Medical Genius Chapter 373-374

 Chapter 373

Lu Sanzhen laughed loudly, "Old man Xue, that's what you said."

                "If I win, this life of yours is at my disposal!"

                Divine Doctor Xue gritted his teeth, "That's right, it's what I said."

                "But, if you lose, you will also have to kowtow to me and apologise!"

                Lu Sanzhen let out a wild laugh, "I will lose?"

                "Old man Xue, don't you dream!"

                "Today, I'll make you lose in a heartbeat!"

                The crowd around them erupted in uproar.

                "Is this divine Doctor Xue crazy? Even he himself has no chance of winning against Lui Sanzhen, and he's putting all his hopes on this young man?"

                "He's even gambling with someone's life? Even if Lui Sanzhen doesn't kill him, after this time, how can Divine Doctor Xue still have the face to come out and meet people in the future?"

                "The way I see it, it's all because of this young man's urging. If he hadn't provoked Lui San-needle again and again, would we have come to this point?"

                "Hey, young people don't know how to behave, they will pay a painful price after all!"

                "He deserves it! He's just a soft-skinned loser who sweeps toilets in the hospital, but he dares to speak so disrespectfully to the senior members of the medical profession, he deserves to die!"

                "Let's just watch the fun, why do we care so much?"

                The crowd was chattering, all of them did not think highly of Lin Mo at all.

                Huo Tiancheng was even more smug.

                He had arranged everything a long time ago, even if Lin Mo really had any skills, he would not be able to take the field, the outcome was already predetermined.

                Moreover, the development of this matter today was beyond his expectation.

                Unexpectedly, Divine Doctor Xue had dared to bet with Lu Sanzhen.

                Just now, Huo Tiancheng had been scolded by Divine Doctor Xue and was harbouring a grudge, still thinking of how to take revenge.

                Now it was good that Lui Sanzhen would be able to help him take revenge.

                The exchange continued.

                After a few polite words, the patients brought from each province were brought out.

                The conditions of these patients all appeared to be very serious, and there was no way for ordinary doctors to start.

                The medical records of these patients were also sent to the famous doctors from each province, and after studying them, the crowd was about to go on stage.

                Divine Doctor Xue also got a copy of the medical records, and he hurriedly handed it to Lin Mo: "Mr. Lin, please take a look."

                "No need!" Lin Mo didn't take it, his gaze just darting over the six patients.

                After a short while, Lu Sanzhen was the first to get up and went straight to the stage and began to treat these patients in public.

                He was a master of acupuncture and moxibustion himself, and this was how he got his name.

                Divine Doctor Xue's face changed sharply, "Mr. Lin, let's ...... let's start too?"

                "This kind of competition is not only to see whose medical skills are superior, it is more crucial to fight for speed."

                "There are only six patients, and if others cure them first, we lose!"

                Lin Mo's expression was calm: "There's no rush, let's wait and see."

                Divine Doctor Xue was at a loss, what was the point of waiting and watching when it was so serious?

                At that very moment, Lu Sanzhen had already cured the first patient.

                Three silver needles were inserted and the patient woke up from his coma.

                Lui gave the patient some more medicine, and after a few months of recuperation, he would be cured.

                The doctors at the scene exclaimed.

                According to the medical records, this patient had been in a coma for more than half a month before and had not been able to wake up.

                With only three stitches, Lui Sanzhen had revived this patient.

                Who could not be convinced by this skill?

                "Lui Sanzhen is worthy of being Lui Sanzhen, it's really something!"

                A doctor exclaimed, while glancing at Lin Mo with contempt.

                "Yes, it's only those brats who don't know the sky is high that would dare to provoke Lui Sanzhen so arrogantly!"

                "This time, let him know what it means to be outside of heaven and outside of people!"

                The crowd spoke up in mockery.

                By now, Lui Sanzhen had already started to treat the second person, and other famous doctors from various provinces also took to the stage one after another.

Chapter 374

The divine Doctor Xue was filled with anxiety, "Mr. Lin, let's ...... us on stage, shall we?"

                "No hurry!" Lin Mo still said this.

                The divine Doctor Xue was dumbfounded, was this still not urgent?

                Not long after, Lu Sanzhen healed a second person.

                And he didn't stop, he continued to start healing the third person.

                If this third person was cured, Lui Sanzhen would be half cured.

                By then, unless Lin Mo healed the other three, he would lose.

                But how was this possible?

                The famous doctors from the other provinces would also snatch up the places!

                Soon, Lu Sanzhen cured the third person as well.

                At the same time, a famous doctor next to him also cured a person.

                In this way, of the six patients, four had been cured.

                Lui Sanzhen stopped everything in his hands and glanced obliquely at Lin Mo: "Young man, do you want to continue?"

                The crowd burst into laughter, as Lu Sanzhen had cured three patients, and Lin Mo had not yet entered the stage, so the winner was clear.

                The divine Doctor Xue was at his wits' end and hung his head helplessly.

                It was because he trusted Lin Mo that he dared to bet with Lui Sanzhen.

                Unexpectedly, Lin Mo didn't even make a move, wasn't this a trap?

                Lin Mo was calm: "What's the rush?"

                "The exchange is not over yet!"

                Lu Sanzhen laughed coldly, "Kid, you really don't see the coffin and don't shed a tear!"

                "I've already cured three people, now there are only two patients left."

                "Even if you cure them all, what can you do?"

                "The exchange is not over, but the winner between you and me has already been divided!"

                Huo Tiancheng also stood up and sneered, "Surnamed Lin, be willing to bet and accept defeat."

                "Since you've lost, it's time to fulfil your promise."

                "Grandpa Xue, I'm really sorry, there's nothing I can do to help you."

                "Who told you not to trust me, the Huo family, but to trust such a wimp instead?"

                Divine Doctor Xue's face was sombre, and he lowered his head without speaking.

                "What else is there to say now!"

                "My master has already won!"

                "Surnamed Lin, still quickly kowtow to my master and apologise!"

                One of Lu Sanzhen's disciples yelled loudly.

                The others also looked straight at Lin Mo and chattered, "Heh, this young man, he can really brag. With this level, he dares to go up against Lui Sanzhen?"

                "Young people nowadays are like that. They think they are great, but they don't know that in front of the real experts, their skills are not worth mentioning!"

                "It's a pity that Divine Doctor Xue would be so gullible as to trust such a punk. It's a pity that he would trust such a punk.

                "I think he deserved it. He didn't even believe in Lui San-needle, instead he believed in such a nonsense loser, who will die if he doesn't?"

                Next to him, He Lao looked at Lin Mo with a puzzled expression, he was well aware of Lin Mo's medical skills.

                However, why did Lin Mo keep refraining from making a move?

                At the same time, He Qianxue, who was sitting in the private room upstairs, was also looking at the scene below.

                Seeing that Lin Mo had never said anything, she could not help but frown.

                Previously, she really thought that Lin Mo was somewhat capable, but now that she saw that Lin Mo hadn't even had the chance to make a move, she couldn't help but secretly despise him in her heart.

                "Really a liar, and I wonder what method he used to trick grandpa?"

                "However, in front of a real master, deception is still useless after all!"

                "A single exchange meeting has revealed your original form!"

                "Hmph, it seems that it's not a bad thing that I didn't befriend you!"

                He Qianxue muttered in a low voice.

                Just as the crowd was cajoling, a man suddenly walked over to the door, none other than Tiger.

                He was sweating profusely and panting as he waved his arm at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo finally laughed as he stood up and said aloud, "Since you all must let us share a victory or defeat, then I will have to answer!"

                "Lui Sanzhen, you asked me if I wanted to continue?"

                "Actually, I'm giving you a chance!"

                "Because, from the moment you first placed the needle, you have already lost!"