Medical Genius Chapter 351-352

 Chapter 351

Elder He was full of respect, "Mr. Lin, is definitely the most skilled healer I have ever seen, or even heard of, in my life!"

                "All beings, life and death are at his whim!"

                "An existence that can rule over people's lives and deaths, what do you think, what makes him tick?"

                He Qianxue was dumbfounded, she didn't expect that Lin Mo would have such a heaven defying medical skill.

                "If he has such medical skills, why ...... did he go and become a door-to-door son-in-law for someone, and why is he working as a cleaner in a hospital?"

                He Lao said softly, "The capable people in this world always act in unexpected ways."

                "Xue'er, I've spoiled you too much and let you develop a character that is unpopular!"

                "Let me put it to you this way."

                "With Mr. Lin's strength, in less than ten years, his achievements will definitely not be below Mr. Nan's!"

                "The fact that I let you receive him is my greatest selfishness."

                "I never thought that you would stir things up like this."

                "Ai, I hope Mr. Lin won't hold a grudge against me!"

                He Qianxue was dumbfounded for a long time before she whispered, "Grandpa, even if I was wrong in my eyes, you shouldn't have done that."

                "He ...... is a married man, what are you setting me up for?"

                He Lao shook his head, "His marriage to Xu Hanxia is just a formality."

                "Mr. Lin had to join the Xu family in the first place to save his sister for a hundred thousand dollars."

                "The two have been married for three years, and there is no reality of husband and wife."

                "This marriage, it might end at some point."

                "If you can get close to the water and get the moon first, won't you find a man of your choice?"

                "You, ah, are surrounded by a bunch of dudes, but you're missing out on the most powerful one."

                "Or maybe, this just shouldn't be your destiny!"

                He Qianxue had some regrets in her heart, but still said reluctantly, "If it's not my destiny, then it's for the best."

                "He hit people at random on such occasions, savage and violent, without a trace of gentlemanly manners."

                "What happiness is there to be had with such a person?"

                He Lao: "Then do you know why he struck someone?"

                He Qianxue said with a look of contempt, "I don't know, and I don't need to know!"

                "No matter why, hitting someone is wrong after all!"

                He Lao shook his head and sighed, "Xue'er, let me tell you one more thing."

                "Don't advise others to be kind without experiencing their suffering. If you go through another person's suffering, you may not have his goodness!"

                "Go and transfer the surveillance and figure out the reason before you say what is right or wrong."

                With reluctance in her heart, He Qianxue specifically ran to the security room and transferred the surveillance to check what happened at that time.

                The first thing she checked first was the footage of Lin Mo hitting that noblewoman, and she specifically watched the whole thing.

                After watching it, He Qianxue's face instantly changed.

                Just as Chen Yu had said, it was indeed the noblewoman who had hit her when she was backing up.

                However, the noblewoman was backwards and unforgiving.

                Chen Yu knelt down and apologized, and she even struck Chen Yu.

                Seeing this, He Qianxue herself was full of anger and wanted to strike out and beat this noblewoman.

                No wonder Lin Mo had struck out and beaten someone, anyone else would not have been able to look past it.

                Next, she retrieved the video of the section of the man with glasses.

                Luckily, the venue used a high-grade camera with a recording device.

                Moreover, it just so happened that there was a camera at that location, and even the conversation was clearly recorded.

                After hearing what the man with glasses said, He Qianxue was so angry that her body trembled.

                The man with the glasses deserved to be killed for taking advantage of the fire!

                Turning off the video, He Qianxue's heart was filled with guilt.

                She finally understood what her grandfather had said.

                Don't advise others to be kind without experiencing their suffering.

                If you don't know what others have gone through, you're not qualified to comment on what others have done!

Chapter 352

Upstairs in the private room.

                As she went upstairs, Chen Yu took the opportunity to beg Divine Doctor Xue to treat her mother.

                Chen Yu was with Lin Mo, so of course the divine doctor Xue would not refuse.

                He sent his driver to send Chen Yu back first, and when he was done here, he would go over to treat her.

                When only Lin Mo and Divine Doctor Xue were left in the private room, he immediately asked curiously, "Mr. Lin, this lady is your friend, why don't you go and treat her mother yourself?"

                Lin Mo: "I don't like to show my face too much. I won't make a move unless I have to!"

                "So that's how it is!"

                Divine Doctor Xue suddenly realized, it seemed that Lin Mo was really low-key.

                "This time, with Mr. Lin sitting in the medical exchange, my Canton Province can finally be stabilized!"

                Divine Doctor Xue lamented.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything about his participation on behalf of Guangyang City, he just asked how exactly this medical exchange would be a competition of medical skills.

                Divine Doctor Xue described the medical exchange meeting.

                Every year at the exchange, each province would come up with a special case, and each province would send someone to treat it.

                Based on the number of people cured, the provinces are ranked in terms of their medical skills.

                Then, based on this ranking, the layout of the medical industry in the six southern provinces will be decided for the following year.

                This includes the layout of medicine, medical equipment, medical institutions, etc.

                In short, if the province wins, it will get the biggest piece of the medical industry in the six southern provinces.

                If it loses, even its own cake will be taken away by others.

                For the seventh year in a row, the pharmaceuticals produced in the province are not available in the province.

                As a result, most of the pharmaceutical companies in Guang Zhou Province have closed down.

                This time, Guang Province had invited the divine doctor Xue, just to fight for a ranking and see if he could reclaim some benefits for Guang Province.

                Lin Mo was suddenly enlightened, and then smiled.

                It looked like the Huo family's situation wasn't very optimistic either!

                Downstairs, Li Yuan was surprised to see He Qianxue come out with red eyes, "Qianxue, what's wrong?"

                "Did your grandfather scold you again?"

                "What's wrong with your grandfather?"

                "Did he have to let you stay with such a brutal, nasty man without a trace of manners?"

                "What kind of a man is he who hits a woman without saying a word? It's worse than an animal!"

                "He dares to beat a woman outside now, and in the future, at home, he might be domestic violence."

                "No, I'll go to your grandfather, I'll talk to him, you can't take your lifelong happiness as a child's play!"

                Li Yuan was furious and wanted to go upstairs, but was stopped by He Qianxue.

                "Don't you go."

                "This time, it's our fault!"

                Li Yuan froze: "We ...... Where were we wrong?"

                He Qianxue sighed and told them what she had just seen in the surveillance.

                Everyone froze, they didn't expect that things would be like this.

                After a long silence, Li Lei whispered, "Then he shouldn't have hit anyone, wouldn't he reason with people?"

                "And, beat up a woman?"

                "I'll tell you, men who beat women are the most despicable!"

                At once, several women next to him nodded their heads in agreement.

                He Qianxue, on the other hand, glanced at him, this Li Lei was known to be a dog licker, so it was true.

                At this moment, a young man suddenly said, "It's certainly wrong to hit a woman, but it also depends on the situation."

                "That incident just now, it was clearly that woman who bumped into that girl, Chen Yu, and ended up biting back and making Chen Yu pay for her clothes."

                "Chen Yu even knelt down, but she still wouldn't let up and even slapped Chen Yu."

                "This kind of woman is a complete shrew."

                "I do think that this Lin Mo was right to hit her."

                "If we don't beat her, did Chen Yu receive this slap for nothing?"

                This remark instantly provoked the discontent of a group of girls nearby.

                Li Yuan glared, "Blackie, you deserve to never find a girlfriend in your life."

                "Straight man, macho, and it's right to hit a woman?"

                "Your mother isn't a woman, huh?"