Medical Genius Chapter 39-40

 Chapter 39

On the way, Lin Mo first called Nanba Tian.

                Lin Mo had a rough guess in his heart that this matter must be related to Huang Yongfeng.

                As a result, before Lin Mo arrived at the Times Hotel, Nanba Tian's men had already saved Xu Hanxia.

                As Lin Mo had guessed, it was indeed Huang Yongfeng who had done this.

                Zhao Jiafan had bad-mouthed Lin Mo in front of Huang Yongfeng, and Huang Yongfeng was ready to capture Xu Hanxia and force Lin Mo to bow down.

                The Times Hotel was also Nanba Tian's property, and these people were stopped by Nanba Tian's men before they could get out of the hotel.

                Lin Mo rushed to the Times Hotel and was relieved to see that Xu Hanxia was alright.

                As soon as Fang Hui saw Lin Mo, she immediately cursed, "Lin Mo, where did you die?"

                "Do you know how dangerous it was just now? Are you such a husband? You can't even protect your own wife?"

                Lin Mo: "Mom, you ...... you let me go home ah ......"

                Fang Hui couldn't help but stare, slightly embarrassed, and once again scolded angrily, "Then it wouldn't have taken you this long to come from home."

                "Do you not care about Hanxia at all? After such a big incident with Hanxia, you're still dawdling behind?"

                It did take Lin Mo a little longer to come over from Wangjiang Garden.

                "Alright, mum, don't say anything."

                Xu Hanxia whispered, she was a little stunned.

                Xu Jiangong hated his iron: "Lin Mo, Lin Mo, if you were a man, you would have protected your wife!"

                Lin Mo clenched his fist, he was also blaming himself.

                He had underestimated Huang Yongfeng, he didn't expect him to do such a thing.

                It seemed that he had to settle this matter once and for all!

                Walking out of the Times Hotel, Lin Mo called Nanba Tian and asked him to settle the matter with Huang Yongfeng.


                "Mr. Huang, just bring Xu Hanxia here and hand her over to me for disposal!"

                "With her in my hands, I can guarantee that I can keep that Lin Mo honest."

                Zhao Jiafan said with an excited look on his face.

                Huang Yongfeng didn't say anything, and Madam Huang had an impatient look on her face, "I don't care exactly what means you use, you must save my son!"

                "No problem, Madam Huang, don't worry!"

                Zhao Jiafan nodded his head repeatedly, already thinking in his heart how to treat Xu Hanxia later.

                As a result, after waiting for more than half an hour, Xu Hanxia was not caught, but instead, Huang Yongfeng's men came back with bruises on their noses.

                "What's wrong with you guys?" Mrs. Huang exclaimed, "Didn't you go to catch a woman? Where is everyone?"

                Several bodyguards looked at each other, and one of them whispered, "Mr. Huang, take a step aside!"

                Huang Yongfeng frowned, what's the matter, and still not let others listen?

                Leading this bodyguard into the ward, Huang Yongfeng said in a deep voice: "What's going on?"

                "We've caught the man, but he was stopped by Nanba Tian's men." The bodyguard said in a trembling voice: "Nanba Tian also ...... asked me to bring word to you that that Lin Mo is his brother ......"

                "What?" Huang Yongfeng's eyes widened, with these words from Nanba Tian, it was clear that he was going to protect Lin Mo.

                Although Huang Yongfeng was very strong, he didn't dare to go against Nanba Tian.

                Bodyguard: "I heard that it seems to be that Lin Mo, who saved his daughter from waking up!"

                Huang Yongfeng's eyes widened, "This man, so skilled in medicine? No wonder he was able to get my son out of the danger period."

                "Ai, it's just that the person is so arrogant and cocky that he asked me to go and kneel down for him? Otherwise, it would have been possible to make friends!"

                "Forget it, let's wait for the miracle doctor from the capital!"

Chapter 40

When Huang Yongfeng walked out of the room, Madam Huang was barking orders, "This Lin has a lot of guts, get some more men and knock his mouth full of teeth out!"

                Zhao Jiafan nodded his head: "You can't be polite to such people. Madam Huang, you've done the right thing!"

                Huang Yongfeng shouted angrily, "Stop right there!"

                The crowd immediately stopped and Madam Huang was stunned, "What's wrong, husband?"

                "Let's wait for the divine doctor from the capital to come over." Huang Yongfeng whispered.

                Mrs. Huang: "We should still take revenge. If the divine doctor from the capital is coming anyway, just break this Lin's hands and feet!"

                "You shut up!" Huang Yongfeng scolded in no good humour.

                It was a matter of Nanba Tian, and he didn't dare to say much.

                Early the next morning, the capital's divine doctor finally arrived.

                This divine doctor, who was personally invited by Elder Yue, was also a titanic figure in China.

                After taking a look at Huang Shao's injuries, this divine doctor shook his head straight away, "No, no, the injuries are too serious, it will take too long to delay."

                "I only have less than 20% certainty of treating it now, it's too risky!"

                "Huh?" Huang Yongfeng and the others were dumbfounded, even the divine doctors in the capital couldn't save him, then wouldn't young Huang be dead?

                "This is troublesome!" Elder Yue's face was grave, "Young Huang's condition is getting worse and worse, he can still hold on for two hours at most."

                "Mr. Huang, the only one who can save Young Huang now is that cleaner!"

                Mrs. Huang's face was pale: "How ...... how can this be?"

                "A caretaker who sweeps toilets is that capable?"

                Huang Yongfeng's face was stony as he looked at his son, whose breathing was weakening, and finally gritted his teeth and left the ward.

                Wangjiang Garden.

                Lin Mo didn't go to the hospital and came here first to look after his sister.

                Suddenly, a Rolls Royce drove outside the courtyard and Huang Yongfeng stepped out of the car.

                He had inquired about Lin Mo's place from He Lao and rushed over at the first opportunity.

                As soon as he entered and saw Lin Mo, Huang Yongfeng knelt down on the ground with a poof: "Mr. Lin, please, please save my son!"

                Lin Mo was a bit confused: "You are?"

                "Huang Yongfeng!"

                "So it's Mr. Huang."

                Lin Mo suddenly realized and helped Huang Yongfeng up, "Mr. Huang, why are you so polite?"

                "The fact that you can come to invite me personally already shows the attitude, what does this kneeling mean?"

                "Huh?" Huang Yongfeng was stunned, "Mr. Lin, weren't you the one who said that I should personally kneel down and beg you?"

                Lin Mo: "When did I say such a thing?"

                Huang Yongfeng: "You said it to Zhao Jiafan!"

                "Mr. Huang, you've been tricked."

                Lin Mo frowned and told the story of the situation.

                Including what happened when he was driven away by Madam Huang.

                After hearing this, Huang Yongfeng almost didn't vomit blood in anger and said, "Zhao Jiafan, that son of a bitch, so he was the one who was in the middle of it!"

                "Mr. Lin, I'm really sorry. I didn't know about this matter."

                "I am personally sorry for what happened to my wife, please forgive me if I have offended you!"

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "Mr. Huang, I see that you are also a forthright person."

                "Since you've come in person, the previous matter is written off."

                "Let's go, let's go and save your son first!"

                Huang Yongfeng was overjoyed, "Many thanks, Mr. Lin!"

                When the two arrived at the hospital, Huang Shao was already in an extremely dangerous situation.

                Mrs. Huang was in a hurry, and when she suddenly saw Huang Yongfeng returning with Lin Mo, she immediately cursed angrily.

                "You're finally here, what the hell, you dare to play temper with us."

                "If you delay my son's illness, I'll have your dog's life!"