Medical Genius Chapter 379-380

 Chapter 379

Lin Mo walked straight up to one of the patients.

                "This patient, your master's treatment method is correct."

                "But, the direction he placed the needles was wrong!"

                Lu Sanzhen was annoyed, "Young man, I know you are highly skilled in medicine, but that doesn't mean you can just make things up."

                "I have studied the art of acupuncture for over 50 years, and I know the meridians and acupuncture points of the human body like the back of my hand."

                "I can get everything wrong, but this needle placement, how could I be wrong?"

                The crowd also nodded their heads, among the masters of acupuncture in China, Lu Sanzhen was really one of the best.

                Lin Mo's words were a little hard for the crowd to believe.

                Lin Mo laughed lightly: "Is that so?"

                "Lu Sanzhen, come and feel it yourself, see what difference there is between his left rib cage, and a normal person!"

                With doubts, Lu Sanzhen walked over, reached out and pressed his hand a few times, and his face suddenly changed.

                "He ...... his ribs, how come they are somewhat displaced?"

                Lin Mo said, "The way of acupuncture, remembering meridian points by rote is not very meaningful."

                "The human body moves at all times, and meridian points, occasionally, will also move."

                "For example, in a case like his current one, there is a slight misalignment of adhesions in the ribs, and this part of the meridian points, will also move with it."

                "The position you put the needle in is slightly off from his meridian points."

                "Of course, this doesn't really have much of an effect, and he will still be able to slowly heal as he recovers slowly."

                "However, for treating a patient, this position of your downward needle is just a bit wrong."

                After speaking, Lin Mo pulled out one of the silver needles and then stabbed it directly in again.

                The crowd could really see that he had shifted the position slightly.

                However, it was this offsetting of some positions that surprisingly made a big difference to this patient's condition.

                Previously, Lu Sanzhen's treatment had only involved placing needles, then prescribing medicine and letting him go back to recuperate slowly.

                Lin Mo's spirit was different after this needle was administered, and a discerning person could instantly see that this man's condition had improved a lot.

                Lu Sanzhen stumbled a little on his feet as he said in a trembling voice, "I really didn't expect that this ...... needle treatment, there are so many instructions."

                "Mr. Lin, old me is not as good as you!"

                When this statement was made, the whole room was shocked.

                What kind of person is Lu Sanzhen!

                He had personally admitted that his medical skills were not as good as Lin Mo's, which showed how brilliant Lin Mo's medical skills were!

                The crowd looked at Lin Mo with excitement, such a young man had such unbelievable medical skills.

                His future was boundless!

                Lin Mo's expression was calm: "Third person, there is no problem with your treatment."

                "However, I still want to say one thing to you."

                "The technique you used to place the needles should be the Three Yang Convergence Top Needle Method."

                "This treatment, the effect is good. Unfortunately, you pursue the three-needle treatment too much and sometimes you deliberately refrain from placing the fourth needle."

                "In doing so, your reputation is good, but unfortunately, it may not be much better for the patient."

                "You have to remember that the three yang convergence acupuncture method, the three yang is not the key, the convergence is the key."

                "Practitioners of medicine, hanging pots to help the world, should take treating patients as their greatest responsibility."

                "Why should you care so much about false fame outside your body?"

                Lui Sanzhen was struck by lightning, when his master had taught him this set of acupuncture techniques, he had also raised this doubt.

                Was San Yang important, or was Hui Ding important?

                Lin Mo's words made the doubts that had haunted his heart for decades finally unravel at this moment.

                After a long period of silence, he fiercely bent down and bowed down, saying in a respectful voice, "Thank you, Mr. Lin, for your guidance!"

                "Listening to Mr. Lin's words is better than the decades of painstaking cultivation of Mr. Lu."

                "Mr. Lin, please accept a bow from Mister Lu!"

                After saying this, Lu Sanzhen fell to his knees and bowed down heavily.

                The crowd was shocked, this was Lui Sanzhen, and he was kneeling down to a young man like that?

Chapter 380

Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded, and Huo Tiancheng He Qianxue was even more shocked.

                Who would have thought that this seemingly ordinary young man would have such unbelievable medical skills?

                Even Lui San-needle bowed down to him like that!

                The most excited person on the scene was, of course, Divine Doctor Xue.

                He had staked his life on Lin Mo.

                Just now, Lin Mo had not made a move and he thought he was dead.

                Unexpectedly, things had turned around like this.

                Lin Mo had actually become the big winner in the end?

                Even Lu Sanzhen had knelt down, so it was like admitting defeat.

                This bet, Divine Doctor Xue had finally won.

                This was also the first time he had won against Lui Sanzhen in all these years!

                Elder He immediately said, "Now that the winner has been decided, Mr Lin Mo, is the biggest winner of this exchange."

                "Do the delegations of the provinces have any objections to this?"

                The crowd below shook their heads.

                Lin Mo's medical skills were so much better than theirs that they couldn't even hope to compete with him!

                The famous doctor from the Jiangnan Province delegation rose and said, "We are convinced that Mr Lin has won!"

                All the other delegations from the other provinces also rose to express their agreement.

                Of course, these people were not fools, and the reason why they agreed so much with Lin Mo's victory was also because it would not cost them too much to win.

                Lin Mo was only representing Guangyang City, and how much medical resources could there be in a single Guangyang City.

                Ultimately the medical resources are divided, although the winner prevails, but it also depends on how much resources you have.

                If it's Guangyang province that wins, that's a serious problem and all provinces will have to give up a lot of resources to them.

                A single Guangyang city, that would be easy, the provinces casually give up some resources, Guangyang city can't even finish eating ah.

                So, this time, the exchange meeting was won by Guangyang City, which was also the best result for the provinces, and of course they all agreed.

                He Lao was overjoyed that the result had been fixed, Lin Mo had won big, and Chen Shengyuan's investment had paid off in a huge way!

                At the same time, he was a little gloomy in his heart.

                If only He Qianxue had been able to get closer to Lin Mo, how good it would have been.

                Lin Mo was relatively calm, he had cured the remaining two patients by hand and verified his strength once again.

                After that, the matter of how to divide the resources was not something Lin Mo needed to worry about, Chen Shengyuan would follow up personally.

                With everything taken care of, Lin Mo asked Divine Doctor Xue to stay behind to take care of the aftermath.

                He had to ask Divine Doctor Xue to instruct the provincial delegations to try to keep their identities a secret, he still didn't want to cause too much of a stir.

                Lin Mo called Tiger and asked him to prepare a car to pick him up, and then walked out of the venue alone.

                Just as he reached the entrance, Lin Mo saw a white Maserati parked at the entrance, and a slender woman standing by the car.

                The woman was none other than He Qianxue, and when she saw Lin Mo leave just now, she drove to the door at the first opportunity.

                She knew that Lin Mo had come by taxi, and she intended to send him back, apologise by the way, and explain what had happened before.

                He Qianxue smiled lightly, "Brother Lin, it's not convenient to take a taxi at this time, I'll give you a lift!"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, he didn't have a good feeling towards He Qianxue.

                "No need, someone will come and pick me up!"

                He Qianxue sighed, "Brother Lin, do you have a problem with me?"

                "Actually, things aren't what you think."

                "I came all the way here to find you, just to explain to you ......"

                Lin Mo waved his hand straight away, "No need."

                "We don't know each other well, you don't need to explain anything to me."

                He Qianxue's face instantly became embarrassed to the extreme, she had been the daughter of Heaven since she was a child, who had ever spoken to her like that?

                "Then ...... then you should at least let me send you back, even if it's my way of apologizing to you!"

                Lin Mo was just about to speak when suddenly, a Lamborghini suddenly rushed up to him.

                The car door opened and Song Zhilan, who was wearing a floor length black dress, stepped out and smiled, "Mr. Lin, let me take you back."