Medical Genius Chapter 321-322

 Chapter 321

Huo Xingfu first froze, then threw back his head and laughed, "Ignorant little boy, arrogant and conceited!"

                "Even Nanba Tian wouldn't dare to speak so arrogantly."

                "Who are you to dare to say such words, you really don't know how high the sky is!"

                "However, the Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting is coming up soon, I don't want to add to the casualties in vain."

                "I can give you the antidote, we will settle the matter between you and me after the medical exchange meeting!"

                Huo Xingfu casually threw out a porcelain vial and turned around to leave.

                Lin Mo caught the porcelain vial, his brows furrowed, and he ultimately did not chase it out.

                He hurriedly entered the inner room and took out the antidote from the porcelain vial.

                After smelling it, it was indeed the antidote for the Six Desires Pill.

                Feeding Xu Hanxia the antidote, it didn't take long for the redness on Xu Hanxia's face to gradually fade away.

                However, it was as if she had been very ill, and she fell limp on the bed, unconscious.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui watched anxiously from the side.

                "Why has she fainted?"

                "Lin Mo, are you ...... giving her the antidote?"

                "Did you let someone cheat you?"

                "Why are you so brainless? Without making sure if it was the antidote, you let that person run away!"

                Fang Hui said urgently.

                Lin Mo sighed helplessly, "Mom, this is indeed the antidote."

                "But, the Six Desires San medicine is too overpowering."

                "Moreover, Huo Tiancheng has given at least five servings of the medicine to Hanxia."

                "Halfsia's whole body's blood is in a boiling state, and now it's barely suppressed, but it will take some time to recover."

                Fang Hui panicked, "Then ...... when will Hanxia wake up?"

                "Will this have any after-effects ah?"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything.

                If it was treated by an ordinary person, Xu Hanxia would not be able to recover completely even if she took the antidote.

                But Lin Mo personally treated her, then Xu Hanxia would not be in any trouble.

                Xu Dongxue supported Fang Hui: "Mom, don't worry about it either."

                "It will be fine."

                "Didn't you just take the antidote, there's an antidote, it must be fine!"

                "Hey, Lin Mo, you should say something!"

                "Are you deliberately trying to watch us in fear like this?"

                Lin Mo frowned as he angrily glared at Xu Dongxue, "Xu Dongxue, you still have the face to speak!"

                "When you saw Huo Tiancheng and the others drugging Hanxia, why didn't you stop them?"

                Xu Dongxue stuttered and looked indignant, "Then how did I know it was this kind of medicine?"

                Lin Mo said angrily, "Then what kind of medicine do you think it was?"

                Xu Dongxue became irritated, "Lin Mo, do you have to look for trouble?"

                "You think I want my sister to become like this, then I don't know either!"

                "What do you mean by being so aggressive?"

                "What, you think you can tell us what to do just because you saved my sister?"

                "I'm telling you, this is our Xu family's business, it has nothing to do with you, get the hell out!"

                Lin Mo was about to explode with anger, he really couldn't help himself and raised his hand to fling a slap at Xu Dongxue.

                "This slap, I'm hitting you for Hanxia!"

                All of a sudden, the few people in the room fell into a dead silence.

                After a long time, Xu Dongxue suddenly screamed, "Lin Mo, you wimp, you dare to hit me?"

                "You ...... you're dead!"

                "I'll call my husband right now, I'll have him find someone to kill you!"

                "Mom and Dad, look, Lin Mo he hit me!"

                "I ...... I'm not going to live ......"

                "He dares to hit me now, in the future, he might dare to hit you guys ah!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face was blue and he said angrily, "Lin Mo, can't you say something properly?"

                "This time, it was Xue'er's fault, and Xue'er has admitted her mistake, what else do you want?"

                "How dare you hit Xue'er in front of us, do you think we're dead?"

Chapter 322

Lin Mo glared at them and snarled, "That's right, I'll assume you're dead!"

                "What happened tonight was Xu Dongxue's fault, but you two can't escape responsibility either!"

                "Look at what you've done, you sent your own daughter here for others to insult!"

                "Parents, are you like this?"

                "Don't you feel ashamed?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face was swollen red, and the two of them felt guilty in their hearts when talking about this matter.

                However, being scolded by Lin Mo like this, the two of them were very unconvinced in their hearts.

                In their opinion, anyone could accuse them of this matter, but not Lin Mo, the wimp.

                "What did you say!"

                "Say it again!"

                Xu Jiangong was shivering, pointing at Lin Mo and roaring.

                Fang Hui also roared as if she were a shrew, "Lin Mo, have you finally torn off your mask of disguise and finally revealed your true nature?"

                "I've known for a long time that a white-eyed wolf like you is a dog that can't be fed!"

                "Our Xu family raised you for three years, and this is how you ended up treating us."

                "Do you hate that we can't die quickly so that you can hog our Xu family business?"

                "I'm telling you, it's impossible!"

                "As long as we are not dead, you will never be able to get your hands on my Xu family's family fortune!"

                "Also, we will definitely make you divorce Hanxia!"

                Lin Mo was so angry that he rolled his eyes, he no longer wanted to argue with this family.

                This family, when it came to anything, they could all stir up nonsense, making it seem like it was someone else's fault.

                "Why don't you say anything?"

                "I'm talking to you, didn't you hear me?"

                "You punk, I get angry when I see you, I'll beat you to death!"

                Fang Hui said in anger and suddenly raised her hand and threw a slap at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo side-stepped to avoid it, and Fang Hui was even more furious: "How dare you dodge!"

                "What, because you are young and strong, you still want to resist, don't you?"

                "Come on, come and hit me, if you beat me to death, the Xu family's family business will be yours."

                "Come on, do it, I'll stand here and let you beat me, do you dare?"

                Lin Mo was really helpless: "Mom, can we stop this!"

                Fang Hui was furious: "Who's messing with you?"

                "Who started it?"

                "Who told you to hit my daughter?"

                "Do you still think we've lived too long?"

                "I think you're the one with a short life!"

                Xu Jiangong's face turned blue and he waved his hand, "Forget it, let's not talk nonsense with him!"

                "Lin Mo, get lost, we don't want to see you!"

                Xu Dongxue was anxious, "Dad, you can't let him go!"

                "He slapped me, should we just let it go?"

                Xu Jiangong frowned, "Forget it, just think of it as a bite from a dog."

                "This matter, when your sister wakes up, I will personally talk to your sister."

                "He even dares to beat up our family at this time, and he still shows such disrespect to his elders, how can he do that in the future?"

                "Humph, this time we must make Hanxia divorce him!"

                Xu Dongxue looked at Lin Mo with a resigned face and gritted her teeth, "Lin, this debt, I won't rest in peace."

                "Just you wait, I will make my husband avenge me!"

                The three men yelled for Lin Mo to leave, as if they had forgotten who had just saved them.

                Lin Mo was so helpless that he couldn't help but say, "Mom and Dad, Hanxia isn't well yet."

                "What if something were to happen to her if you guys kicked me out?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was startled, and the two of them looked at each other and finally stopped yelling at Lin Mo to get lost.

                However, the look they gave Lin Mo was still full of hostility and resentment.

                Lin Mo sat on the edge of the bed, carefully observing Xu Hanxia's condition.

                Xu Hanxia had drunk too much Six Desires San, and Lin Mo needed to help her channel out the accumulated toxicity in her body in time.

                Otherwise, the toxicity would damage her heart and lung function, which was very dangerous.

                After more than an hour of busy work, Xu Hanxia finally woke up leisurely and was out of danger.