Medical Genius Chapter 363-364

 Chapter 363

Seeing Xu Hanxia silent and not speaking, Xu Jiangong could not help but get anxious.

                "What are you still hesitating for?"

                "Hanxia, what the hell are you thinking about?"

                "That's your sister, the person closest to you!"

                "What? Is your sister's life still no better than an outsider's win or loss?"

                Annoyed in her heart, Xu Hanxia said, "You know that's an outsider too?"

                "Then why should my sister's life make an outsider give up tens of billions of bets to save her?"

                "If it were you, would you be willing to give up ten billion to save someone who scolds and insults you all day long?"

                Xu Jiangong was instantly choked speechless.

                Fang Hui's face was chilled and she said angrily, "Hanxia, do you have to be so clearly separated from us?"

                "He, Lin Mo, is our family's son-in-law, isn't that what he should do for our family?"

                "Don't tell me what we did to him, we did it for his own good, didn't we want him to have some ambition?"

                "Besides, he's been eating and drinking for free in our house for three years, even if he has a dog, he knows how to repay the kindness."

                "Why wouldn't he know how to repay his kindness?"

                Xu Hanxia became anxious: "How is he eating and drinking for free?"

                "His salary card at the hospital has always been held by you."

                "He hasn't bought a single piece of clothing in three years, hasn't changed a pair of shoes, and hasn't spent a single penny for himself."

                "Even, he was afraid to get sick, even if he caught a cold or a fever, he just made himself a bowl of ginger soup, curled up under the covers alone and silently recuperated."


                "Because he knew that you would not give him a penny for medical treatment!"

                "But what about you guys?"

                "Taking all the money from his salary card to buy clothes and cosmetics, and buying furniture for Xue'er, have you guys ever spent a single penny for Lin Mo?"

                "Who are you guys to say that he eats and drinks for nothing?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was embarrassed beyond belief.

                "Hanxia, you don't need to give us such things!"

                "I'm telling you, no matter how we treat him, we're elders after all, isn't it proper for him to be filial to his elders?"

                "Besides, what happened to Xue'er this time was not because of him?"

                "If he hadn't gone against the human Huo family, how would the Huo family have taken Xue'er?"

                "He was the one who got Xue'er into this mess, shouldn't he have saved Xue'er?"

                Fang Hui exclaimed.

                Xu Jiangong nodded his head repeatedly, "That's right, that's exactly what happened!"

                "Hanxia, the matter started because of him, so he has to solve it!"

                "If it wasn't for him, how would our family have ended up in this situation?"

                "If our family had joined the Medical Alliance, how would we have been able to do all this?"

                "Besides, our family might have gotten a lot of business from the Pharmaceutical Alliance, but Lin Mo ruined it all!"

                "This loser sweeper, and now he's dragged your sister into this, shouldn't he have saved your sister?"

                Xu Hanxia frowned, "How do you guys know that Xue'er was arrested because of Lin Mo?"

                "If the Huo family really wanted to deal with Lin Mo, wouldn't it be better to just arrest me, why would they go after Xue'er?"

                Fang Hui was furious: "What do you mean?"

                "Do you mean that Xue'er ran away and let them arrest her? She's a bitch herself, isn't she?"

                "Hanxia, can you think for yourself when you speak, do you think that's possible?"

                "Is Xue'er such a stupid person? Would she throw herself into the net?"

                "I dare bet you with my life that the Huo family's people must have taken Xue'er and Huang Liang on purpose because of Lin Mo!"

                Xu Hanxia frowned, "Mom, I still think this is a bit fishy."

                "Why did they only arrest Xue'er and not me?"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "Halfsia, is this the time to think about these issues?"

                "What's crucial now is the matter of saving your sister!"

                "Just give me a word, are you going to save your sister or not!"

Chapter 364

Xu Hanxia's face swelled red as she gritted her teeth and said, "I will save her, but I will not do so at the expense of Lin Mo!"

                "Remember guys, Lin Mo doesn't owe our family anything, it's our family that owes him!"

                Fang Hui said anxiously, "Then how will you save her?"

                "People have named Lin Mo!"

                Xu Hanxia didn't say anything, she picked up her phone and dialed back.

                The man's voice came through, "What? Still not done?"

                "Are you guys testing my patience?"

                Xu Hanxia took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "Say it, how much will it cost to let my sister go!"

                "As long as you name a number, I'll definitely get it together for you even if I sell Xu Pharmaceutical, sell all my family assets, even if I go for a loan!"

                Xu Hanxia had already made up her mind that she would save Xu Dongxue even if she had to carry all the debts.

                However, no matter what, she would not let Lin Mo sacrifice himself for this matter!

                The man sneered, "How much can one Xu Pharmaceutical be worth?"

                "Even Lin Mo's ten billion, I don't have it in my eyes."

                "What I want is for Lin Mo to lose face!"

                "Remember, do as I say."

                "Don't call here again, or else, if you make one call, I'll take an organ off your sister."

                "If you think your sister can hold out, then you can give it a try."

                The man hung up the phone, and Xu Hanxia's face suddenly turned pale.

                The other party didn't want money, this matter, there was really nothing that could be done ah.

                Fang Hui trembled, "I ...... told you it wouldn't work ......"

                At this moment, Fang Hui suddenly poofed and fell to her knees.

                Grabbing Xu Hanxia's arm, she said in a trembling voice: "Hanxia, just think of it as mum begging you, call Lin Mo quickly and ask him to save Xue'er!"

                "Xue'er is his family too!"

                Xu Hanxia looked embarrassed and said helplessly, "Mom, you're doing this again, you're doing this again!"

                "Can't we just talk properly?"

                "You get up first, let's think of another way."

                Fang Hui said urgently, "What else can we do now?"

                "The only way is for you to call Lin Mo."

                "Hanxia, I won't get up until you call Lin Mo."

                "If anything happens to your sister, I won't live I won't live either!"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "Hanxia, why are you so hard-hearted?"

                "Your mother is on her knees and you're still unwilling to make this call?"

                "Do you have to make me kneel down for you too?"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "Mom and Dad, can you be more reasonable?"

                "Who are we to ask Lin Mo to do these things?"

                "You say that Xue'er is his family, but have you ever treated him like family?"

                "For so long, you have either beaten or scolded him, and you have been forcing me to divorce him all day long."

                "In order for me to find a rich husband and to realise your dreams of a rich family, look at what you have all done?"

                "Last time, if Lin Mo hadn't appeared in time, I ...... would have been insulted by that Huo Tiancheng, and by then you guys would have lost all your dreams!"

                "Now you guys are asking me to call Lin Mo and ask him to give up everything he has, what gives you guys the right to do that?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui looked embarrassed, and after a moment of silence, Xu Jiangong gritted his teeth and said, "Hanxia, do you have to count so clearly?"

                "Since we are a family, kinship is ultimately the most important!"

                "We are being old people, maybe we did do something wrong in the past."

                "But, we did it for your own good after all!"

                "Besides, Lin Mo is definitely not going to win this exchange competition."

                "Since the outcome is predetermined, then why can't we let him save Xue'er for a bit?"

                Fang Hui nodded her head repeatedly, "That's right!"

                "He's bound to lose anyway, so he might as well do it as a favour and save Xue'er!"

                "Isn't that okay too?"