Medical Genius Chapter 339-340

 Chapter 339

When He Qianxue returned to the private room, several rich kids immediately gathered around and asked Lin Mo about his situation.

                He Qianxue told them about Lin Mo's near fight with the security guards, which drew a lot of contempt from the rich kids.

                Li Yuan was even more indignant: "Qianxue, this kind of man, what qualifications does he have to come to this exchange meeting?"

                "If you want me to say so, why don't you talk to your grandfather and kick him out, so as not to affect the class of this exchange meeting!"

                The next few people nodded their heads, "Yuan'er is right, this kind of person is not at all on the same level as us, what qualifications do they have to be in the same venue as us!"

                "If those who attend the exchange meeting know that your grandfather brought such a goods in, won't it make people feel insulted?"

                "Your grandfather is the host of this exchange, he has to think about the bigger picture!"

                "If those delegations from other provinces find out about this later, they will still say that your He family is not doing a good job!"

                He Qianxue had a black face and waved her hand, "Hey, forget it."

                "My grandfather just lost his temper like that, I really don't dare to talk to him again."

                "That's it, let him stay here."

                "This man isn't useless, at least, he hasn't pestered me, he's got some self-awareness!"

                The crowd burst into laughter, and Li Yuan laughed, "Yo, what kind of strengths is that?"

                "I guess it's that so-called pride of the poor, in fact, in his heart, he doesn't know what kind of apprehension he has become."

                "Qianxue, just now did he not even dare to look at you?"

                He Qianxue thought about it, "He didn't look at me much!"

                Li Yuan immediately said, "That's not because he didn't look at you, he didn't dare to look at you!"

                "One look and you're stunning, would he dare to look more?"

                "But let me tell you, when you weren't paying attention, he must have been secretly ogling you."

                "I've seen this kind of man a lot, lewd and lowly with no style."

                "Not even having the guts to look at a beautiful woman, only daring to peep quietly, not knowing what nasty things are going on in his mind."

                He Qianxue was covered in goose bumps, "Okay, you stop, the more you talk, the more disgusting it gets."

                "Okay, you guys don't worry about my business."

                "We're here to have fun today, can we not let people like this spoil our mood."

                The crowd roared with laughter, which led to a halt.

                At this moment, Lin Mo had already walked to the back of the exhibition hall.

                The purpose of his visit was the Thousand Year Snow Lotus.

                There were quite a few of the rarer medicinal herbs displayed inside the exhibition hall.

                In the past, Lin Mo did not understand these, so naturally he could not understand them.

                Now that he knew them like the back of his hand, he could clearly know the value of these herbs with a single sweep.

                First, he saw the Spiritual Heart Grass, which was what Song Zhilan wanted.

                Then, he saw the Mandragora Fruit, which Nanba Tian wanted, his daughter needed to be cured with this medicine.

                Of course, Nanba Tian had long ago let it be known. This mandarin fruit, could not leave Guangyang City.

                The exhibition was just a formality, and in the end, no matter which province got this mandarin fruit, it had to be given to Nanba Tian.

                Even those medical families in the six southern provinces would not dare to cross paths with Nanba Tian.

                Finally, his eyes were drawn to a white snow lotus, none other than the thousand year old snow lotus.

                Lin Mo observed it carefully and was lost in thought when a sudden cry of alarm came from the distance.

                Lin Mo turned his head to look, only to see that not far away, a noblewoman was screaming.

                She had spilled a lot of red wine on her clothes and a broken wine glass had fallen on the ground.

                Next to her, a young girl with a slim body and ordinary clothes looked at a loss for words.

                It looked like the two had collided and spilled red wine on the noblewoman.

                Seeing the young girl, Lin Mo couldn't help but stare.

                This girl, he happened to know.

Chapter 340

The young girl's name was Chen Yu, the daughter of Uncle Chen, the owner of the stall where he had taken Xu Hanxia to eat before.

                When Lin Mo first arrived in Guangyang City, he lived next door to her.

                Chen Yu was two years younger than Lin Mo, and at that time she always liked to follow him around.

                In a blink of an eye, she had already become a poseur.

                Only, what was she doing here?

                Like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, the noblewoman thundered, "Are you blind?"

                "Can't you see I'm here, banging into me?"

                Chen Yu kept apologizing, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that, I'm really sorry ......"

                The noblewoman said angrily, "Is it useful to be sorry?"

                "Don't you have eyes?"

                "Do you know how much this dress of mine costs?"

                "Is an apology enough?"

                "No nonsense, pay for it!"

                Chen Yu's voice shivered, "How about this, I ...... will wash it for you ......"

                The noblewoman was furious: "Do you know what luxury means?"

                "The red wine spilled on it, and the dress will be scrapped."

                "I don't want to talk nonsense with you, this dress is a total of 170,000."

                "Pay the money, or I'll call the police to arrest you!"

                Chen Yu was dumbfounded, how could she have imagined that a piece of clothing would be worth so much money!

                Chen Yu said anxiously, "Big sister, this ...... dress can still be worn after washing ......"

                The noblewoman said angrily, "Bullshit, there is no such thing as a luxury item that can be washed!"

                The people around also muttered in a low voice: "Look at the way she wears that, she probably doesn't know what luxury is!"

                "Dressing so shabbily, where did this come from?"

                "Such an important medical exchange meeting, how could such a person come in?"

                Chen Yu's face swelled red and she whispered, "Big sister, just now ...... just now I stood here and didn't move."

                "It was you who stepped back and bumped into me, this ...... is not my fault either ......"

                The noblewoman glared: "You mean, you blame me?"

                "Then, why don't I get the security guard to come over and transfer the surveillance to see who is responsible?"

                Chen Yu's face changed rapidly and she hurriedly said, "No ...... no, I ...... really don't have so much money ......"

                "No money?" The noblewoman shouted angrily, "If you don't have money, call the police, you can go to jail!"

                "People, they always have to make up for the mistakes they make!"

                A woman next to her nodded her head, "That's not true!"

                "There are rules in this society, if you make a mistake, you have to take it."

                "Don't think that crying and pretending to be pitiful will make people feel sorry for you, it only makes you look like you have no responsibility."

                "I've seen people like you a lot, one thing on the surface and another behind the scenes."

                "You look pathetic, but you don't know how dark your heart is, you don't deserve any sympathy at all."

                Chen Yu was so anxious that she was close to tears, "Big sister, I ...... came here for something important."

                "Why don't you wait until my business is finished and I ...... I'll save up money to pay you back ......"

                "I will definitely not owe you ......"

                The noblewoman shook her head outright: "No, either pay now or, I'll call the police!"

                "It's only 170,000, you won't be unable to get it out!"

                "What era is it now, you can't even take out 170,000, are you a beggar?"

                "Those professional beggars on the street have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their cards."

                To them, 170,000 was just pocket money, no one cared.

                Chen Yu had tears in her eyes, "Big sister, I ...... really don't have that much money now, I'll pay you back later, is that okay ......"

                "I said, no!" The noblewoman was furious: "Forget it, I won't talk nonsense with you, call the police!"

                The noblewoman took out her mobile phone, and when Chen Yu saw this, she suddenly poofed down on her knees.

                "Big sister, just consider me begging you!"

                "I ...... I really have an emergency, I need to save someone ah ......"

                "You give me a chance, I won't renege on my debt ......"

                All the people around were stunned, no one had expected Chen Yu to suddenly kneel down.