Medical Genius Chapter 381-382

 Chapter 381

Song Zhilan was dressed beautifully tonight, plus she was extremely good looking herself.

                As soon as she walked down, she completely overpowered He Qianxue.

                He Qianxue's face also changed, she recognized Song Zhilan and knew her identity.

                Even though He Qiuxue had been the school flower since she was a child, what was she in front of Song Zhilan?

                Whether it was her looks, her figure, her family background, or her status, she was far inferior to Song Zhilan!

                She really didn't expect that even Song Zhilan, the former number one beauty in Guangyang City, had fallen for Lin Mo.

                Now, she finally understood what exactly Elder He meant by selfishness.

                A divine doctor like Lin Mo was really in demand!

                It was just a pity that she had missed the best opportunity.

                As she watched Lin Mo leave in Song Zhilan's car, He Qianxue's smile became forced.

                She sighed in frustration and sat back in her car, tears flowing down without a sound.

                She had finally paid the price for her own greed for vanity and arrogance!

                At the same time, upstairs in the private room of Guang Province, Huo Tiancheng's face was pale.

                This time, Guangdong Province had lost completely, and was once again at the bottom.

                Not only that, but the most crucial thing was that Guangyang City had won first place.

                Such a contrast was enough to drive the family crazy.

                When he went back, he would definitely be finished!

                "How could this happen? How could this happen?"

                Huo Tiancheng kept muttering and whispering.

                Those next to him looked at each other, and one of the men suddenly whispered, "Young Huo, things have come to this, we can't just sit around and wait for death!"

                "Why don't we go to Lin Mo and ask him to share the resources he got from Guangyang City with us."

                "That way, if we go back, won't we be able to account for it?"

                Huo Tiancheng gritted his teeth, "Isn't what you're saying nonsense?"

                "Who are you to let him share the resources of Guangyang City with us?"

                The man whispered, "This Lin Mo, he's really good to his wife."

                "If we capture Xu Hanxia, or Xu Hanxia's family, won't we be able to force him to do so!"

                Huo Tiancheng said angrily, "That's easy for you to say, we weren't even able to capture his family before."

                "Now you want to go and catch them, do you think it's possible?"

                Man: "Young Huo, before we were holding two people, so we didn't fight with them."

                "Now we have no way out completely, so we'll have to fight it out."

                "If we catch his family, then things will turn around."

                "If we can't catch them, Young Huo, given our current situation, seriously, do we have a choice?"

                Huo Tiancheng frowned tightly and thought for a long time before nodding slowly, "You're right, we really don't have a choice!"

                "Well then, let's do this, you guys ......"

                Before the words were finished, the door to the room was suddenly pushed open and a group of young people barged in from outside.

                The one at the head was none other than Li Yuan.

                When she saw Huo Tiancheng, her eyes lit up and she ran over with gusto, "How are you, Huo Shao, it's an honor to meet you!"

                Huo Tiancheng frowned, "Who are you?"

                Li Yuan hurriedly smiled, "I'm Qianxue's best friend, we met just now downstairs."

                "At that time, Qianxue took you upstairs and we couldn't go up, so we waited for you downstairs."

                "By the way, where is Chisetsu? Wasn't she with you?"

                Huo Tiancheng couldn't help but stare, this was He Qianyue's best friend? What else were they doing here?

                In fact, Li Yuan and the others didn't know what happened after He Qianyue took Huo Tiancheng upstairs.

                They still thought that He Qianyue and Huo Tiancheng had a good talk.

                So, after the exchange session was over, they took the opportunity to sneak up.

                They said they wanted to find He Qianyue, but in fact, they wanted to meet Huo Tiancheng and get involved with the heir of this top ten family in Guangdong Province.

                As for what had happened at the exchange meeting, they knew nothing about it.

Chapter 382

Huo Tiancheng frowned and was just about to kick Li Yuan and the others out.

                At this moment, the man next to him suddenly laughed and said, "Oh, you are Miss He's girlfriends."

                "The exchange ended just now and Miss He went to work, so we haven't seen her either."

                "Why don't you guys sit here for a while, Miss He will probably come over in a while."

                Li Yuan and the others were naturally eager to stay with Huo Tiancheng, after all, this was the heir to the top ten families in Guang Province.

                If they really got involved with Huo Tiancheng, who would dare not give them face when they went out to do something in the future under the banner of the Huo family?

                According to Li Yuan, this is called a human connection!

                Li Yuan and the others immediately sat down, while Huo Tiancheng frowned at the man.

                The man excused himself to go to the toilet and took Huo Tiancheng to the washroom, whispering, "Young Huo, these few people, they are still of some use."

                Huo Tiancheng frowned: "What use?"

                "A few greedy losers, I've seen this kind of people a lot."

                "Now we still have to plot to catch Lin Mo's wife, how can we have time to care about them!"

                The man whispered, "Whether we can catch Lin Mo's wife or not, that's not easy to say."

                "But we can take a stable hostage in our hands first."

                "We can use these people to trick He Qianxue into coming over first."

                "I heard that at the earliest time, He Jinyan was kind to Lin Mo."

                "He Qianxue is He Jinyan's granddaughter, if we capture her, we might be able to threaten Lin Mo as well!"

                Huo Tiancheng pondered for a moment and nodded, "Okay, let's do it!"

                Walking out of the washroom, Huo Tiancheng pretended that he was going to a nightclub for a drink and brought Li Yuan and the others over.

                Of course, on the way, Huo Tiancheng asked Li Yuan to invite He Qianxue over.

                Moreover, he also asked Li Yuan not to mention his name, saying that he wanted to give He Qianxue a surprise.

                Li Yuan didn't expect that this heir of one of the top ten families in Guang Province would be so polite to her, so of course she was flattered.

                Immediately, according to Huo Tiancheng's request, she called He Qianxue and asked her to come over to play.

                At this time, He Qianxue was hanging her head in despair as she followed by Elder He's side.

                When Elder He had arranged the venue, he said to He Qianxue, "Qianxue, I'm going to give a banquet to the delegations from all the provinces in the evening, so why don't you come along too?"

                He Qianxue shook her head breathlessly, "Forget it, I won't go over, I'm not in the mood!"

                He Lao saw what she was thinking and sighed, "It's alright, don't blame yourself either."

                "It's not your destiny, it's useless to force it."

                "I just hope that you can learn a lesson from this incident and not make similar mistakes in the future."

                "You have to understand one thing, never judge people by their appearance!"

                He Qianxue slowly nodded her head, the lesson she learned this time was really fresh in her mind.

                "Alright, if you don't want to go, then go home early."

                "Don't ever go out and play like crazy, you're not too young, don't keep going to those nightclubs and such, understand?"

                He Lao waved his hand.

                He Qianxue was a bit unconvinced, "Grandpa, why are you so old-fashioned?"

                "I go to nightclubs, that's just for fun too."

                "Going there to bounce around and have a drink with friends can relieve stress."

                "Otherwise, it's not good to be constantly on edge all day."

                He Lao frowned, "It's not that I won't let you party with your friends, but as the saying goes, a gentleman doesn't stand under a dangerous wall."

                "I won't deny that inside the nightclub, it's true that many people just go to unwind."

                "But it's also undeniable that there are some people with bad intentions in there."

                "You're still young, what if you meet those people with ill intentions and something happens?"

                He Qianxue smiled, "Grandpa, your worrying is just superfluous."

                "I'm all with friends, how could something like that happen?"

                He Lao waved his hand impatiently, "Anyway, you're not allowed to run there anymore, go home quickly!"