Medical Genius Chapter 301-302

 Chapter 301

There was silence in the room as Xu Hanxia's tears welled up in her eyes, not daring to say a word.

                Xu Changyuan said teasingly, "Yo, Eldest Uncle, you're angry?"

                "If you'd had this temper and kicked that Lin out of the Xu family, would this have happened?"

                "Also, sister Hanxia, I introduced you to so many young talents and you didn't want to follow this loser."

                "Hey, women are most afraid of marrying the wrong man in their lives."

                "You should follow Ling Ling's example, look at the outstanding young men Ling Ling knows, which one of them is more than a dozen blocks behind Lin Mo?"

                "Forget it, I'm too lazy to talk to you."

                "You're a broken woman who's been played with, even if you understand this, it's useless!"

                Xu Lingling smiled smugly, "Brother, can you save some face for our sister?"

                "She's still a member of the Xu family, so if she hangs back and divorces Lin Mo early, she still has a chance."

                "If our sister Hanxia is this good looking, if she gets married for the second time, she can also find a rich man."

                "Hahahaha ......"

                The people around us all laughed, Xu long term Xu Lingling this talk is really too damaging.

                Xu Hanxia tears silently flowed down, helpless to the extreme.

                Just at this time, the door suddenly came an icy voice: "Outstanding not outstanding not good to say."

                "But, there are quite a few fops in Guangyang City who have played around with Xu Lingling!"

                The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see Lin Mo striding in.

                Xu Lingling's face changed and she pointed at Lin Mo's nose and roared, "Lin Mo, what did you say?"

                "You have the guts to say it again!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "What's wrong with saying it again?"

                "Did I say it wrong?"

                "The year before last, you had fifteen boyfriends."

                "Last year, there were nineteen boyfriends."

                "This year, it's less, only thirteen."

                "Xu Lingling, even if it's a bus, you're not as diligent as you are in getting on and off passengers!"

                The crowd at the scene burst into laughter.

                Xu Lingling's face was blue and she was shivering with anger.

                Xu Changchang roared, "Surnamed Lin, you dare to fucking insult my sister!"

                "I'll kill you!"

                He roared and rushed towards Lin Mo, but had not taken a few steps when he was kicked to the ground by the tiger beside Lin Mo.

                "Fuck you, how dare you spill your guts here, believe it or not, I'll kill you!"

                The tiger's expression was fierce, and the group of young brothers around him were so strong and powerful that they scared Xu Yongqing so much that he didn't dare to say a word.

                Xu Yongqing's face was very cold as he gritted his teeth and said, "Lin Mo, what do you mean by bringing this group of hooligans up here?"

                "What's the matter, you can't fool us, so you're going to rob us hard?"

                "I'm telling you, this society is about the law."

                "If you dare to touch us, I will immediately call the police, don't believe me, try it!"

                When the other shareholders heard this, they all looked at Lin Mo with icy faces.

                Lin Mo simply ignored him and walked straight to Xu Hanxia's side.

                "Don't cry, it's alright."

                Lin Mo softly comforted.

                Seeing Lin Mo, Xu Hanxia was instantly filled with hope.

                She nodded vigorously and grabbed Lin Mo's arm without letting go.

                Lin Mo turned his head to look at those shareholders and said aloud, "Gentlemen, I know what you are worried about."

                "I only have one word to say as well."

                "Half Summer invested these two hundred million, and I guarantee with my life that I can definitely make back at least twice the profit!"

                "I hope that you all can support me, and you can also support Half Summer!"

                The crowd looked at each other with a slight hesitation.

                Xu Yongqing sneered, "Who wouldn't know how to brag?"

                "Why don't you invest your money in me, and I'll say I can make back two hundred times the profit."

                "Hmph, you're a soft-earned wimp, what else can you do but clean toilets?"

                "Just the kind of person you are, and you invest and make a profit?"

                "As long as you're not a fool, who would believe you?"

                These words caused those shareholders to cajole again.

                "Surnamed Lin, you need not brag here!"

                "You think you're Warren Buffett? You think you're Warren Buffett? You've got twice the profit, I shame!"

                "It's not that easy to cheat us out of our money!"

Chapter 302

Lin Mo frowned and said in a deep voice, "Gentlemen, we have worked together before."

                "You should all be clear about what I am like."

                "I work, you all know it well too."

                "I still say the same thing, this investment, there is absolutely no problem."

                "I hope you all can trust me again, and at the same time give me another chance!"

                One shareholder couldn't help himself: "Give you a fucking chance!"

                "I'm telling you, I just don't agree with this investment!"

                "Fuck you, bringing a few hooligans to scare people?"


                The other shareholders smiled and all started to explode with foul language, expressing their dissatisfaction with Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo's face turned cold, he was also a little fired up inside.

                Xu Dongxue had a sneering look on her face, "Lin Mo, do you really think that everyone is like my sister and is casually fooled by you?"

                "I'm telling you, those who can be shareholders in a company are not fools."

                "You can't fool them with that little trick of yours!"

                "Hmph, if you want to invest, in another life!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was also looking at Lin Mo with an indignant face, in their opinion, it was because of Lin Mo that led to such a thing.

                Just as the crowd was coaxing, an icy voice suddenly came from the doorway, "Which one of you does not agree with this investment?"

                The crowd turned their heads, only to see that Chen Shengyuan had stood at the doorway at some point.

                The faces of all the people changed, they were all in the pharmaceutical industry, so they naturally knew Chen Shengyuan very well.

                "Mr Chen, what brings you here?"

                Xu Yongqing hurriedly greeted him with a nod and a bow.

                Chen Shengyuan simply ignored him and walked straight into the office, saying in a cold voice, "Speak up, which of you disagrees with this investment?"

                No one dared to speak for a while as they could not figure out Chen Shengyuan's intentions.

                Xu Yongqing looked embarrassed: "Mr. Chen, this is an internal matter of our company, you are ......"

                Chen Shengyuan said directly, "What, do you think I am not qualified to walk into your company?"

                Xu Yongqing was startled and hurriedly said, "Mr. Chen, you misunderstood, I didn't mean that. It's just that ......"

                Chen Shengyuan waved his hand impatiently, "If you don't mean it, shut up!"

                "What are you, what qualifications do you have to speak in front of me?"

                "Get the hell out of here!"

                Xu Yongqing's face changed instantly, but in the end, he did not dare to retort.

                Chen Shengyuan swept his gaze over the crowd and said in a cold voice, "Any of you who do not agree to invest, speak directly now."

                "I can buy the shares in your hands at a ten percent premium!"

                "Remember, it's only this once."

                "Those who don't sell today will be considered as agreeing to the investment. Next time, if you come back and make trouble, humph, don't blame me, Chen Shengyuan, for turning my face away!"

                Those shareholders around immediately coaxed, no one had expected that Chen Shengyuan would come and intervene.

                Everyone was curious as to what Chen Shengyuan meant by this.

                If it was before, they would have sold it without hesitation at a ten percent premium.

                But Chen Shengyuan's sudden acquisition made the crowd wonder, "Can Lin Mo really make money with this investment?

                This time, even Xu Yongqing hesitated.

                Was it appropriate to withdraw the shares at this time?

                Before the crowd could think clearly, the door to the room was once again pushed open and a young man wearing gold-rimmed glasses walked in, none other than Huo Tiancheng!

                "Yo, it's quite lively!"

                "Which one is Xu Hanxia, stand out and let me have a look!"

                Huo Tiancheng said flirtatiously.

                The crowd's eyes fell on Xu Hanxia.

                Huo Tiancheng took a good look at Xu Hanxia, and his face was full of astonishment.

                "The number one beauty in Guangyang City, it really lives up to its name, I really didn't miss this trip!"

                "Mr Xu, I have a reception on the ninth floor of the Times Hotel."

                "At 7pm, my driver will come to pick you up, wear something pretty then."

                "When you're my dance partner, you can't lose my face, understand?"

                Huo Tiancheng said in a commanding tone.