Medical Genius Chapter 343-344

 Chapter 343

Chen Yu's face changed sharply and she hurriedly pulled Lin Mo's arm, "Brother Lin, you ...... hurry up and go first."

                "Once the police come, it ...... will be trouble ......"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly: "It's fine!"

                "Although I don't have an invitation card, but, they can't do anything to me!"

                Xu Chang Chang laughed coldly: "Lin Mo, do you really think that because Xu Hanxia got Xu's Pharmaceuticals, you are so capable?"

                "This exchange meeting is a big event for the medical community in the six southern provinces."

                "The people who are coming are all big names in the medical community of the provinces."

                "Xu's Pharmaceutical, in this, is nothing at all!"

                "This time, Xu Hanxia, can't protect you!"

                Xu Changchang avoided talking about Lin Mo's participation in the exchange meeting.

                He was doing it on purpose, just to give Lin Mo a downward spiral here first.

                Lin Mo smiled coldly and did not say anything.

                At this moment, a large group of security guards rushed out from inside the venue and surrounded them aggressively.

                Manager Wu jumped like a thunderbolt: "That's him! That's him!"

                "Catch him for me!"

                "Break all his claws!"

                "Damn it, dare to come to Wanhu Manor and cause trouble, I'll see how you die!"

                There were quite a few people around, all looking at Lin Mo with contempt.

                "A little white boy who eats soft rice and doesn't know how high and mighty he is, does he really think he's a big shot?"

                "Not to mention that those properties only belong to your father-in-law's family, even if they are yours, what does it count here?"

                "If you come here to look for trouble, you're asking for it!"

                "This kind of person should be taught a lesson. Otherwise, he really takes himself seriously!"

                "Oh, this time, it's not just a lesson."

                The security guards surrounded Lin Mo in the middle and were ready to take action.

                At that moment, a group of people came down from the staircase, and it was He Qianxue and the others.

                When Lin Mo saw He Qianxue, he immediately said, "How did I get in, you can ask that lady!"

                The people turned their heads and were all shocked to see He Qianxue.

                Manager Wu panicked and said urgently, "Kid, don't you fucking point!"

                "Do you know who that is?"

                "That's Elder He's granddaughter, He Qianxue, the He family's thousand-year-old Miss He."

                "What are you, how dare you pester Miss He, you really want to die, don't you?"

                When Xu Changchang saw He Qianxue, he just had a stunning face.

                Now when he heard the name, his eyes were even more eager.

                "She's He Qianxue, she's really pretty!"

                "If I can marry her, my Xu family is bound to rise!"

                Xu Changchang was secretly calculating in his heart.

                Li Yuan saw the situation over here and wondered, "Qianxue, who's that?"

                "Why is he pointing at you?"

                He Qianxue was laughing when she turned her head at the words and her face turned cold.

                What was wrong with this person?

                He just ran in and caused trouble again?

                Li Lei laughed, "Isn't this the one who is the match for Sister Qianxue's doll marriage!"

                The crowd burst into laughter.

                He Qianxue's face was even redder and she glared at Li Lei, "Shut up!"

                "He only knows my grandfather, what does that have to do with me!"

                "This man, what a pain in the ass!"

                Li Lei smiled and said, "Sister Qianxue, why don't I help you kick him out?"

                He Qianxue hesitated for a moment and shook her head, "Forget it."

                "After all, it was grandpa who had explained, so kicking him out, wouldn't that be embarrassing to my grandpa?"

                "Alright, you guys play first, I'll go and take care of this matter!"

                Li Yuan nodded, "What Qianxue said is also right."

                "Alright, let's go to the door first, it's said that Huo Shao is coming soon."

                "Qianxue, you can hurry up, don't delay in meeting Huo Shao."

                He Qianxue nodded repeatedly and walked to the scene with a frown, "What happened?"

                Manager Wu walked over with a flattering face, "Miss He, these two people don't have invitation cards."

                "Sneaking into the venue and trying to steal something in here."

                "After being discovered, they are still beating people up here, I am keeping order!"

Chapter 344

He Qianxue's face was even colder, she had almost fought with the security guards outside just now, and then she ran inside and directly beat someone up?

                Where did this barbarian come from?

                How could he have made such a big mess here without noticing it for a while.

                What kind of person did Grandpa find?

                How dare he hit someone on such a high end occasion?

                He Qianxue had grown up with a top-end education, meeting people from the upper class and paying the most attention to manners and poise.

                She despised those who had no gentlemanly manners.

                The few things Lin Mo had done had made her despise Lin Mo to the extreme.

                If it wasn't for her grandfather's personal explanation, she really wouldn't bother with this matter!

                Glaring indignantly at Lin Mo, He Qianxue said, "Manager Wu, I brought him into the venue, is there a problem?"

                "Huh?" The crowd around them all cried out in shock, their faces changing.

                What was this?

                Lin Mo, the son-in-law's loser and the hospital's cleaner, was brought into the venue by the He family's daughter-in-law?

                What was the relationship between these two?

                How could He Qianxue know a humble caretaker?

                Moreover, she had personally brought him to such a high-end exchange meeting?

                The Xu siblings were dumbfounded, how could Lin Mo really know He Qianyue?

                Xu Changchang, in particular, was so angry that his face turned blue.

                What the hell was going on here?

                How could Lin Mo know such a goddess-like being?

                The previous Song Zhilan and the current He Qianyue were both speaking for Lin Mo?

                What was so good about this Lin Mo?

                He's just a son-in-law, is he even better than the youngest member of my Xu family?

                Xu Changchang blurted out, "Miss He, have you made a mistake?"

                "This Lin Mo is a door-to-door son-in-law, have you been deceived by him?"

                "Or maybe you've mistaken him for someone else? Does he just look like someone you know?"

                He Qianxue's eyebrows suddenly furrowed, grandpa still wanted to set her up with Lin Mo.

                Unexpectedly, Lin Mo had gotten married, and was a son-in-law at home.

                Grandpa was not playing the piano!

                Even if this Lin Mo was outstanding, she, He Qianxue, couldn't possibly want someone else's husband!

                Besides, such a barbaric and rude person would not be able to meet her eyes.

                What about this Lin Mo was worthy of her?

                However, she finally suppressed her displeasure and said in a cold voice, "I personally brought in the person, do you think I would recognize the wrong person?"

                "This ......" Xu Changjun was at a loss for words.

                Manager Wu was dumbfounded: "Miss He, this ...... this ......"

                He Qianxue frowned: "This what this?"

                "He was brought in by me, he still needs an invitation card?"

                "No, no need ......" Manager Wu hurriedly waved his hand.

                This exchange meeting, was hosted by He Lao, He Qianxue was equal to the owner of the venue.

                If she wanted to bring someone in, who dared to say anything?

                That noblewoman didn't relent: "But, he's hitting someone here!"

                "He brought his female companion and ruined my clothes."

                "He didn't pay for it, but he even hit me!"

                "Miss He, can you be so unreasonable when you personally bring in someone?"

                He Qianxue's face turned even colder, and she was even more contemptuous of Lin Mo.

                She was a son-in-law at home, but she had even hooked up with a female, was there anyone in the world who was so shameless?

                Not only that, he was also unreasonable.

                He didn't compensate for the damage to someone's clothes, and then he hit him?

                Shameless, barbaric and ungentlemanly.

                What exactly did grandpa see in him?

                He Qianxue was now completely desperate for Lin Mo, and didn't bother to help him anymore.

                "I just brought him in, the rest of it, has nothing to do with me!"

                At these words, the crowd at the scene burst into laughter.

                Xu Changchang also breathed a sigh of relief, he thought that He Qianyue was going to protect Lin Mo.

                He thought that He Qianxue would protect Lin Mo, but he didn't expect that He Qianxue would finally leave the matter alone.

                This time, Lin Mo was definitely finished!