Medical Genius Chapter 369-370

 Chapter 369

The exchange session started as scheduled.

                The teams from the six provinces entered the venue, and Lin Mo also entered with Divine Doctor Xue.

                Divine Doctor Xue took Lin Mo to sit down in the first row, and next to him, were the famous doctors from other provinces.

                The venue was not very big and not many people were able to enter, all of them were from the teams of various provinces.

                In the case of the Guangdong Province delegation, there were only about ten people who were able to come in.

                Although there were many bosses present, most of them were unable to enter the venue, and only Huo Tiancheng and some famous doctors could enter it.

                Not long after they sat down, there was a commotion from the entrance.

                The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see those security guards at the entrance being pushed aside and a group of people walking in aggressively.

                Those seats against the door were also taken away and those who were sitting there, were all kicked up.

                Those people tried to resist, but they were all held down by the group of people and were unable to resist at all.

                After that group of people walked in, they immediately split into two rows and stood respectfully on either side, as if they were waiting for someone.

                The crowd was amazed, who was this? Who is this?

                In full view of everyone, an old man with white hair and an arrogant face came in the doorway.

                The old man was dressed in a Tang suit, his eyes were stern and he swept his gaze over the crowd with a hint of disdain on his face.

                "It's Lv Sanzhen!?"

                "Why is he here?"

                "This is the Southern Six Provinces Medical Exchange Conference, he is from Hai Cheng, what is he doing here?"

                "This ...... This wouldn't be an outside helper invited by which province, would it?"

                "Gosh, which province is crazy to invite Lu Sanzhen? How much would that cost?"

                Amidst the chatter of the crowd, Huo Tiancheng stood up straight away and walked to the door with gusto.

                "Grandpa Lui, welcome, welcome!"

                Huo Tiancheng extended his hand from a long distance away.

                Lu Sanzhen glanced at him, his expression still disdainful, and did not shake hands with him either.

                "What? Old man Huo didn't come?"

                Lui Sanzhen asked in a cold voice.

                Huo Tiancheng was slightly embarrassed, but he didn't dare to get angry.

                Lui Sanzhen, his status was much higher than even his Huo family's old man!

                "Grandpa Lu, I'm really sorry, but my grandfather is not feeling well and has been recuperating at home for many days, so he is unable to come to the competition."

                "However, he repeatedly instructed junior to always entertain Grandpa Lu."

                "He said that Grandpa Lu's medical skills were the strongest he had ever seen in his life, and asked junior to learn more from Grandpa Lu!"

                Huo Tiancheng said with a smile.

                Lu Sanzhen had a smug look on his face, "Your grandfather does have some vision."

                "Since you're so sincere, then follow me around in a while and let you see the old man's medical skills!"

                Huo Tiancheng was overjoyed, "Many thanks, Grandpa Lu!"

                "Grandpa Lu, this way please!"

                Lu Sanzhen nodded his head and followed Huo Tiancheng, coming directly to the first row in front.

                His gaze didn't even linger on those other so-called famous doctors, but landed directly on Divine Doctor Xue.

                "Old man Xue, you've come quite early, huh?"

                "But that's as it should be, the dumb bird flies first!"

                With that, Lu Sanzhen looked at the group of disciples next to him, "You all learn from it too!"

                "Although old man Xue's medical skills are not good, his spirit is still worthy of respect."

                The group of disciples laughed and nodded, their faces full of mockery.

                Divine Doctor Xue's face was embarrassed to the extreme, gritting his teeth and not speaking.

                In his early years, he had competed with Lu Sanzhen in a medical competition, and had lost three times.

                Lin Mo's brow furrowed, this Lu Sanzhen, was really arrogant.

                Lu Sanzhen walked to the side and sat down, smiling, "Old man Xue, in a moment you will take the field, if you encounter something you can't pinpoint, just tell me directly."

                "Since Guang Province invited me here, that's what I should do."

                "There's no need for you to be embarrassed to ask me for advice for that so-called face."

                "If it's because of you that Guang Province loses, it's none of my business!"

Chapter 370

With a cold face, Divine Doctor Xue gritted his teeth and said, "Lu Sanzhen, no need for you to worry about that!"

                "I've already withdrawn from the Canton Province delegation, mind your own business."

                Lv Sanzhen froze for a moment, then laughed out loud, "How did you quit?"

                "You didn't know I was coming and were afraid of losing face, so you deliberately withdrew?"

                "But that's just as well, withdrawing from the Canton Province delegation and not having to compete."

                "If you don't appear, there will be no comparison, then naturally you won't have to lose face."

                "Old man Xue, I didn't expect that, you've learnt to be shrewd since then!"

                Those disciples of Lu Sanzhen once again coaxed laughter, all with contempt on their faces.

                Divine Doctor Xue's face was swollen red, how had he ever been insulted like that?

                However, this was the way of medicine. What can you do if you are not as skilled as others?

                At this moment, Lin Mo suddenly spoke up, "Lu Sanzhen, you have been staying here, are you planning to represent my city of Guangyang in the competition?"

                "Sorry, my Guangyang City doesn't have that much money to hire a money-minded person like you!"

                No one had expected Lin Mo to dare to open his mouth and insult Lu Sanzhen, even Divine Doctor Xue and Huo Tiancheng were confused.

                What kind of person was Lu Sanzhen?

                That was the number one divine doctor in Hai Cheng, a divine doctor ranked in the top ten in China.

                With his high status and wide network of connections, there was no one on the scene who could compare to him!

                Although Lu Sanzhen was arrogant, he had the capital to be arrogant.

                Even the Huo family's old man had to be respectful and polite when he met Lui Sanzhen.

                In all this time, no one had ever dared to speak to Lui Sanzhen like that!

                "Kid, seek death!"

                Lu Sanzhen's disciple roared angrily and raised his foot towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo dodged sideways and said in a cold voice, "Lui Sanzhen, is your disciple here to fight, or to compete?"

                Lu Sanzhen arrogantly said, "He is my disciple, if he does not do anything when others insult me, that is really treasonous!"

                Lin Mo's voice turned cold: "So, you don't intend to stop him?"

                Lu Sanzhen laughed coldly with a look of disdain.

                At that moment, several other disciples of Lu Sanzhen also rushed up, ready to beat Lin Mo in a group.

                Those security guards immediately wanted to come over to stop them, but they were all stopped by the people Lu Sanzhen had brought with him.

                "Kill him for me!"

                One of the disciples roared, grabbed a chair and smashed it towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo finally struck out and kicked the chair to pieces.

                At the same time, he took an arrow step forward and grabbed that disciple's wrist, his right hand clasped his bones and pushed all the way down horizontally.

                The crowd could only hear a sound of clacking, as the disciple's arm dropped straight down, limp, as if he had no strength left.

                Lin Mo did not stop either, pushing across from the other side again.

                Lu Sanzhen's eyes widened as he suddenly felt that the situation was not right.

                Because, the clicking sounds were the sounds of dislocated bones.

                One after another, was this disciple having all the bones in his arm dislocated?

                What kind of strength is this? What level of understanding of the human skeleton is required to do that!

                Even with the strength of Lui Sanzhen, he would never be able to do it!

                Just as he was pondering, this apprentice was already paralyzed on the ground, almost all the bones in his body had been twisted out of alignment by Lin Mo.

                This disciple was wailing on the ground in pain, but it was impossible for him to even move a finger.

                The other disciples still wanted to rush up, but they were directly stopped by Lu Sanzhen.

                Lu Sanzhen frowned tightly and looked at Lin Mo with cold eyes, "Indeed, a hero is a young man!"

                "I didn't expect that I had looked away!"

                "Old man Xue, where did you receive such a genius disciple from?"

                Divine Doctor Xue was filled with excitement and joy, "Lui Sanzhen, you're really blind!"

                "What qualifications do I have that I dare take Mr. Lin as my disciple?"

                "I'm not even worthy to be Mr. Lin's disciple!"