Medical Genius Chapter 391-392

 Chapter 391

Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face was full of embarrassment at once.

                Last time, in order to stop Xu Hanxia from investing, things were not small, and the two of them were kneeling and kowtowing, and threatening to jump off buildings.

                In the end, it was difficult to get Xu Hanxia to return the two hundred million.

                Moreover, at that time, in order to save the interest, the two hundred million was also distributed to those shareholders who wanted to invest in Lin Mo.

                At that time, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was so proud of this that he would tell everyone that they had saved the company millions of dollars in interest through this operation.

                Who would have thought that such a thing would happen.

                Lin Mo had actually won!

                The shareholders who had chosen to invest in Lin Mo were all making a fortune, and they were all clamouring together for a celebration party.

                On the other hand, they had passed by the billion or so directly.

                Now, when they thought about how they had forced Xu Hanxia to withdraw her investment, they were blushing.

                This time, it was the two of them who had tossed away the billion or so.

                Fang Hui coughed lightly, "There's no point in talking about this now."

                "No one can predict the future."

                "If you look at it at the time, this investment, it's really not suitable, your father and I, it's also for your own good."

                "Who would have thought that it would actually make a profit, and you can't blame us for that."

                "Besides, now we are talking about Lin Mo this commission issue."

                "Lin Mo, go talk to Chen Shengyuan again and see if you can get more money."

                "He's made tens of billions, you're asking him for a few hundred million, surely that's no problem!"

                Xu Hanxia was so angry that her hands were shaking, "Mum, you're really talking!"

                "Why don't you go and ask Chen Shengyuan for a few hundred million?"

                "Oh, someone who makes tens of billions has to give you a few hundred million?"

                "Then if he loses money, can you give him a few hundred million?"

                Fang Hui was furious: "I'm talking to Lin Mo, what does it have to do with you!"

                "Can this situation you're talking about be the same?"

                "Lin Mo was working for him, and as a result he made a lot of money, shouldn't he be given a bigger share?"

                "What are you saying about him losing money? Isn't that not a loss now?"

                Xu Hanxia was really helpless, she really couldn't reason with her mother.

                Xu Jiangong grimaced, "Lin Mo, you're not a child anymore, don't be cajoled by a few words."

                "You have helped Chen Shengyuan earn so much, no matter what, this commission must be charged on a commission basis."

                "You're such an old man, you have to use your own brain when doing things, you can't just do what others say."

                "How about this, you go and look for Chen Shengyuan tomorrow and ask him to give you a commission of five points."

                Fang Hui nodded repeatedly, she had made tens of billions of dollars, if she raised five points, it would be more than a billion dollars, right?

                With this money, she could buy whatever she wanted.

                Xu Hanxia was anxious: "Dad, why are you letting Chen Shengyuan give Lin Mo five points?"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "Just by reason!"

                "Lin Mo has helped him earn so much, why shouldn't he give Lin Mo a commission?"

                Xu Hanxia: "Then why don't you say how risky his investment is this time?"

                "If his investment fails, his entire fortune will be gone, and at that time, who will pay him?"

                Xu Jiangong was annoyed, "Hanxia, what the hell do you want?"

                "If you don't think about your husband, why do you keep thinking about Chen Shengyuan?"

                "Since he's investing, he has to consider the possibility of failure."

                "In this kind of investment, the outcome is your own responsibility. If he fails, what does it matter to us?"

                Xu Hanxia said, "I'm not thinking for him, I just think that it's not at all appropriate for you to do so."

                "What kind of person is Chen Shengyuan?"

                "You're asking Lin Mo to ask him for money and so much more?"

                "You think Chen Shengyuan is a fool?"

                "Once you anger him, won't Lin Mo be in trouble then?"

Chapter 392

Xu Jiangong frowned, "Just looking for him to argue with him, how could it anger him?"

                "Besides, Lin Mo has only helped him win so much money, he will definitely give it!"

                Xu Hanxia waved her hand directly, "I won't let Lin Mo go anyway, I can't let Lin Mo take the risk!"

                Xu Dongxue suddenly sneered, "Yo, sister, you really care about this husband of yours."

                "Since when did brother-in-law become so dainty?"

                "Wasn't he quite brave when he fought with the Zhou family and the Huo family before?"

                "Oh, for the sake of his own face, he could go out and fight for his life."

                "And now you're going to fight for the interests of our family? You're taking risks?"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "Shut up!"

                "If it weren't for you, how would the Huo family's affairs have come to that?"

                Xu Dongxue was furious: "You still have the nerve to say that!"

                "If it wasn't for your husband, how would I have gotten to this point?"

                "Lin Mo, I'm telling you, I'm not finished with you about this time!"

                As the two looked like they were about to argue again, Xu Jiangong slapped the table and said angrily, "Shut up all of you!"

                "This matter is settled!"

                "Lin Mo, tomorrow you go and find Chen Shengyuan."

                After saying that, Xu Jiangong furiously went back to his room.

                The meal was unhappily broken up.

                Lin Mo returned to his room and sighed helplessly, "Halfsia, why don't you take some money out?"

                Xu Hanxia said directly, "No, you absolutely cannot compromise!"

                "If we give in this time, they'll get an inch next time."

                "I know them too well!"

                Lin Mo slowly nodded his head, this was true.

                "Then this matter, you can't do nothing, right?"

                Lin Mo said.

                Xu Hanxia pondered for a while and suddenly said, "How about this?"

                "You fund it and start a company."

                "Turn around and say that Chen Shengyuan rewarded you."

                "That way, Chen Shengyuan also rewards it, but it's not like it's cash money, so it doesn't make sense for them to fold anymore, what do you think?"

                Lin Mo laughed, "Honey, it's still you who has the solution."

                Xu Hanxia spat, "Who's your darling!"

                "Who did you learn to be so smooth-talking?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "How do you know I'm slick?"

                Xu Hanxia blushed and was about to speak when Lin Mo's mobile phone suddenly rang.

                When he picked up the phone, He Lao's crying voice came out, "Mr. Lin, please, please save Xue'er, I beg you ......"

                Lin Mo was surprised: "He Lao, take it easy."

                "What's happening, you tell me with."

                "I will definitely help you!"

                He Lao said in a trembling voice: "Mr. Lin, I ...... really have no face to beg you ......"

                "But, I only have this one granddaughter, she is my life ......"

                "She ...... she was captured by Huo Tiancheng, Huo Tiancheng named you to go personally, or ...... otherwise he will dismantle Qianxue in a big way ......"

                "I approached Master Tian and Master Tian contacted the Huo family. However, Huo Tiancheng is now not even answering the Huo family's calls ......"

                "He's completely going out of his way now, I really have no choice ah ......"

                Lin Mo frowned, was this Huo Tiancheng crazy?

                After making such a big mess in Guangyang City, did he not want to leave alive?

                Not even answering the Huo family's calls, this is tantamount to going against the Huo family ah.

                In this way, Huo Tiancheng would lose the blessing of the Huo family!

                At this moment, Lin Mo was also calculating in his heart.

                Huo Tiancheng was a very dangerous and poisonous person.

                Having suffered such a great loss this time, he would definitely not rest in peace and would definitely seek opportunities to take revenge.

                Lin Mo could not be on guard against him all the time, and if he was not careful, if anything happened to Xu Hanxia or his sister Lin Xi, then Lin Mo would regret it for the rest of his life.

                So, the best scenario would be to make this man disappear completely, just like he did with Huo Xingfu!

                And now, it was an opportunity ah.

                "Elder He, you don't need to worry!"

                "Leave this matter to me, I'll get Miss He out!"

                Lin Mo said softly.