Medical Genius Chapter 37-38

 Chapter 37

The crowd was instantly silent, yes, how could Lin Mo have this ability.

                At this moment, Xu Hanxia said aloud, "What Lin Mo said, is what I said. Ten million dollars, to be handed out tonight."

                "Also, from now on, everyone's salary, up thirty percent. Scientific researchers, double it!"

                "Hanxia!" Fang Hui was anxious, wasn't this a slap in her face?

                "Mom!" Xu Hanxia whispered, "Those who can stay are the greatest support for me."

                "The company has signed such a big order, so if we don't give them a reward, isn't that chilling the hearts of the people?"

                "Also, we have to show those who left the company how big of a mistake they made by leaving!"

                Fang Hui was also irritated when she remembered those people resigning to force Xu Hanxia to do so.

                "Right, we just have to make them regret it!"

                Fang Hui said.

                "But then, we can't listen to Lin Mo either. He's a son-in-law from the family, what qualifications does he have to speak on such an occasion?"

                Xu Jiangong said indignantly, "If this gets out, people will still think that our Xu family is not strict in its rules!"

                Fang Hui nodded repeatedly, "Yes, what qualifications does he have to speak? I'll get rid of him!"

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand, "Forget it, there are so many people here now, don't make people think we're being stingy. Let him bounce around a bit longer, we'll get rid of him when we get back tonight!"

                The material dealers were looking at the order from afar, how much material would they have to buy?

                If they got this order, they would be rich!

                The material dealers congratulated Xu Hanxia one after another.

                "Mr. Xu, congratulations on this huge order. Don't worry, we will definitely supply you with the materials and will not affect your production!" A material dealer patted his chest and said.

                Xu Hanxia frowned, it was these material dealers who had just come to corner her, yelling that they wanted to send her to jail.

                "Thank you all, but for the materials, it's not up to you to bother!" Lin Mo said.

                "Why?" The material dealer's face changed and he said urgently, "Mr. Xu, we've been working with your company for so long, we're all old friends. It's not appropriate to suddenly change material dealers, is it?"

                Lin Mo: "You are working with Xu Yongqing, not Han Xia."

                "Xu Yongqing can settle the material fees once every six months, Xu Hanxia can't even delay a day."

                "In that case, then there is no need for us to cooperate!"

                These material dealers looked ugly, thinking about what they had just forced Xu Hanxia to do, they all wanted to slap themselves a few times.

                Who would have thought that Xu Hanxia would sign so many orders.

                Had they known this, they would have wanted to offer Xu Hanxia as a god, who would have dared to come and force Xu Hanxia?

                "Mr Xu, we ...... know we are wrong. For the sake of our cooperation for so many years, please give us a chance ......"

                A material dealer said urgently.

                "Sorry, no way!"

                Lin Mo replied directly for Xu Hanxia: "We will look for material dealers that we can work with, as for you guys, we are afraid that we cannot afford to climb high!"

                "Mr Xu, give us a chance!"

                "General Xu, in terms of material prices, we can still negotiate."

                "Mr Xu, it was all that old man Xu Yongqing's idea, we didn't want it either ......"

                These material dealers begged and pleaded, but Xu Hanxia simply ignored them.

                This was not the attitude you all had when you were aggressively pressing for debts just now.

Chapter 38

The material dealers had no choice but to turn to Xu Jiankong and Fang Hui to beg them.

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui took a bite out of their anger and had the security guards kick the material dealers out.

                Previously, those security guards did not listen to Xu Hanxia.

                Now that Xu Hanxia had signed such a large order and received a reward of 10 million yuan, the security guards were immediately submissive.

                Next, Xu Hanxia didn't stay idle and gathered the company's people for a meeting.

                At the meeting, Xu Hanxia directly fired all the people from the Xu family, including Xu Changyuan and Xu Lingling.

                Xu's Pharmaceuticals is absolutely controlled by Xu Hanxia, her prestige is now so high that people below her support her.

                Even if the Xu family members were not convinced, there was nothing they could do but to pack up their things and leave in disgrace.

                That night, Xu Hanxia held a celebration banquet at the Times Hotel, which was proposed by Lin Mo.

                Xu Hanxia was actually a bit apprehensive, she knew how high the threshold of the Times Hotel was.

                If a small company like hers wanted to go to the Times Hotel, they might not even be able to get into the ground floor.

                As a result, as soon as she called, the Times Hotel immediately booked the banquet on the ninth floor, out of her expectation.

                According to the manager of the Times Hotel, Xu Pharmaceutical, now a leading company in the medical sector in Guangyang, was fully qualified to enter the ninth floor.

                When the company staff heard this news, they were all boiling with excitement.

                That was the Times Hotel, and most of the people inside the company had never been inside.

                Even if some were lucky enough to have been inside, they were all on the first and first floors.

                This time, they went straight to the ninth floor, which was a place only the top big shots in Guangyang City could go.

                This event was enough for them to brag about for the rest of their lives!

                Xu Hanxia was also pleasantly surprised and directly arranged for the company staff to go to the Times Hotel.

                In the midst of her busy schedule, Fang Hui quietly found Lin Mo: "Lin Mo, go home, you haven't washed your clothes at home yet!"

                Lin Mo was stunned: "Go home?"

                "Yes, what's the problem?" Fang Hui glared, "This is Halfsia's company's celebration party, what does it have to do with you?"

                "Halfsia is now the chairman of the company, she has just signed a three billion dollar order, she is a powerful business woman in Guangyang City, she can go to the ninth floor of the Times Hotel for a banquet on her own face."

                "What about you? A door-to-door son-in-law who has achieved nothing, who works as a cleaner in a hospital, who only eats soft rice and stays here to disgrace her?"

                Lin Mo was slightly annoyed in his heart and hated to tell her the truth straight away.

                However, thinking of the family that had been wiped out, Lin Mo finally chose to remain silent.

                He still had a blood feud to avenge, and now was not the time to reveal his identity.

                In the end, Lin Mo left the company alone, he did not want to make things difficult for Xu Hanxia.

                However, instead of going home, he went to the Wangjiang Garden Villa.

                His sister Lin Xi was still in a coma.

                Elder He had gathered all the herbs, the only one missing was a thousand-year-old snow lotus, which was very rare.

                Chen Shengyuan had already mobilised all his acquaintances to search for the Thousand Year Snow Lotus, and once he found it, he could revive Lin Xi.

                Lin Mo gave Lin Xi another Small Returning Element Pill to keep Lin Xi's vitality vigorous.

                After sitting in the small courtyard of the villa for a while, Lin Mo suddenly received a call from his mother-in-law, Fang Hui.

                "Lin Mo, you ...... where are you?" Fang Hui was crying with a sobbing voice.

                "What's wrong?" Lin Mo was surprised.

                Fang Hui: "Hanxia ...... Hanxia has disappeared ......"

                "What!?" Lin Mo stood up straight away, "What's going on? Where did it happen?"

                "It's at the Times Hotel, something just happened."

                "Wait, I'll be right there!"