Medical Genius Chapter 359-360

 Chapter 359

He Lao froze as he looked blankly at He Qianxue.

                He Qianxue's face swelled red and she said sharply, "I ...... when did I hook up with you?"

                Huo Tiancheng sneered, "You didn't hook up with me?"

                "It just so happens that your grandfather is here, let's ask your grandfather."

                "Old man He, did you just ask your granddaughter, on behalf of everyone in Guangyang City, to welcome me?"

                Old Man He's face was even more embarrassed as he gave He Qianxue an indignant look, basically having guessed what was going on.

                He gritted his teeth and finally said in a low voice, "Huo Tiancheng, this exchange meeting, it's me who will be hosting it."

                "I'm too busy to receive the major delegations, so I'll let Qianxue go and help receive the VIPs from the provinces."

                "If she has offended in any way, you can just tell me."

                "But, isn't it a bit too much for you to do this?"

                He Qianxue's eyes were filled with tears, and she knew that her grandfather was saying this for the sake of her face.

                In fact, by saying this, He Lao was already bowing down to the Huo family.

                She could not help it, this time, it was indeed her who had gone to Huo Tiancheng, who could be blamed for this?

                Divine Doctor Xue watched all this from the side, his brows slightly frowning, "Huo Tiancheng, stop it in moderation."

                "The exchange meeting is about to start, don't go too far!"

                Huo Tiancheng glanced coldly at Divine Doctor Xue, wanting to scold someone, but in the end, he did not speak.

                Although Divine Doctor Xue wasn't representing Guang Province in the competition this time, he had powerful connections after all, and wasn't something he could offend.

                "Forget it, this woman, she's so ugly, and I'm not in the mood to play!"

                "He Jinyan, please tell those women in Guang Province."

                "If you want to hook up with Laozi, at least take a piss and look at yourself before you do so."

                As soon as Huo Tiancheng pushed He Qianxue away from him, he took his men and swaggered away.

                He Qianxue fell to the ground, tears coming out of her eyes.

                Tonight, she was considered to have received the greatest insult of her life.

                As He Lao looked at her, he couldn't help but sigh despondently.

                "Qianxue, you should go and rest first."

                He Lao waved his hand, allowing the person next to him to take He Qianxue away.

                He turned his head, his face embarrassed, and bent down to Lin Mo, "Mr. Lin, I'm really sorry."

                "This unfilial granddaughter of mine has caused you trouble, it is my fault for not teaching my son properly, please forgive me!"

                Lin Mo did not care, as far as he was concerned, He Qianxue was just Elder He's granddaughter.

                But it was Elder He who was disappointed.

                After this incident tonight, He Qianxue would never be able to enter Lin Mo's eyes again in her life, and she would not even be qualified to be Lin Mo's friend!

                He sighed ruefully, and was himself helpless.

                For the sake of his granddaughter, he had done the most selfish thing.

                As a result, he was stiffly screwed up by He Qianxue, so what could he do?

                He could only blame He Qianxue herself for judging people by their appearance, for being greedy and vain, for chasing after that so-called high society and ending up in this situation, all deserved it!

                Huo Tiancheng did not go to the lounge of the Guangdong delegation, but found a secluded place and called his father, Huo Xingbang, about the divine doctor Xue.

                "Father, I really didn't expect that this Lin Mo, was actually a divine doctor with deep pockets!"

                "This time, if he wins, then we'll be finished!"

                "We have to think of a way to stop this."

                Huo Tiancheng said urgently in a low voice.

                Huo Xingbang pondered for a long time, "At this time, it's definitely impossible to get Lin Mo to help our Huo family again!"

                "So, the only thing we can do is to stop him from winning!"

                "Find a way to capture his family and friends and threaten him so that he can't win!"

                Huo Tiancheng's eyes lit up and he immediately smiled, "I get it."

Chapter 360

Huo Tiancheng put down the phone and immediately said, "Go, bring that Xu Hanxia to me!"

                A few of his men next to him looked at each other, and one of them whispered, "Young Huo, I'm afraid this ...... won't work."

                "We've sent several groups of people recently and found that there are more and more people protecting her near their home."

                "Not only is that what's-his-name Tiger personally leading people to keep an eye on things over there, but even Chen Shengyuan, too, has sent a large number of his men."

                "I guess Lin Mo knew about what happened last time we went over, and is specifically guarding against us!"

                Huo Tiancheng's face was cold: "This son of a bitch, he's quite cunning."

                "Damn it, I should have known that when I first came to Guangyang City, I would have just arrested that Xu Hanxia, I'll see how he can still jump around!"

                If you had known that, you would have let Lin Mo represent Guangyang Province, why would it have come to this point?

                At this moment, a man next to him suddenly said, "Young Huo, in fact, we don't need to go and arrest that Xu Hanxia."

                Huo Shao was surprised: "What do you mean?"

                The man: "Huo, you forget that we still have Xu Hanxia's sister and brother-in-law, that's what Xu Dongxue and Huang Liang!"

                Huo then remembered, "Oh, those two?"

                "Didn't they get thrown in the dog cage?"

                "Are they still alive?"

                The man said, "Young Huo, you didn't say you wanted them dead either."

                "So, for the past few days, it was just to keep them in the dog cage, not to kill them."

                "Young Huo, we can actually use these two to threaten Lin Mo!"

                Huo Shao shook his head, "You're not bullshitting!"

                "It's not like you didn't see how those two dogs treated Lin Mo."

                "I'm sure Lin Mo would hate them both to death.

                The man laughed, "Young Huo, we don't necessarily have to threaten Lin Mo directly."

                "We can be more roundabout, for example, using these two to threaten Xu Hanxia."

                "That is Xu Hanxia's sister after all, does she not even care about her sister's life?"

                "I've heard that this Lin Mo is extremely good to Xu Hanxia and everything he does is for Xu Hanxia."

                "As long as we threaten Xu Hanxia, won't we be able to threaten Lin Mo?"

                Huo Shao's eyes lit up, "Huh, that's a good idea you have."

                "But will it really work?"

                "That Xu Hanxia has good feelings for Lin Mo as well, if Xu Hanxia comes to a righteous end, wouldn't that be a problem."

                The man laughed, "Xu Hanxia is good to Lin Mo, but what about Xu Hanxia's parents?"

                "We can do it from Xu Hanxia's parents and make her parents put pressure on Xu Hanxia."

                "When the time comes, once these two old people toss and turn, Xu Hanxia will not still have to be obedient."

                Huo nodded his head, "Good, good, that's a good idea."

                "You have a future, you kid."

                "I'll leave it to you, remember, do it beautifully for me!"

                The man was overjoyed, "Young Huo, don't worry, I'll make sure that Lin Mo can't attend the exchange!"

                Huo Shao immediately waved his hand, "Never, make sure he attends the exchange!"

                "But I will make him unable to cure even one person at the exchange meeting."

                "I want him to lose face in front of everyone in Guangyang Province, in front of all the delegations from the six provinces."

                "I want him to become a complete street rat in Guangyang City!"

                The man immediately nodded, "Understood."

                "Shao Huo, don't worry, I'll make it look good for you!"

                Huo Shao smugly laughed coldly, "Lin Mo, you're not qualified to fight me!"

                "Old man Xue, how dare you look down on Laozi."

                "This time, I'm going to swell your face in public!"

                "Old me will let you know this time, who's choice is the right one!"