Medical Genius Chapter 329-330

 Chapter 329

Huo Xingfu did not dare to be careless, he pretended to talk to Lin Mo and took advantage of his distraction to suddenly turn around and run.

                However, Lin Mo had been on guard against him for a long time.

                As soon as he turned around, Lin Mo caught up with him and the two fought together.

                Half an hour later, Huo Xingfu was defeated and killed by Lin Mo.

                Huo Xingfu's car, as well as Lin Mo's car, were all burnt by Lin Mo in a fire, leaving no evidence behind.

                Afterwards, Lin Mo took a shortcut and quietly returned to Guangyang City.

                The whole thing went unnoticed.

                Huo Xingfu's elder brother was calling Huo Xingfu at the time, he knew something was wrong and immediately asked Huo Tiancheng to send someone out to investigate.

                However, when they found it, everything was burnt to ashes.

                The Huo family had no idea who had done this, but they didn't suspect towards Lin Mo either.

                After all, the label on Lin Mo's body was that of a soft-boiled punk.

                Who would have thought that a loser who had been cursed for three years could still do such a thing?

                The Huo family was suspicious of the Zhou family; after all, they were going to drive the Zhou family to extinction, and the Zhou family would certainly not sit idly by and wait for death.

                So, the next day, the Huo family sent a large number of people to Guangyang City, raising an army to go to the Zhou family to ask for an explanation.

                In the end, the Huo family could not do anything to the Zhou family because they had no evidence.

                In order to vent their anger, the Huo family injured a dozen people at the Zhou family's home and insulted the Zhou family again.

                The Zhou family was furious, but there was nothing they could do.

                If they were not as strong as others, they had to admit it.

                What the Zhou family could not bear was the reaction of the ten families of Guangyang City.

                Originally, the ten families in Guangyang City were united, but after the Huo family's incident, the other nine families directly distanced themselves from the Zhou family.

                This time when the Huo family came looking for trouble, the other nine families did not help even if they did not, but instead they took the opportunity to strike behind the scenes and swallowed many of the Zhou family's properties.

                All these properties were invested by the Zhou family in partnership with the other nine families.

                Previously, the ten families were at peace with each other and made money together.

                Now that the Zhou family was in trouble, they were of course scrambling to swallow up the Zhou family's industries.

                Not only that, even those who used to flatter the Zhou family all day long were now all high and mighty when they saw the Zhou family.

                There were even some who had enemies with the Zhou family who took this opportunity to also run to the Zhou family to cause trouble, and the whole Zhou family was in turmoil.

                In just a few days, the Zhou family, which was once so glorious in Guangyang City, had fallen to this state.

                It was just like the old saying: The wall fell on the people!

                During this period of time, almost all the Zhou family members huddled at home, not daring to go out.

                Those key members of the Zhou family sat in front of Zhou Qingwu with sad faces.

                "Old master, what now?"

                "The Huo family is clearly trying to bring down our family, are we just going to sit back and wait for death?"

                "Old master, why don't you say something?"

                "Why don't we go and beg the Huo family to give us a way out?"

                "Even if we have to work for the Huo family as dogs, it's better than having our family destroyed!"

                The crowd murmured, expecting Zhou Qingwu to go to the Huo family again to beg for mercy.

                Zhou Qingwu's eyes were closed and he was holding a string of rosary beads in his right hand, as if he hadn't heard these people's words.

                Seeing that Zhou Qingwu remained silent, these people became more and more unrestrained.

                Finally, someone simply stood up and said loudly, "Old Master, I think that this incident with the Huo family is all due to your poor decision making."

                "You're getting older, your thinking is dull, and you're no longer fit to be in charge of the family."

                "Why don't you take out all the shares you're holding and put them at the disposal of big brother."

                "If he goes to the Huo family to discuss it properly, our Zhou family, maybe there's still a chance of survival!"

                Zhou Qingwu finally opened his eyes as he looked at the crowd around him, taking note of their expressions silently in his mind.

                He knew that these people who wanted him to abdicate had risen to the occasion and could not be kept any longer!

Chapter 330

Zhou Qingwu made a weary face and waved his hand and sighed, "It's just that, it's just that!"

                "I am a thousand-year-old sinner of the Zhou family for coming to this point!"

                "Do what you want to do, make up your own minds."

                "I'm old, it's time for me to take a break!"

                Zhou Qingwu got up and slowly left.

                Some members of the cadre who were really interested in Zhou Qingwu hurried over to stop them, but none of them were able to.

                As for those who had had dissenting thoughts, they were all overjoyed.

                With Zhou Qingwu finally abdicating, they would be able to take control of the Zhou family's power.

                Little did they know that Zhou Qingwu was doing this on purpose to see the hearts of the people.

                This time, Zhou Qingwu was only pretending to leave, his focus was on the Six Provinces Medical Exchange Conference.

                As long as Lin Mo won, he would immediately regain control of the Zhou family.

                When the time came, he would also do a major purge of the Zhou family, and all those who had dissenting intentions would be liquidated!

                Time rushed by and soon it was time for the medical exchange meeting.

                This time, the venue was set at the Wanhu Manor in Guangyang City.

                At six o'clock in the evening, Lin Mo accompanied Xu Hanxia to have dinner and then prepared to go to the conference.

                After two days of recuperation, Xu Hanxia was finally back to her old self, but she had also become more dependent on Lin Mo.

                "Lin Mo, why don't I go with you?"

                Xu Hanxia said in a low voice.

                Before Lin Mo had time to speak, Fang Hui next to him said directly, "Why are you going with him? To see how he loses in a blaze of glory?"

                "What? It's not enough for him to be humiliated alone, you want to go along and make a fool of yourself?"

                Xu Hanxia was exasperated, "He's my husband, of course I have to give him my full support."

                "Besides, how do you know he'll definitely lose?"

                Fang Hui was furious, "You child, why are you becoming more and more stubborn?"

                "Who am I saying this for, but for you?"

                "You know he's going to lose, why do you still have those unrealistic fantasies?"

                "Your father and I, we've only managed to get out of this affair with our family."

                "You're so good, you have to go along, won't it make people think that our family is still supporting him."

                "When he loses and people find trouble with our family, what will happen then?"

                "Do you have to see us die in front of you to make you happy?"

                Xu Hanxia was anxious: "Mum, what are you talking about?"

                "It's just a medical exchange, how can people die?"

                "How could it be that serious?"

                Xu Jiangong said in a deep voice, "Hanxia, you're not a child anymore, can you have some brains in your head."

                "Lin Mo put out more than ten billion to gamble with someone, if he loses it all, there's no telling how many people will die."

                "Your mother and I have worked hard to bring you up, we just want peace and quiet for our family."

                "It's Lin Mo's business if he wants to die, but our family should never get involved in this matter."

                "All right, you don't have to talk about it, you're definitely not allowed to go this time anyway!"

                Xu Hanxia turned white with anger, "Dad, why are you being unreasonable?"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "How am I being unreasonable?"

                "We are your parents, would we not harm you?"

                "Who has been serving you food and water all day long at home these past two days?"

                "Did you not see how hard your mother worked all day?"

                "This husband of yours, he doesn't even enter the house all day long."

                "When things go wrong, you still have to count on us, why don't you feel sorry for us?"

                Lin Mo was speechless, was this because I didn't want to go home?

                This is obviously because you guys are kicking me out and not letting me come back, what can I do?

                However, Lin Mo did not dare to argue with them.

                After what happened last time, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui became more and more irritable.

                Xu Hanxia brought up the last incident in the middle and the family quarreled.

                Fang Hui picked up a kitchen knife and almost wiped her neck, scaring Xu Hanxia so much that she didn't dare to talk about it anymore, not to mention Lin Mo.