burden to him, Lin Mo's heart twisted like a knife.

                If he hadn't obtained the jade pendant's inheritance, his sister would definitely be dead by now!

                "Xi'er, you've suffered, brother will wake you up now!"

                Lin Mo said softly and took the Thousand Year Snow Lotus downstairs.

                It was not easy to refine the Thousand Year Snow Lotus into a medicine.

                This thousand year old snow lotus, with its extreme coldness, required an extremely high temperature to practice its medicinal properties.

                Lin Mo had long been prepared for this, he had opened up a separate room in the basement of this villa and placed a special stove inside.

                The butane fuel used in this cooker was able to create a high temperature flame, which could be used to refine some of the more special medicines.

                The thousand-year-old snow lotus had to be released at such a temperature to release its medicinal properties.

                However, direct refinement like this was also impossible.

                This was because, at such high temperatures, ordinary pill refining vessels would not be able to withstand it.

                And even if it could withstand such a temperature, a normal container, which heats up too quickly at such a temperature, would directly scorch the thousand-year-old snow lotus and directly lose its medicinal properties.

                So, it needed a container that could withstand high temperatures and also had to heat up slowly.

                Lin Mo had found someone to buy a few special medicine jars, and he didn't know how effective this one would be, so he could only try it out first.

                Setting everything in place, the cooker was opened and white flames erupted.

                Putting the jars on, Lin Mo didn't put the Thousand Year Snow Lotus in directly, but put in another herb, wanting to try this jar out first.

                As a result, not long after burning, a burnt smell came from inside this medicine jar.

                Upon closer inspection, the herbs that had just been thrown in had been burnt directly by this jar.

                Lin Mo frowned, this pill jar didn't work either? How could this be used to refine pills?

Chapter 400

After several attempts, Lin Mo eventually failed.

                It seemed that the several pill jars he had prepared could not be used to refine pills.

                Lin Mo was somewhat helpless, he had the medicinal ingredients, but the pill refining tools did not work, so there was still nothing he could do.

                Thinking back carefully to his ancestors' pill refining methods, they had a special kind of dan furnace that could withstand extremely high temperatures.

                They had a special furnace that could withstand extremely high temperatures. Moreover, that kind of furnace, which could adjust the speed of heating up, was the best equipment for refining pills.

                No one can make that kind of furnace anymore.

                If you wanted to make pills yourself, you would have to find such a furnace.

                But it wasn't easy to find such a furnace!

                After thinking about it, Lin Mo called He Lao and asked him to pay attention to the matter of the furnace.

                After all, He Lao had been practising medicine for tens of years and had a wide range of contacts. If he came forward to find it, it would be much easier than if Lin Mo went looking for it!

                Unable to make medicine, his sister's condition could only be put aside for the time being.

                The next morning, Lin Mo had just arrived at the hospital when he saw Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui standing in front of his office.

                These two people had been waiting here for a long time, and as soon as they saw Lin Mo, they immediately came over with a smile on their faces.

                "Little Lin, have you had breakfast yet?"

                "Come on, mum bought you some rice and buns when she came over from there."

                "You say, you kid, why didn't you go home to stay last night?"

                "It's so spacious at home, how inappropriate for you to run outside."

                Fang Hui said with a smile, not looking at all like the shrew she usually was.

                Lin Mo knew that these two people must have both been amiable when they approached him for money.

                After a few casual pleasantries, the two of them went straight back to talking about the exchange meeting.

                "Lin Mo, I think, you should still make a trip to see Chen Shengyuan."

                "Think about it, you've earned tens of billions for him, shouldn't he thank you?"

                "Taking out a few hundred million, what's it worth to him?"

                "But, it's a different story for our family!"

                "With these few hundred million, other than that, at least we can buy you and Hanxia a new house."

                "Also, this is not suitable for you to ride an electric car to work all day, buy you a new car, a Porsche."

                "You should change your clothes, too. Your father and I have been thinking about buying you some high-end clothes for a long time, but we really don't have any money in this family."

                "If we get these few hundred million back, everything will be solved for our family!"

                Fang Hui said smilingly.

                Lin Mo secretly laughed in his heart, what you said sounded good.

                What about buying me a new house, a new car and new clothes?

                To put it bluntly, it's still what you want to buy.

                And you've wanted to buy me new clothes for a long time now?

                I've lived in your house for three years and I haven't even worn a new pair of socks.

                You can't afford new clothes and you can't even afford a pair of socks?

                Of course, this was something Lin Mo could only mutter in his own mind.

                "Mom, you're right."

                "Let's do this, I'll go and talk to General Manager Chen at lunchtime."

                Lin Mo said back.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was overjoyed and nodded her head repeatedly, "That's right!"

                "You kid, I told you that it was the right thing for Hanxia to marry you."

                "You're much more reliable than Huang Liang!"

                "Fine, then go find him at noon and we'll wait for your good news."

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui left laughingly, while Lin Mo was helpless.

                These two people were like that, when they had money, they served you as if you were a master.

                When they had no money, they treated you like a pile of rubbish and hated to sweep you out of the house.

                Sighing, Lin Mo still gave Chen Shengyuan a call.

                Last night Xu Hanxia all discussed with Lin Mo, funding a company, just say it is Chen Shengyuan reward.

                When the time comes, there is no cash, only a company, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui will not be able to toss out any waves.