Medical Genius Chapter 341-342

 Chapter 341

Immediately following, the crowd once again murmured.

                "You have to have dignity to be a human being. To kneel down for such a trivial matter, don't you even have a face?"

                "No, it's just a bit of money, what's the big deal? There's gold under your knees, how can you just kneel down?"

                "If you ask me, this woman probably doesn't have a lot of shame in her life. Otherwise, how could she kneel so skillfully?"

                "Kneeling, huh, moral kidnapping, huh? You have to compensate for ruining someone's clothes, and you don't have to compensate for kneeling down?"

                One mean-looking woman even shouted, "Don't believe her, she's just trying to get sympathy. You tell her to pay, or you'll call the police and we'll testify for you!"

                The noblewoman listened to the crowd as if she had support and was even more pleased: "Don't give me that!"

                "Either pay up or I'll call the police!"

                "It's useless even if you kneel down!"

                Lin Mo's face was cold and he was about to walk over to him.

                At that moment, several people came around, led by none other than Manager Wu, who was in charge of the venue.

                "What's going on?" Manager Wu asked.

                The noblewoman immediately added her voice to what had just happened, and at the end said, "Looking at her, she doesn't look like she was invited here either."

                "I suggest that you check if she has an invitation card!"

                Manager Wu stared at Chen Yu, "Hello, please show me your invitation card!"

                Chen Yu's face swelled red, her hands rubbed hard on the corners of her clothes, unable to speak.

                "I told you to show your invitation card!" Manager Wu's voice intensified, "Otherwise, I'll call the police."

                "Randomly barging in here can be considered theft!"

                "No ...... don't ......," Chen Yu exclaimed, "I ...... I ......"

                "What a waste of words, call the police!" The noblewoman broke into a curse, "I knew at first glance that this man was sneaky, he must be a thief."

                The crowd around also shouted after her, "Yes, call the police, how can such a person be mixed in such a high-end place!"

                "Take her away before she pollutes the place!"

                Manager Wu's face was cold and he had just taken out his mobile phone when Chen Yu suddenly got up and ran away.

                A few security guards immediately pinned her to the ground, and the noblewoman went up and slapped Chen Yu across the face, "Bitch, want to run away?"

                "I've already seen that you're no good."

                "You think you don't have to pay for it if you run away?"

                "I'm telling you, dream on!"

                "I'll beat you to death!"

                The noblewoman raised her hand to strike, and just then, a hand grabbed her neck.

                Before she knew what was going on, she was carried to the side.

                Immediately afterwards, a foot kicked her in the small of her back, and the noblewoman was directly kicked to the ground.

                The one who struck was none other than Lin Mo.

                He walked up to Chen Yu and looked at the security guards with cold eyes, "Release her!"

                When Manager Wu saw this, his face was suddenly cold: "This gentleman ......"

                "I'll say it again!" Lin Mo said in a cold voice: "Release the people!"

                Manager Wu was furious: "This gentleman, I don't care what kind of person you really are."

                "But, hitting someone here and, asking us to release a burglar, that's simply impossible!"

                "Impossible?" Lin Mo sneered, suddenly backhandedly clasping Manager Wu's neck and picking him up whole, yelling, "Now it's possible!"

                Several security guards saw this and rushed over, "Let go of our manager!"

                Lin Mo didn't let go either, and with his fists and kicks, he quickly put down all these security guards.

                All the people around were dumbfounded, no one had expected that Lin Mo would have such a great ability.

                Lin Mo threw Manager Wu aside and pulled Chen Yu behind him, saying softly, "Are you alright?"

                Chen Yu couldn't stop the tears from flowing out of her eyes and said in a trembling voice, "Brother Lin ......"

                Lin Mo smiled.

                Manager Wu stood up and roared, "How dare you, how dare you hit someone here."

                "Do you know who I am?"

Chapter 342

Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "I don't need to know who you are!"

                "All I know is that a few of you big men, bullying a girl, is wrong of you!"

                Manager Wu said angrily, "She's a thief, we catch thieves, is there a problem?"

                Lin Mo asked rhetorically, "How do you prove that she is a thief?"

                Manager Wu: "She doesn't have an invitation card, she just sneaked in, what is this if not a thief?"

                Lin Mo said directly, "She came in with me!"

                "This ......" Manager Wu was at a loss for words.

                Those who had invitation cards could indeed bring others in.

                Manager Wu angrily rebuked, "Then ...... then you can't hit someone!"

                Lin Mo pointed at the noblewoman: "Why didn't you say anything when she was beating people up?"

                Manager Wu couldn't say anything and looked embarrassed.

                Just then, a teasing voice suddenly came out, "She hit someone, that's the person who deserves it."

                "It's your fault if you hit someone!"

                The crowd turned their heads, only to see Xu Chang Yuan and Xu Ling Ling siblings walking over with smiles on their faces.

                "Dear brother-in-law, we meet again!" Xu Chang Chang laughed, "We are really destined to meet!"

                Lin Mo immediately frowned, these two, what kind of trouble were they going to make again?

                There were people at the scene who knew Xu Chang Chang and Xu Ling Ling, one of them said curiously, "Brother Xu, you know them?"

                "Of course!" Xu Chang Chang laughed, "His name is Lin Mo, he's my brother-in-law."

                "My sister Xu Hanxia, you know her, didn't you, when she recruited a son-in-law from home."

                "Lin Mo, the door-to-door son-in-law who was known as a loser!"

                At these words, there was an uproar.

                "It's actually him!?"

                "Oh my, I've long heard that Xu Hanxia married a wimp, but it turns out to be this!"

                "Ordinary looking, nothing special about him either."

                "The soft-earners are so arrogant, is there any sense in heaven?"

                Manager Wu's eyes were shining, just now he was stunned by Lin Mo.

                He thought that Lin Mo was some big shot who didn't dare to get angry.

                Now, looking at this situation, Lin Mo probably didn't have much background.

                Even if it was the Xu family behind Xu Chang Yuan, it was nothing at all!

                "Young Xu, is the Xu family willing to bear the burden of his affairs?" Manager Wu said in a cold voice.

                Xu Changchang said, "Manager Wu, you must not misunderstand!"

                "I don't know about his affairs."

                "We have already split up, they, do not belong to our Xu family."

                "However, Manager Wu, I suggest you check his invitation card."

                "As far as I know, their family, didn't receive an invitation card!"

                "This Lin Mo, just a cleaner at the hospital, how did he manage to get to such a high-end place?"

                Xu Lingling also hurriedly said, "Just now when we were coming in, he was even stopped by the security guard because he didn't have an invitation card."

                "How did he slip in after this short while?"

                "These two are together, it's not like they're a gang, is it?"

                These words caused the crowd at the scene to cacophonous again.

                A son-in-law, a wimp, a caretaker!

                With so many labels added together, the crowd became even more contemptuous of Lin Mo.

                Manager Wu's face turned cold as he pointed at Lin Mo and cursed, "Bastard, I thought you were so capable, but it turns out you're just a loser!"

                "You said you brought her in?"

                "Fine, bring me your invitation card, I'll verify it!"

                Lin Mo: "I don't have an invitation card!"

                Manager Wu first froze, and then cursed angrily, "Damn, you're really honest!"

                "If you sneak in here without an invitation card, you're a thief!"

                "And hitting people here, beating up security staff, you ...... you're trying to rob!"

                "Someone, call the police, give me the police!"

                "Son of a b*tch, if I don't kill you this time, I'll take your name!"