Medical Genius Chapter 355-356

 Chapter 355

From the time these two entered the room, Lin Mo just glanced at them and then ignored them.

                Hearing Huo Tiancheng's words, Lin Mo put down the teacup in his hand, "Huo Tiancheng, it's you who's in the wrong room."

                "This room, it's the room of the Guangyang City delegation!"

                Huo Tiancheng was furious: "Bullshit!"

                "What's the Guangyang City Delegation? How can you have a separate room?"

                "You should take a piss and look at yourself, you only deserve to sit in the toilet!"

                Next to her, He Qianxue was confused.

                When he was outside just now, Huo Tiancheng looked elegant and spoke with the utmost elegance.

                Unexpectedly, when he entered the room and just said a few words, he directly scolded like this.

                In that case, the so-called gracefulness outside just now was all pretence?

                At this moment, the little goodwill she had just built up towards Huo Tiancheng was all gone.

                She tried to pull her hand back, but Huo Tiancheng grabbed her tighter and completely wrapped her in his arms.

                "Miss He, you tell him whose room this is?"

                Huo Tiancheng sneered.

                He Qianxue blushed with embarrassment, "Young Huo, Mr. Lin is also from Guang Province ......"

                Huo Tiancheng was furious: "Shut up!"

                "What kind of person from Guang Province is he!"

                "An uncouth lowlife, how dare you compare him to our Guang Province, are you insulting me?"

                He Qianxue was so frightened that her face turned pale, she had no idea of the feud between Lin Mo and Huo Tiancheng, and she didn't know how to end it for a while.

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Huo Tiancheng, what's between us, let's just settle it between us."

                "What kind of skill is it to make things difficult for a girl?"

                These words caused He Qianxue's attitude towards Lin Mo to change drastically.

                Huo Tiancheng laughed harshly, "Laozi just wants to make things difficult for her!"

                "She sent herself to the door for Laozi to insult, and you're not convinced?"

                "Surnamed Lin, I'm telling you."

                "After this incident today, not only her, including that wife of yours, Xu Hanxia, Laozi will also make her lie before Laozi obediently!"

                He Qianxue's face changed again, she really didn't expect that Huo Tiancheng, who had removed his disguise, would be so terrifying.

                She took a step back and tried hard to wrestle her hand out.

                Who knew that Huo Tiancheng was holding on to her tightly and twisted it instead, causing her wrist to almost break.


                "You ...... you let go!"

                "You're hurting me!"

                He Qianxue angrily scolded.

                Huo Tiancheng turned his head, his face grim, and threw a slap at her face, angrily scolding, "Bitch, shut up!"

                "Stand here honestly, or don't blame me for being ungracious!"

                He Qianxue had never seen such a person since she was a child, so she was so frightened that she didn't even dare to say anything.

                Lin Mo frowned, although he didn't have a good feeling about this He Qianxue, this was after all He Lao's granddaughter.

                Other than that, He Lao had helped him a lot before, and Lin Mo still remembered this favor.

                "It's just a little girl, what's the point of making things difficult for her!"

                "Let her go, let's settle our business, let's settle it!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice.

                Huo Tiancheng sneered, "Let's settle our business, for sure!"

                "But what I want to do is not for you to tell me what to do!"

                "This bitch brought herself to my door, why should I let her go?"

                "Get the hell out of here, I'll settle the score with you when I've had my fun!"

                He Qianxue said angrily, "Huo Tiancheng, you ...... what did you say?"

                "Who sent himself to the door?"

                Huo Tiancheng laughed loudly, "Didn't you?"

                "Bitch, don't tell me that it was really your grandfather who sent you to welcome me!"

                "You bitch, you didn't just want to hook up with Laozi and climb up with the heir of the top ten families in Guang Province, you sent yourself to the door with a shy face!"

                "Do you really think that Laozi is stupid, that a random woman can seduce Laozi?"

                He Qianxue's face instantly turned crimson.

                It was true that He Lao hadn't asked her to welcome Huo Tiancheng, and she was taking matters into her own hands.

                Come to think of it, she hadn't ended up in this situation because she wanted to climb up to the heir of one of the top ten families in Guang Province!

Chapter 356

Lin Mo sighed helplessly, this kind of simple-minded woman really deserved it too.

                Only, this was Elder He's granddaughter, he couldn't help but save her.

                "Let her go!"

                "Otherwise, don't blame me for not being polite!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice.

                Huo Tiancheng laughed wildly, "Surnamed Lin, are you scaring old me?"

                "Do you know how many people have arrived from my Huo family today?"

                "You still want to play rough?"

                "Fine, come on!"

                "I really want to beat you to death before the show starts!"

                Lin Mo put down the teacup in his hand and slowly stood up, his face turning icy cold.

                With a wave of Huo Tiancheng's hand, a group of people next to him all rushed up, aggressively surrounding Lin Mo in the middle.

                This group of people, all experts from the Huo family, had been sent here specifically by the Huo family.

                After Huo Xingfu had been killed, the Huo family didn't dare to be careless.

                He Qianxue's face changed sharply, she did not expect that Lin Mo would go so far against Huo Tiancheng in order to save her.

                At this moment, all of her previous contempt and discontent towards Lin Mo disappeared.

                She finally understood her grandfather's good intentions.

                This man, seemingly ordinary, but this courage and commitment was not something that ordinary people could compare to.

                Even if he was really a poor man, he was still a thousand times better than a moralistic scion of a family like Huo Tiancheng!

                Huo Tiancheng gleefully pointed at Lin Mo: "Fighting me, who are you to do so?"

                "Kill him for me!"

                The Huo family were about to make their move when an icy voice suddenly came from the doorway, "What are you doing?"

                The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see Divine Doctor Xue walking in with a chilly face.

                Huo Tiancheng was immediately filled with respect, "Grandpa Xue, you're here!"

                "It's nothing, just a piece of trash who came to the lounge of our Guangdong delegation to cause trouble."

                "You sit down first, I'll have someone kick him out."

                Dr Xue's face changed and he said in a deep voice, "Mr Lin Mo is my friend, who is the trash you are referring to?"

                Huo Tiancheng was confused, Lin Mo was actually a friend of Divine Doctor Xue? What kind of relationship is that?

                "Grandpa Xue, have you made a mistake?"

                "This ...... this Lin Mo is your friend?"

                "He's just a soft-earned loser, how is he qualified to be your friend?"

                "Besides, you've been in seclusion for almost ten years, you haven't come out to walk around for ten years."

                "Even if this Lin Mo knew you, how old was he then?"

                Divine Doctor Xue angrily rebuked, "Huo Tiancheng, watch your mouth!"

                "If you ever treat Mr. Lin with such disrespect again, don't blame me for being ungracious to you!"

                "Don't think that because of your Huo family's fame, you can be domineering outside."

                "It works with others, but in front of me, it's useless!"

                "Apologise to Mr. Lin immediately, and I can pretend that today's incident never happened."

                "Otherwise, humph, although I am a lonely man, Xue is a lonely man."

                "But it's still more or less possible to change the status of a certain family heir!"

                Huo Tiancheng's face changed sharply.

                Although Divine Doctor Xue was only one person, his status in Guang Province was extremely high.

                The Huo family's old man was still the young master of Divine Doctor Xue.

                At the beginning, when the Huo family's old man was able to take charge of the Huo family, Divine Doctor Xue had also made a lot of efforts behind the scenes.

                Moreover, Dr. Xue's medical skills were exquisite and he had saved many big names in the province, earning him many favours.

                Although the Huo family is powerful, they wouldn't dare to offend someone like Dr. Xue.

                Huo Tiancheng really couldn't understand how such a big shot like Divine Doctor Xue could also know Lin Mo?

                Moreover, the Divine Doctor Xue would even rebuke him in anger for the sake of Lin Mo?

                One must know that Divine Doctor Xue had always been close to the Huo family and would always take sides with them in all matters.

                This time, how did such an exception happen?

                After a moment of contemplation, Huo Tiancheng said in a low voice, "Grandpa Xue, do you know what this Lin Mo has actually done?"

                "He privately set up the Guangyang City Medical Association and participated in the Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting in a vain attempt to divide the Guangyang Province Medical Union!"

                "This man is wolfish and ambitious, and clearly wants to deal with my Huo family. If you ask me to apologise to him, wouldn't that be asking the Huo Family to bow down to him?"