Medical Genius Chapter 31-33

 Chapter 31

The Sang-yue Restaurant.

                In a quiet private room.

                Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia, eventually followed Zhao Jiafan to dinner.

                "Director Zhao, what do you know about it?" Xu Hanxia said urgently.

                Zhao Jiafan glanced obliquely at Lin Mo and said with a faint smile, "I heard that it was someone from your company who offended our General Manager Huang Yongfeng Huang of Guangyang City."

                "When General Huang was shocked, he made these seventeen companies, cancel your orders!"

                "So it was Huang Yongfeng who did it!" Lin Mo was suddenly enlightened.

                This Huang Yongfeng, in Guangyang City, was also considered a big shot.

                Although it was not as strong as Nanba Tian, it was not much worse than the Ten Great Families.

                If he stepped forward, many people would give him face.

                "Huang Yongfeng!?" Xu Hanxia's face turned pale, "Is ...... who offended him?"

                "Hehe ......," Zhao Jiafan glanced at Lin Mo and said slowly, "Halfsia, there's no point in pursuing blame now. But you don't have to worry, I have a good relationship with Mr. Huang, I can help you set this matter right."

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help but be pleased: "Senior, thank you so much!"

                "Our relationship, what's the point of saying thanks!" Zhao Jiafan laughed heatedly, his eyes darting liberally at Xu Hanxia's body.

                Halfway through the day, Xu Hanxia went out.

                Zhao Jiafan took the opportunity to get close to Lin Mo and laughed, "Lin Mo, if you want me to help Xu Hanxia, you have to promise me two conditions."

                "First, from now on, leave Xu Hanxia."

                "Second, go and get Young Huang healed!"

                "Otherwise, I'll let Xu Hanxia's company end."

                "Oh, you should know that Xu Hanxia's company has a lot of debts. Once it is pursued, what she will face, will be a prison sentence!"

                Lin Mo's expression was calm: "Zhao Jiafan, was this your idea, or Huang Yongfeng's?"

                Zhao Jiafan's face changed slightly, he was using Huang Yongfeng's power to get those seventeen companies to cancel their orders. Then, he would use it to threaten Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia.

                "Why do you care so much!" Zhao Jiafan said in a cold voice: "If you don't agree, within a day, I can have Xu Hanxia go to jail!"

                Lin Mo's cold face: "Zhao Jiafan, you have something to do, it's fine to target me."

                "But don't involve my wife!"

                "If you involve my wife, you are looking for death!"

                Lin Mo directly got up and left.

                "Lin Mo, don't you regret it!" Zhao Jiafan was furious: "If you don't come to the doctor before ten o'clock tonight, I'll make you regret it!"

                Lin Mo didn't even look at him, he just walked away.

                At 2:30 pm, Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia had just arrived at the office when they saw Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui's couple.

                "Mom and Dad ......," Xu Hanxia was just about to greet them when these two ran straight over.

                "Lin Mo, do you ...... have to get my family Hanxia killed before you can do that?" Fang Hui rushed up and cursed angrily.

                "What's wrong?" Lin Mo had a bewildered look on his face.

                "What's wrong? What do you mean what's wrong?" Fang Hui shouted angrily, "What did you do at the hospital today?"

                Xu Hanxia was puzzled, "Mom, take it easy, what did Lin Mo do?"

                Fang Hui said angrily, "In the morning, he bumped into Boss Huang Yongfeng's wife at the hospital."

                "In order to steal business, he even almost killed Boss Huang Yongfeng's son."

                "Boss Huang was so furious that he just cut off all business from your company!"

                These two people went to look for Nanba Tian today, but it turned out that Nanba Tian didn't see them at all.

                Moreover, he even asked someone to bring them a message that he and Lin Mo had cleared the matter.

                The two returned disappointed, and on the way, they learnt about the company again, and immediately came running in anger.

Chapter 32

Xu Hanxia froze, so the person Zhao Jiafan was talking about was Lin Mo?

                No wonder Zhao Jiafan said he wouldn't pursue the blame, so it was to save Lin Mo's face!

                The people around him also whispered, "So it's because of him!"

                "This loser is not capable of anything, but he's not weak at getting into trouble."

                "He's going to make us all lose our jobs!"

                "Hey, Xu Hanxia is actually quite capable, but she's being dragged down by this loser!"

                Fang Hui shouted angrily, "Lin Mo, I'm not saying I'll let you help Hanxia, but can you not hold Hanxia back?"

                "Hanxia worries and toils for the sake of this family. What about you? You don't contribute to the family at all, and you get into trouble all day long, do you ...... want to get us all killed!"

                "Mom, who are you listening to all this from!" Lin Mo frowned, "Is it Zhao Jiafan?"

                Fang Hui said angrily, "Humph, if Director Zhao hadn't told me, our family, we probably wouldn't have known how to die!"

                Lin Mo: "Mom, this Zhao Jiafan, he's just deliberately sowing discord, don't believe him!"

                "Lin Mo!" Xu Hanxia said disappointedly, "I don't care if you're rich or not, I just want my husband, to be honest and kind."

                "Director Zhao even told me not to pursue the blame, clearly favoring you. How ...... can you talk like that?"

                Lin Mo sighed, this Zhao Jiafan, was indeed sinister and despicable.

                "I don't care about you so much!" Fang Hui said angrily, "You go to General Manager Huang right now, I don't care if you kneel and kowtow, or simply die there. Anyway, this matter, you must settle it!"

                Lin Mo said, "Mom, for this trivial matter, why bother?"

                "Is this a trivial matter?" Xu Jiangong said angrily, "Do you know that you made the company lose seventeen orders and the company directly lost fifty to sixty million. That much money, you ...... won't earn it in several lifetimes!"

                Lin Mo: "It's not just orders, I've said, within three days, sign at least three hundred million orders!"

                "Aigoo, my brother-in-law ah, did you sign with your mouth?" Xu Chang Chang laughed, "What are you dreaming of in broad daylight? Signing three hundred million in three days, tsk, you can really brag!"

                "That's right, I've never seen such a big deal in my life!"

                "How many contracts can our company sign in a year? Can't you do a draft before you brag?"

                All the people around us followed suit, completely watching the fun.

                Fang Hui hated her iron, "Lin Mo, can you take care of our faces?"

                "Doing such a humiliating thing in front of so many people, do you want to lose face or not?"

                Xu Jiangong gritted his teeth, "That's enough, don't talk to him. Do people like him know what it means to have face?"

                At this moment, Xu Yongqing walked out.

                What happened last night had really startled Xu Yongqing, and he immediately sent someone to find out what was going on.

                He learned about Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's visit to Nanba Tian, and only after learning that Nanba Tian and Lin Mo had cleared the matter did his heart settle down.

                With an arrogant look on his face, he glanced obliquely at Xu Hanxia: "Hanxia, the company is handed over to you and this is how you take care of it? You really let me down!"

                Xu Hanxia's face was blue, and she gritted her teeth without speaking.

                "I don't think you can manage such a big company either!" Xu Yongqing: "Forget it, after all, you are a member of my Xu family, let me help you out."

                "I'll pay half a million for all the shares you have. I'll take care of the company!"

                "What?" Xu Hanxia's eyes widened, the shares she was holding were worth at least fifty million.

                Now, Xu Yongqing offered half a million to buy it, wasn't this robbing while the fire was still hot?

Chapter 33

Xu Changchang smiled coldly, "Hanxia, why don't you quickly thank grandpa?"

                "In a moment, there will be many material dealers coming to demand payment for the goods."

                "If you don't solve this matter, the shares you hold will become a negative number!"

                Xu Hanxia was dumbfounded.

                Xu Yongqing had clearly planned to contact the material dealers in advance to ask for money, forcing her to hand over her shares.

                But the problem was, where could she get the money to give it to them now?

                If she couldn't get the money, she, the chairman of the board, would probably have to go to jail!

                Xu Jiankong whispered: "Dad, the shares in Hanxia's hand are worth ...... fifty million. You offer half a million, this ...... is too little ......"

                "Oh ......" Xu Long Chang laughed coldly, "Just this mess she made, half a million is too much for us. This mess, we don't take over, she'll go to jail!"

                "That's not true, grandpa has been good to you guys, he even gave you half a million!" Xu Lingling bristled, "If you want me to say so, you should have given us the money and we took over the shares."

                Fang Hui: "But if we sell the shares, it's not just half a million!"

                "Then you can sell it!" Xu Yongqing said slowly, "Can you walk out of the company's gate?"

                At that moment, a group of people really came to the door, and it was those material dealers.

                "Where is Xu Hanxia? Stop the gate, if you don't settle the money today, she won't be able to walk out of this gate!"

                Xu Jiangong's face was blue: "Forget it, Hanxia, let it be 500,000. We are not destined to be the chairman of the board, so let's sell our shares!"

                Fang Hui: "Yes, at least we can still get half a million!"

                Xu Hanxia gritted her teeth, she was very reluctant.

                "Come on, sign the contract and the half a million is yours!"

                Xu Yongqing took out a contract that had been drawn up a long time ago.

                Xu Hanxia looked at Lin Mo, asking for his opinion.

                "Don't sign it!" Lin Mo said directly.

                "Lin Mo, have you gone mad?" Fang Hui was annoyed: "Don't sign? Look at the current situation, can you not sign? Do you want to send Hanxia to jail?"

                Xu Jiangong shouted angrily, "Do you have a say in our family's affairs? You're just a son-in-law at home, in ancient times, you wouldn't even be qualified to eat at the table!"

                The crowd laughed and looked at Lin Mo mockingly.

                Lin Mo walked up to the material dealers, "Everyone, the company's payment for materials with you is settled in half a year. It's only been three months now and you guys want to come up with the money, it's not appropriate, is it?"

                "Cut the crap!" One of the material dealers said loudly, "In the past, Xu Lao was in charge of the company, so of course we trust him. What the hell is this Xu Hanxia, who is he to settle the accounts every six months?"

                "That's right, how can a young girl like her be capable of running such a big company? If it closes down one day, who are we going to ask for the money?"

                "I heard that all their orders have been cancelled, the company is definitely going to collapse!"

                "If you ask me, she's so pretty, why should she be a strong woman? Wouldn't she be better off as a lady?"

                "Hahahaha, if she becomes a lady, I will definitely order her every day ......"

                The group of material dealers laughed uncontrollably.

                "So, you guys have made up your minds about the bill?" Lin Mo's voice turned cold.

                Material merchant: "Does that even need to be said?"

                "Very well!" Lin Mo nodded: "Money, I can give it to you guys. However, you also remember that from now on, you are no longer the company's suppliers!"

                Material merchant: "Who the fuck are you scaring?"

                "It's hard to say whether the company will continue to produce, are we sick in the head to continue supplying?"

                "Don't worry, as long as you're here, we'll never supply you again in our lifetime!"