Medical Genius Chapter 389-390

 Chapter 389

Then Xu Jiangong asked Fang Hui to clean up a table of dishes, saying that he wanted to celebrate.

                Lin Mo wanted to go to the kitchen to help, but was stopped by Xu Jiangong.

                "You're the big winner today, how can you cook this?"

                "Your mother and I, too, haven't cooked in a long time."

                "Today you guys sit and relax, your mother and I, show you our craft properly!"

                Xu Jiangong smiled benevolently.

                The other few people in the room were all full of confusion.

                When she entered the kitchen, Fang Hui immediately closed the door and complained, "Honey, what are you doing?"

                "Making me cook for that wimp, can he afford it?"

                "Also, you asked Xue'er to thank him, what did you think?"

                "For this matter, just blame him. If he hadn't offended the Huo family, how would Xue'er have had such an incident?"

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand and said in a low voice, "You women, you just have long hair and short insight."

                "Do you know that Lin Mo has already won the competition, what a concept is that?"

                "This time, he brought tens of billions of dollars with him to the competition."

                "Guang Yang City won big, do you know how much money you can make back?"

                Fang Hui's eyes instantly went round, "You don't say, that's really the case."

                "This Lin Mo, he might have as much money on him now!"

                "I see, I see."

                "Husband, you're still far-sighted."

                Xu Jiangong smiled heatedly, "So, I told you."

                "This child, Xue'er, doesn't understand things."

                "At this time, why are you still going to argue with Lin Mo?"

                "I'll ask Lin Mo to give her 200 million dollars to start a company, and she'll be able to live a comfortable life."

                "She's so stubborn, she won't even say thank you."

                "Hey, I'm talking about you, this child, she's been spoiled by you!"

                Fang Hui looked embarrassed, "I didn't think about it that much at the time!"

                "Why don't I go and talk to Xue'er and ask her to formally thank Lin Mo?"

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand, "Forget it."

                "It would seem a bit deliberate to go and say it again now."

                "Take your time."

                At this moment, in the bedroom.

                Xu Hanxia whispered, "Lin Mo, there's definitely something wrong with this attitude my father has towards you."

                "I reckon that he knows that you won the competition and wants to beat you up."

                "When they ask you later how much money you've made, just say you didn't make any money, okay?"

                Lin Mo: "Halfsia, in fact, I have the three hundred million in my hand, all of it invested."

                "With our share of medical resources, these three hundred million, almost six or seven times, more than two billion is there."

                "This ...... this is not even told to them?"

                Xu Hanxia immediately said, "Can not say!"

                "My parents what character, you do not know ah?"

                "Last time 300 million, it almost turned into a mess."

                "If they knew that you had earned over two billion, what kind of a mess would it be?"

                "Lin Mo, the three hundred million was the Zhou family's compensation for you, and whatever you earn is yours."

                "You can't let them take the money away, you have to think about yourself!"

                "They have hands and feet, when it's time for them to help you, one by one they drag your feet."

                "Seeing that you're making money, they want to come and get a piece of the action, why?"

                Lin Mo smiled gently, Xu Hanxia was becoming more and more considerate of him.

                In fact, he wanted to take out one or two hundred million to put at home, so that Xu Jiangong Fang Hui would not make a fuss.

                But when he thought about it, what Xu Hanxia said was right.

                Xu Jian Gong Fang Hui is a bottomless pit, how much money he took out is useless.

                On the contrary, he took out the money, Xu Jiankong Fang Hui must feel that he has investments behind the scenes.

                When the investigation reveals that the 300 million was not lost to Mrs. Zhao, it will be a big fuss.

                Instead of that, it would be better to keep it.

                In the future to restore the Lin family, still need a lot of money, he has to start preparing his own power!

Chapter 390

Xu Jiangong Fang Hui tossed a table of dishes and called the family out.

                Xu Jiangong also brought out a good wine that he had treasured for a long time.

                This wine had been drunk by Huang Liang's parents when they came, and Huang Liang had also drunk it, but Lin Mo had never even looked at it.

                This time, Xu Jiangong had really put in his money.

                After three rounds of wine, when Xu Jiangong saw that he had almost finished talking, he smiled and said, "Lin Mo, I really didn't expect that you were so familiar with Divine Doctor Xue."

                "No wonder you dared to make such a large investment, over ten billion dollars."

                "This time, those bosses in Guangyang City who followed your investment have all made a lot of money."

                "OK, it's still Hanxia who has an eye for the right people."

                "Lin Mo, your mother and I are proud of you!"

                Fang Hui nodded repeatedly, "That's right!"

                "Old Zhang and the others have just called to congratulate you."

                "Old Zhang is probably going to make hundreds of millions this time."

                "Lin Mo, how much can you make this time?"

                At this moment, Huang Liang and Xu Dongxue also immediately looked at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo was just about to speak when Xu Hanxia said directly, "What kind of money can he make?"

                "He didn't invest any money, the ones making money are the bosses who invested, Lin Mo is just working for someone."

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face changed.

                "How could it be that no money was made?"

                "Over ten billion dollars was invested, and the profit earned back was several times that."

                "You didn't make a single penny?"

                "Lin Mo, did you hide the money behind our backs?"

                Fang Hui said urgently.

                Xu Jiangong hurriedly coughed a few times, and only then did Fang Hui realise that she had been a little too anxious.

                She quickly laughed and said, "Lin Mo, Mom and Dad are not greedy for this money of yours, we are just concerned about you!"

                "Besides, we're all family, what can't we talk about?"

                Lin Mo whispered, "Mom, it's really not much money."

                "It's just a few bosses that gave me some bonuses, just a few million."

                Fang Hui's face changed again, "How is that possible?"

                "They have doubled their investment several times, over ten billion, into tens of billions, only to give you a few million?"

                "How about dismissing a beggar?"

                "Lin Mo, you ...... are lying to me, right?"

                Xu Jiangong also frowned, feeling that Lin Mo was deliberately hiding this.

                Xu Hanxia bristled, "Mom, you think a few million is easy to earn, huh?"

                "How much risk did those bosses take this time."

                "Besides, do you really think that Dr. Xue would come to help without asking for anything?"

                "On the surface, those bosses have invested more than 10 billion, but behind the scenes, they don't know how much money has been poured in!"

                "Isn't this money considered an investment?"

                "To give Lin Mo a few million is already considered good, this kind of thing, the most profitable, is Doctor Xue, do you understand?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui looked at each other, both of their expressions turning extremely ugly.

                They had been tossing and turning for so long, working for so long, just because of this money.

                As a result, Lin Mo didn't have any money at all, how could they accept that?

                Fang Hui said anxiously, "Then ...... that shouldn't be so little!"

                "This matter was led by you, all these things, it was you who did it."

                "Can't you ...... ask them for more?"

                "If you go to them and ask for it, they'll definitely give it."

                "Why are you so deadheaded, how much do they say?"

                Xu Hanxia said, "How can I ask for it?"

                "At first our family said we would invest two hundred million, and then, when it was about to start, we changed our mind."

                "Chen Shengyuan bought so many shares in our company for this, how much risk did he take?"

                "If these two hundred million had been invested in the first place, our family would now have over a billion in revenue."

                "You guys had to force me to return the money, and now you're letting Lin Mo go to Chen Shengyuan to ask for it?"

                "Mom and Dad, if you were Chen Shengyuan, would you have given the money?"

                "Do you guys hate people who go back on their word like that?"