Medical Genius Chapter 307-308

 Chapter 307

Xu Hanxia had just relaxed for less than a minute, when she heard her parents' words, she immediately turned red with anger again.

                "Mom and Dad, can you two just leave the company alone?"

                "I don't want to say anymore, I definitely support Lin Mo. And, I will definitely not divorce him!"

                "Forget it, you guys go home, I'm begging you, leave the company's affairs alone, okay?"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "You think we want to care about you?"

                "We're not afraid that you'll go astray!"

                "You're our daughter, how can we harm you?"

                "We've seen too much of the viciousness of society."

                "It's okay to make small mistakes."

                "But you can't make a big mistake like this once."

                "Once you make one, it's the end of your life!"

                Xu Hanxia said urgently, "How do you know that Lin Mo is wrong?"

                "What if he's right?"

                Fang Hui waved her hand straight away, "There are no ifs!"

                "That's simply not possible!"

                "You're asking him to compete with Xue Shen Healer Lu Sanzhen in a medical contest?"

                "What would he do?"

                "Even if that Chen Shengyuan helps, that old man He over there, his medical skills aren't that good either."

                "Compared to the divine doctor Xue, that He Lao is not even worthy of mentioning his shoes, let alone Lu Sanzhen!"

                "This isn't a bet anymore, at least there's a chance of winning, this is called giving away money!"

                "Hanxia, come to your senses, can you not be stupid!"

                Xu Dongxue also followed with a sneer, "Sister, I'll tell you this."

                "If this Lin guy can win, count me blind."

                "I'll just pluck out these eyes of mine and give them to him, okay?"

                Xu Hanxia shivered with anger, "Don't you guys talk to me about this!"

                "The matter of the company's investment is my own business, don't worry about it!"

                Fang Hui was furious: "Hanxia, you must be furious with me!"

                "Fine, if you want me to die, then I'll die to show you!"

                "I'll die for you!"

                Fang Hui howled and rushed to the window, stretching out a leg to jump out.

                Xu Hanxia let out a scream of fright and hurriedly went to pull her back, "Mom, mum, what are you doing?"

                "Come down quickly, you ...... don't do this ......"

                Fang Hui struggled desperately, "You let me jump, you let me jump and forget about it!"

                "I've worked so hard to raise you all, just to see you safe and sound and have a good life."

                "But you insisted on ruining your own life, insisted on destroying yourself."

                "I'm not capable of being a mother, I can't persuade you, so I might as well die."

                "Lest I see you suffer in the future, it's hard on my heart ......"

                Xu Dongxue pulled Fang Hui from the other side and roared, "Xu Hanxia, do you have any humanity at all!"

                "This is the mother who gave birth to you, can't you listen to her for once?"

                "Do you have to break up our family before you can do that?"

                Tears welled up in Xu Hanxia's eyes, she was also helpless to have a mother who cried and hung herself.

                At this moment, Lin Mo sighed: "Hanxia, forget it."

                "The company's two hundred million, there's no need to invest it."

                "I just understand your heart!"

                Xu Hanxia, with tears in her eyes, finally sighed in frustration and whispered, "Okay, mum, I won't invest, I won't invest anymore, okay?"

                Fang Hui was still unrelenting: "No!"

                "You still have to divorce him!"

                "Otherwise, once he loses so much money, it will drag our family down!"

                "With a divorce, our family will have nothing to do with this!"

                Xu Hanxia was anxious: "Mom, you ...... can't you be reasonable!"

                "It's just an investment, and since it's an investment, there will be risks."

                "Even if we lose, those people willingly invested, how will it drag our family down?"

                "I ...... have withdrawn my investment, do you have to force me to die ......"

Chapter 308

Fang Hui still wanted to yell, but at that moment, Xu Jian Gong said, "Forget it!"

                "Since Hanxia isn't investing anymore, it's a bit of filial piety."

                "Fang Hui, you shouldn't be too angry."

                "Let's get Lin Mo to make a guarantee that this matter, has nothing to do with our Xu family, that's not all!"

                Xu Jiangong was not stupid, and his main purpose this time was to force Xu Hanxia to withdraw her investment.

                Now that he has withdrawn his investment, he should stop as soon as he is satisfied.

                It would be inappropriate to make a big deal out of it.

                Moreover, he was also playing a game in his heart.

                If Lin Mo fails in this investment, then Xu Hanxia will be able to see the reality.

                So many people had invested in the project, and if it failed, Lin Mo would become the target of all.

                When the time comes, without them having to say anything, Xu Hanxia will probably divorce Lin Mo.

                Fang Hui didn't intend to really jump either, she just wanted to scare Xu Hanxia.

                She retreated and glared at Lin Mo, "Lin Mo, you swear."

                "This investment has nothing to do with our Xu family at all!"

                Lin Mo whispered, "Mom, I don't want the company's investment, but this proceeds ......"

                Xu Dongxue directly interrupted him, "You can shut up about it!"

                "And the earnings?"

                "You're still dreaming?"

                "Really think you can win?"

                "I'm telling you, we're not investing and we don't want your earnings."

                "You don't have to set us up so that people don't say we still want the proceeds and drag us down with them."

                "You'll just swear and tell everyone."

                "This investment, whether it fails or succeeds, has nothing at all to do with our Xu family, or with our Xu Pharmaceutical!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui nodded her head repeatedly, "Xue'er is right!"

                "We don't want your proceeds, and you don't involve us!"

                "Even if you make hundreds of billions and trillions by then, we won't even take a look at it."

                Xu Hanxia gritted her teeth, "Mom and Dad, that's what you guys said last time about the Zhou family."

                "Later, when Lin Mo got three hundred million in compensation, what did you guys do?"

                Having been exposed, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face instantly became embarrassed.

                Xu Jiangong was furious: "You shut up!"

                "What, do you really think I still covet that little money of his?"

                "Fine, I'll put my words down here today!"

                "Lin Mo, I don't care whether you win or lose this time, nor do I care how much you can actually earn back."

                "I won't take a single penny!"

                "I won't even mention this!"

                "If I even half-heartedly renege, heaven will strike me down!"

                "How's that, is that OK?"

                Xu Hanxia was so angry that she turned her head to the side.

                Lin Mo whispered, "Dad, take it easy."

                "Fine, I'll make this vow."

                Xu Dongxue immediately said, "Wait a minute, I'll record a voice!"

                She took out her phone and pointed it at Lin Mo, "Alright, you can swear!"

                Lin Mo had a helpless face and sighed, "I swear that this investment, no matter what, has nothing at all to do with the Xu family, or with Xu Pharmaceutical!"

                "That's alright!"

                Xu Jian Gong Fang Hui then nodded in satisfaction, "Alright, transfer those two hundred million back!"

                "Loser, how much interest is there on this one and two."

                "This interest, it's enough to buy a suite."

                At this moment, Xu Dongxue suddenly said, "Mom and Dad, this money, I don't think we need to transfer it back."

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was surprised: "Why don't you transfer it back?"

                "Are you crazy?"

                Xu Dongxue laughed, "Before, Lao Zhang and the others, didn't they want to invest in Lin Mo's project!"

                "It just so happens that the money, can be treated as their investment."

                "In this way, we don't even have to carry the interest, isn't this the same as earning it back?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's eyes lit up, "Hey, that's a good proposal you have."

                "Okay, then it's settled."

                "Hanxia, call them and ask them to come back and sign a contract, so that there won't be disputes when the time comes."