Medical Genius Chapter 291-292

 Chapter 291

Lin Mo did not answer directly as he stared at Zhou Qingwu and suddenly said, "What does Miss Song mean?"

                Zhou Qingwu said in a low voice, "Although my old eyes are dim, I did some good deeds in my early years."

                "Back then, when Miss Song was expelled from her family, the old man had an occasional kindness and helped her out."

                "What happened today was also arranged by Miss Song."

                Lin Mo slowly nodded his head.

                If it was just Zhou Qingwu looking for him, he might not have believed it.

                But if Song Zhilan was involved, then it was a different story, and he believed Song Zhilan.

                It wasn't that Lin Mo trusted Song Zhilan much, but because Song Zhilan also wanted him to help save his daughter and his best friend.

                Therefore, Song Zhilan would not harm him.

                "Since that's the case, then it's settled!"

                "You put up three billion, and we'll unite together to deal with the Huo family!"

                Lin Mo said.

                Zhou Qingwu was overjoyed and hurriedly said, "Many thanks, Mr. Lin!"

                Lin Mo nodded as he looked towards the door, "Miss Song, since you're here, why don't you come inside and have a chat?"

                A soft laugh came from the doorway and Song Zhilan, dressed in white, pushed the door in.

                "Mr. Lin, it really is impossible to hide anything from you."

                "I'm really sorry for hastily inviting you here and not telling you in advance."

                "However, this is a matter between the Zhou family and you, and it's not convenient for me to interfere."

                "So, it was thought that I would let Zhou Lao speak to you personally, and how you decide is also your own business!"

                Lin Mo nodded, this was the right approach for Song Zhilan.

                If she personally came out to speak for Zhou Qingwu, then Lin Mo would have to look at her face instead, and it would affect Lin Mo's judgment.

                Song Zhilan said, "Mr. Lin, for your medical association, I can offer fifteen billion."

                Lin Mo was surprised, he did not expect that Song Zhilan would also get involved.

                "Miss Song, this time you have to face the six provinces' divine doctors, this fifteen billion, it might be bloodless, have you thought it through?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Song Zhilan waved her hand straight away, "No need to think."

                "Mr. Lin, the main thing is that I don't have much liquidity in my hand right now, so I can only take out fifteen billion."

                "Otherwise, even if I were asked to invest ten billion, I would never hesitate."

                "Your medical skills, I absolutely trust!"

                Zhou Qingwu was surprised, he had heard Song Zhilan say that Lin Mo was highly skilled in medicine.

                But he didn't know that Song Zhilan had such trust in Lin Mo's medical skills!

                Walking out of Yun Chuang Group, Lin Mo did some calculations.

                Chen Shengyuan's 1.5 billion, Huang Yongfeng's 2 billion, the Zhou family's 3 billion, Song Zhilan's 1.5 billion, plus Xu's Pharmaceutical's 500 million, that was 8.5 billion.

                With another 1.5 billion from Nanba Tian, the 10 billion would be complete.

                He called Nanba Tian, however, Nanba Tian was very crisp, directly taking thirty-five billion and giving Lin Mo twelve billion.

                Lin Mo was also surprised, Nanba Tian acted in a way that was indeed not comparable to ordinary people.

                That night, the money all arrived on Lin Mo's card.

                Lin Mo rushed to the company, found Xu Hanxia, and discussed this matter with her.

                Lin Mo didn't tell her about his medical skills, he just said he wanted to make an investment.

                Xu Hanxia did not hesitate and directly agreed that the company would pay 500 million.

                She had complete trust in Lin Mo.

                Of course, Xu's Pharmaceutical did not need to contribute five hundred million either.

                Lin Mo had 300 million in his hand from the Zhou family's compensation, and Xu's Pharmaceuticals would be able to contribute another 200 million.

                When everything was ready, Lin Mo called Chen Shengyuan and asked him to start handling the follow-up.

                The medical exchange meeting would be held in three days, and Chen Shengyuan would personally take care of it. Three days was enough time to get the association's affairs in order.

                Early the next morning, Lin Mo went to work as usual.

                Just as he entered the office, Lin Mo saw Xu Jiangong's family sitting here.

                Lin Mo's heart thumped, what was going on here again?

                Xu Dongxue was the first to see Lin Mo and screamed, "Here he comes, this bastard is here!"

                Fang Hui jumped up as if she was an enraged beast, "Lin Mo, you son of a bitch, you want to get my daughter killed!"

                "What the hell are you going to do, let her run off and take out a loan of 200 million?"

                "Do you want her to die?"

Chapter 292

Lin Mo froze, when had he asked Xu Hanxia to take out a loan of 200 million?

                "Mom, what are you talking about?"

                "How did she take out a loan of two hundred million?"

                Lin Mo said urgently.

                "And you're playing dumb with me?"

                "I ...... I'll fight you ......."

                Fang Hui screamed, waving her slap and trying to smack Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo hurriedly avoided it and said urgently, "Mom, say something properly!"

                "What's going on?"

                "You tell me!"

                Fang Hui kept on, "Stop right there! Stop right there!"

                "It's either you or me today!"

                "Stop him for me!"

                Huang Liang immediately ran over and stretched out his arms to stop him.

                He had a sour smile on his face, wishing that Lin Mo could be given a good beating by Fang Hui.

                Lin Mo didn't dare to touch Fang Hui, but to Huang Liang, there was no need to be polite.

                He pretended to stagger into Huang Liang, directly knocking him to the ground and causing him to fall over.

                Xu Dongxue hurriedly picked up Huang Liang in a negative manner, screaming in anger, "Lin Mo, you dare to hit my husband!"

                "I'll fight with you!"

                Xu Dongxue grabbed the glass on the table and lunged at Lin Mo.

                At that moment, several security guards rushed in and directly stopped the mother and daughter.

                The one in the lead was none other than Fang Qing, who had been accused by Fang Hui last time and had been interrogated by the dean for several days.

                He had been holding his anger for a long time, and now when he saw the Xu family, he certainly wouldn't be polite.

                "What are you doing?"

                "Hold them all down for me!"

                "If they dare to make a move again, just give me a beating!"

                "I'll take care of anything that happens!"

                Several security guards were furious and pinned Fang Hui and Xu Dongxue to the ground, stepping on them.

                These two people struggled hard, but they couldn't break free.

                Xu Jiangong became anxious: "What are you doing?"

                "Let go of my wife and daughter, or ...... else I'll call the police!"

                Fang Qing sneered, "You still want to call the police?"

                "I still want to call the police!"

                "This is a hospital, you are beating people up here, we have the right to stop you!"

                "Call the police? Hmph, you'll see who gets arrested then!"

                Xu Jiangong was at a loss for words, no, they came in and hit someone.

                If the police were really called, the hospital wouldn't be responsible at all, and they might even be locked up for a few days!

                Xu Jiangong looked at Lin Mo angrily, "Lin Mo, are you just going to watch your mother-in-law and little sister being bullied?"

                "Are you even a man anymore!"

                Lin Mo was speechless, you didn't say a word when the two of them were chasing after me to fight.

                Now the people at the hospital are holding out for me, and you're asking me to help?

                What, I let the two of them go and continue to let them chase and beat me?

                "Dad, mum, what's the matter, let's talk properly!"

                "Dean Fang, I'm really sorry for the trouble I've caused you."

                "You guys let them go first."

                Lin Mo said.

                Fang Qing knew that Lin Mo had a good relationship with He Lao and was respectful to him.

                "Director Lin, since you said so, then I will give you face."

                "Let the people go first."

                "But we'll be right outside."

                "It's fine to talk about something, if you do it, humph, our hospital's security department, is not a vegetarian!"

                Fang Qing waved his hand and went out with a few security guards.

                Fang Hui Xu Dongxue climbed up in a mess, Fang Hui screamed and tried to come over to hit Lin Mo again.

                The door to the room was pushed straight open and Fang Qing poked his head in: "What? Still want to fight?"

                Fang Hui immediately became honest, she didn't want to be stepped on again.

                "Mom and Dad, what's going on?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Fang Hui gritted her teeth, "Lin Mo, you needn't pretend to me here."

                "Was it you who said you wanted to invest in a project and asked for money from Hanxia?"

                "What's going on with the company, you don't know?"

                "In order to raise the two hundred million, Hanxia mortgaged all the company's shares and took out a loan of two hundred million from the bank."

                "Do you know that if the money is not repaid, the company will be lost and Hanxia will go to jail!"

                "Do you have to get Hanxia killed and break up our Xu family?"