Medical Genius Chapter 353-354

 Chapter 353

The black guy was a bit annoyed, "Discussion is discussion, why are you mentioning my mother?"

                "Besides, when we do something, we should at least put our hearts into it."

                "Li Yuan, when you were bullied by some girls at school before, your brother went and beat them up, why don't you say that your brother is mean and shameless with no style?"

                Li Yuan immediately said, "This kid, can he be compared to my brother?"

                "My brother was taking revenge for me!"

                "Besides, those bitches deserved to die!"

                Blackie shrugged his shoulders, "Yeah, you got beaten up, your brother beat up those girls for you, that's right."

                "Now that Chen Yu has been beaten up and Lin Mo avenged her, Lin Mo deserves to die?"

                "Hey, who is being unreasonable anyway?"

                Li Yuan opened her mouth wide, unable to speak for a long time.

                Finally, exasperated, she said, "What kind of attitude do you have? How do you talk?"

                "I'm a girl, can't you give me a break?"

                Blackie said helplessly, "I'm trying to reason with you!"

                Li Yuan said angrily, "You mean I'm not being reasonable?"

                "I'm talking to you about attitude, what are you talking to me about?"

                Hei Zi was speechless at once.

                Li Lei hastily rounded up the situation, "Alright, alright, sis, why get angry over this trivial matter."

                "Let's talk about Sister Qianxue first."

                Li Yuan bristled, "Who cares who's right and who's wrong!"

                "Qianxue, this kind of man, anyway, is definitely not a good match."

                "Look at him, he's lewd looking and dresses in no taste."

                "Or some kind of son-in-law? The caretaker who sweeps the toilets in the hospital?"

                "Aiya, what the hell was your grandfather thinking, how could he let such a scum into this venue?"

                "Even Divine Doctor Xue is so polite to him, this is really a hell of a thing!"

                Li Lei sneered, "Sister, didn't you notice?"

                "Those who have more faith in this kid are all old people."

                "Do you guys think that this kid could be a con man who specialises in scamming the elderly?"

                "Nowadays, those old people are all rather stubborn and are especially vulnerable to being cheated, especially those charlatans and the like."

                Li Yuan's eyes lit up, "You don't say, it's really possible!"

                "Qianxue, your grandfather seems to be very respectful to him too."

                "You have to be careful, these kind of charlatans, they are very skilled in deception."

                "Those old people, they fall for scams especially often."

                "Why don't you go and warn your grandfather? And remind Divine Doctor Xue too by the way?"

                He Qianxue frowned slightly, she had also heard of many such cases.

                It was just that, unexpectedly, one day, her own grandfather would also encounter such a thing!

                After pondering for a moment, He Qianxue shook her head, "Forget it, it's better not to go and remind."

                "My grandfather is now angry with me, if I go and talk to him at this time, it would be like looking for scolding!"

                "Forget it, don't mind his business either, let him be."

                Li Yuan nodded, "That's right, these old people just don't listen to advice."

                "If you go and persuade him, he'll think you're doing him harm and being ungrateful to him instead."

                "Only when one is deceived and suffers a big loss can one know who is really good to him."

                "Let him be, when they regret it later, let's see if they still believe in this kid!"

                Li Lei laughed, "Come on, Sister Qianxue, there's no need to get angry over such people."

                "Let's hurry over, Huo Shao will be here soon."

                "Even if that guy Lin has a lot of power, how can he compare to a hair on Huo's head?"

                "It wouldn't be worth it to delay seeing Shao Huo for such a person!"

                He Qianxue's eyes lit up, this was true.

                Of all the people who had come to the exchange this time, which young man could be compared to Huo Tiancheng?

Chapter 354

Not long after a few people reached the entrance, a fleet of luxury cars drove in and the scene was in shock.

                Li Yuan lamented, "The heirs of the top ten families in the provincial city are really extraordinary, this kind of pomp and circumstance, who in Guangyang City can compare to it?"

                At the front, a man came down from the top of a sports car worth more than twenty million dollars, it was Huo Tiancheng.

                Looking at Huo Tiancheng, who was surrounded by all the people, He Qianxue's eyes were also shining.

                Which woman doesn't want her man to be the only one in the limelight?

                Huo Tiancheng's current aura far surpassed any man He Qianxue had ever seen before!

                "Good family background and so handsome."

                "No more no more, I'm falling."

                Li Yuan looked like a nymphomaniac and gave He Qianxue a strong push, "Qianxue, here's your chance, why don't you hurry up and get on?"

                He Qianxue blushed slightly, but still straightened her clothes and put on what she thought was her prettiest smile to welcome her.

                "Hello Huo, I am He Qianxue, the granddaughter of He Jinyan."

                "My grandfather asked me to greet you here, and on behalf of everyone in Guangyang City, I would like to welcome you to Guangyang City."

                He Qianxue smilingly extended her hand.

                Huo Tiancheng, however, was stunned as he looked He Qianxue up and down, a playful smile wiping across the corner of his mouth.

                He Jinyan, of course he knew, that was someone close to Chen Shengyuan.

                By supporting Lin Mo this time, Chen Shengyuan was going against the Huo family.

                At this time, He Jinyan's granddaughter had come to welcome him? Which song was this?

                However, seeing that He Qianyue was quite pretty, Huo Tiancheng sneered in his heart.

                You want to play a beauty game with me?

                Fine, then I'll play with you!

                "So it's Miss He, it's an honour to meet you!"

                Huo Tiancheng smiled lightly and grabbed He Qianxue's hand. It looked like he was shaking He Qianxue's hand, but, after holding it, he didn't let go at all.

                He Qianxue was a little confused, she was shaking hands out of courtesy. This Huo Tiancheng grabbed her and didn't let go, this was too abrupt, right?

                Did it mean that he had taken a shine to himself straight away?

                "Miss He, it's my first time here, can you show me around?"

                Huo Tiancheng asked smilingly.

                He Qianxue looked slightly embarrassed, but quickly regained her composure and smiled, "Of course!"

                Surrounded by people, He Qianxue was grabbed by Huo Tiancheng's hand and went around the front and back yards.

                From the beginning to the end, Huo Tiancheng did not let go of his hand, and He Qianxue did not force her hand back, looking really as if they were a couple.

                Li Yuan and the others were full of excitement, if He Qianyue could get together with Huo Tiancheng, then wouldn't they be able to get on the line of the top ten families in the province in the future?

                The crowd went around in a big circle and finally came to the private room upstairs.

                This private room was very large and was actually a meeting room, with the delegations from the provinces, all inside different private rooms.

                Lin Mo was also seated in this private room, Divine Doctor Xue had gone out to visit an old friend and was not here for the time being.

                He Qianxue pulled Huo Tiancheng's hand into the room, and when she saw Lin Mo, her face was slightly embarrassed.

                She subconsciously tried to let go of Huo Tiancheng's hand, but Huo Tiancheng's grip tightened and he even swept her directly into his arms.

                He Qianxue was even more embarrassed, but she was a girl, how could she argue with Huo Tiancheng, so she could only say awkwardly, "Young Huo, this is the lounge of the Canton Province."

                "You guys can rest here first!"

                Huo Tiancheng put his arm around her shoulders and glanced obliquely at Lin Mo, "Miss He, is this the conference your grandfather presided over?"

                "The lounge of the Canton Province, can any cat or dog enter?"

                He Qianxue hurriedly said, "Young Huo, that Mr. Lin, is ......"

                Huo Tiancheng interrupted her directly, "What is it?"

                "He has nothing to do with Guang Province, nothing at all!"

                "Lin Mo, if I remember correctly, you represent Guangyang City, right!"

                "What? Thinking that Guangyang City is hopeless, you want to come and defect to Guangyang Province at this time?"