Medical Genius Chapter 289-290

 Chapter 289

Chen Shengyuan glanced at Lin Mo and said in a low voice, "Moreover, the ten billion dollars belong to a direct investment."

                "Once you compete, these funds will be placed in the medical exchange and become the medical resources of Guangyang City."

                "If you lose in the medical exchange, then Guangyang City's medical resources are going to be divided up a bit."

                "At that time, coupled with the Huo family's targeting, the ten billion dollars will most likely be lost in blood."

                "So, trying to find someone to make this investment, I reckon it's a bit difficult."

                Lin Mo's face became even more ugly, he hadn't expected that these methods, were more difficult than one another!

                Seeing that Lin Mo was not speaking, Chen Shengyuan suddenly said, "Mr. Lin, if you really want to do this, I can invest fifteen billion!"

                "I'll put the entire Sheng Yuan Pharmacy on the line, Mr. Lin, even if I smash the pots and pans, I'll definitely give you my full support!"

                Lin Mo was touched in his heart, and he had to say that Chen Shengyuan really trusted him.

                With Chen Shengyuan's current wealth, taking out fifteen billion in cash was already the limit, and he might have to borrow quite a lot of money.

                If Lin Mo lost this time, then he might have to go bankrupt along with him.

                Lin Mo nodded: "Mr. Chen, this favor, I'll keep it in my heart!"

                "I will find a way to gather the ten billion."

                After bidding farewell to Chen Shengyuan, Lin Mo went to find Huang Yongfeng.

                Huang Yongfeng was very straightforward and immediately decided to take out two billion to support Lin Mo.

                Together with Chen Shengyuan's, there would be thirty-five billion.

                Next, Lin Mo went to Nanba Tian.

                Nanba Tian was so wealthy that he directly told Lin Mo to get the money together first. In the end, no matter how much the difference was, Nanba Tian covered it all.

                Lin Mo breathed a sigh of relief, other than that, these three people, they trusted him a lot.

                After doing some calculations in his heart, Xu's Pharmaceuticals could invest about five billion, which added up to four billion.

                In other words, Nanba Tian still had to have six billion to make up the ten billion.

                Lin Mo was a bit helpless in his heart, although Nanba Tian trusted him with his medical skills.

                However, to take out six billion at once and make such a huge bet, even Nanba Tian would have to break his bones.

                While pondering what to do, Song Zhilan suddenly called and invited Lin Mo to her company for a chat.

                Lin Mo rushed to Yun Chuang Group and just as he reached the entrance, he saw Song Zhilan's secretary waiting.

                She did not take Lin Mo to Song Zhilan's office, but went to the underground car park and into a secluded room.

                Lin Mo was very surprised, what was Song Zhilan up to here? So mysterious?

                When he entered the room, the first person Lin Mo saw was not Song Zhi Lan, but Zhou Qing Wu, the old man of the Zhou family.

                After not seeing him for two days, Zhou Qingwu seemed to have aged a lot and his figure had become stooped.

                Lin Mo looked around in surprise, there was no one else in the house.

                "Mr. Lin, there is no need to look."

                "Here, it's just you and me."

                Zhou Qingwu's voice was low and lacking in mid-air.

                Lin Mo was puzzled: "So, it is you who is looking for me?"

                Zhou Qingwu nodded slowly, "You could say that."

                "Mr. Lin, please sit down."

                Lin Mo sat down, and at that moment, the secretary also retreated, closing the door to the room behind him.

                "Is there something wrong, Elder Zhou?"

                Zhou Qingwu coughed a few times and said softly, "Mr. Lin, do you know, how much my Zhou family, this time, has paid?"

                Lin Mo frowned, "What is Elder Zhou doing telling me this?"

                "This doesn't seem to have anything to do with me, does it?"

                Zhou Qingwu let out a bitter smile, "Yesterday, the Zhou family head and I went to the provincial city, trying to clarify the situation with the Huo family. "

                "But, do you know?"

                "The Huo family has captured my son and daughter-in-law, Zhou Ze's parents."

                Lin Mo's heart jumped, did he mean that his affairs were going to be exposed?

Chapter 290

Zhou Qingwu's eyes were red: "When I got there, both of them, they were no longer human."

                "My son, covered in blood, was thrown in the mire."

                "There were insects and ants everywhere around, crawling all over him."

                "When he saw me, the first thing he did was to tear his heart out and beg me to kill him!"

                Speaking of this, Zhou Qingwu could not help the tears in his eyes from finally gushing out.

                He took a deep breath and wiped away the tears, "As for my daughter-in-law, she was cut off her legs and arms, made into a human pig and put in a jar."

                "Huo's family used drugs to keep her alive and to keep her from dying."

                "She was able to stay awake, able to feel everything clearly, to feel the pain."

                Lin Mo's brow furrowed, the Huo family's methods were too poisonous.

                No wonder the Ten Great Families didn't dare to make an enemy of the Huo Family, it seemed that he had really underestimated the Huo Family.

                However, this also made Lin Mo's heart follow with importance.

                This battle between himself and the Huo family was by no means a simple business battle anymore.

                In this one, if he lost, he would definitely end up miserable!

                Zhou Qingwu whispered, "I knelt down in front of the Huo family lord at that time and begged him to spare my son and daughter-in-law."

                "But, he ignored me and continued to talk and laugh with me."

                "I watched my son and daughter-in-law suffer there for the rest of the day."

                "At the end of the day, the Lord of the Huo family gave me a knife and told me to kill my son with my own hands and give the Huo family an explanation."

                "Do you know that when I stabbed the dagger into my son's heart."

                "The expression on his face was not painful at all, but rather a kind of gratitude of relief!"

                "But that wasn't the end of it."

                "The Huo family finally threw my son and daughter-in-law into the doghouse and made me watch as they were buried in the dog's belly ......"

                By this point, Zhou Qingwu was already sobbing uncontrollably.

                Only then did Lin Mo realize why Zhou Qingwu had aged so much in the past two days.

                "Elder Zhou, what exactly is it that you are looking for me for?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Zhou Qingwu wiped away his tears, "The Huo family is demanding that the Zhou family hand over 70% of its business to the Huo family."

                "There is no way back for the Zhou family."

                "Mr. Lin, I have decided to fight to the death against the Huo family!"

                "But the Zhou family alone doesn't have the strength to do so."

                "I'm looking for you because I want to work with you."

                "I know you're scraping together money, my Zhou family is willing to pay three billion and fully support you!"

                Lin Mo was surprised as he stared at Zhou Qingwu for a moment, "Elder Zhou, why would you choose me?"

                "Don't you forget, I'm just a son-in-law from the family."

                "I don't have any background, no connections."

                "The Huo family is one of the top ten families in the province, who am I to fight with them?"

                Zhou Qingwu took a deep breath, "Mr. Lin, if I said I was bullish on you, I would definitely be lying to you."

                "I sought you out because I had no choice."

                "The top ten families in Guangyang City are seemingly at odds with each other."

                "My Zhou family has not yet fallen, and the other nine families have already started discussing how to divide up my Zhou family's properties."

                "The only one in Guangyang City who can fight the Huo family is the Heavenly Master."

                "But Master Tian won't do that."

                "Nowadays, looking at the entire Guangyang City, the only one who has a grudge against the Huo family and is fighting hard against them is you, and I can only work with you!"

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, he could believe these words of Zhou Qingwu.

                Zhou Qingwu said softly, "Mr. Lin, you and I, the Zhou family, had some misunderstandings before. However, these are not important."

                "This time, with the Huo family, we are in the same boat."

                "I'm offering money to support Mr. Lin, I don't ask for anything in return, nor do I ask for revenge, I only ask that Mr. Lin can help me preserve the Zhou family!"

                "The Zhou family's hundred-year foundation cannot be buried in my hands!"

                As he said this, Zhou Qingwu suddenly fell to his knees, "The life and death of the Zhou family is in Mr. Lin's hands."

                "I don't have much time left, so I only ask Mr. Lin to give my Zhou family a hand."

                "If my Zhou family can be saved, in the future, my family will be Mr. Lin's pawn."

                "Saddle up for Mr. Lin, no complaints whatsoever!"