Medical Genius Chapter 287-288

 Chapter 287

Lin Mo said curiously, "What method?"

                Chen Shengyuan said hesitantly, "You can compete as the representative of Guangyang City."

                "However, this method is rather troublesome and requires the full support of the Guangyang City Medical Association for you to do so."

                Lin Mo: "There is such an association in Guangyang City?"

                Chen Shengyuan smiled, "This society has existed for a long time, and Xu Pharmaceutical is also a member of this society."

                "However, the Society was originally in the hands of the Xie Family, one of the previous ten families."

                "Last time the Xie Family was destroyed by the Heavenly Master, this Society was left without a head."

                "The strength of the previous Xie family was divided up by the other nine great families."

                "The Pharmaceutical Association, now, is also considered to be under the joint control of the ten great families."

                "So now, if you want the Guangyang City Pharmaceutical Association to support you, it's like asking all ten families to support you."

                Lin Mo frowned, his relationship with the Ten Great Families had been somewhat frosty after what happened with the Zhou Family earlier.

                At this time, it would be a bit difficult to get the Ten Great Families to support him again.

                Lin Mo pondered for a moment and said in a deep voice, "No matter what, we have to give it a try."

                "You help me gather the people from the Ten Great Families, and I'll talk to them personally."

                Chen Shengyuan nodded his head, "Good."

                "However, Mr. Lin, you shouldn't get your hopes up too much."

                "This method, basically, is unlikely."

                "The ten families control the Pharmaceutical Association, and they have almost two to three billion in profits every year."

                "If you support you with them, then you're bound to get into trouble with the Huo family."

                "Once the Huo family blockades the medical industry in Guangyang City, then the profits of the Pharmaceutical Association will be gone."

                "The ten families would never give up such a profit!"

                As soon as the banquet at the Times Hotel ended and Huo Tiancheng had left, Chen Shengyuan immediately ran to find the family heads of the ten major families.

                He gathered the crowd together in a large private room stand and told them about Lin Mo's intentions.

                Just after he finished, one of the family heads said in outright anger, "Chen Shengyuan, are you crazy?"

                "Letting the Pharmaceutical Association go against the Huo family?"

                "Do you know that the Huo Family is in charge of the distribution of medical benefits in the entire Guangyang City."

                "Once we anger the Huo family, it will be impossible for our medicine and medical equipment to leave Guangyang City in the future."

                "This is a business of tens of billions of dollars, which has a bearing on the survival of dozens of pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, large and small, as well as various medical institutions, and medicinal material companies in Guangyang City!"

                "Just to get Lin Mo to attend this medical exchange, you're going to put these companies to death?"

                Chen Shengyuan had an embarrassed look on his face, these were situations that he knew best.

                "Gentlemen, I understand what you all mean."

                "But, have you guys ever thought about it."

                "Once we win, then, how much of the medical resources of the six provinces will go to us in Guangyang City?"

                "By then, it won't be a business of tens of billions, it will be a business of hundreds of billions, or even hundreds of billions!"

                Chen Shengyuan exclaimed.

                At these words, the people in the room burst into laughter.

                "Chen Shengyuan, I think it's really time for you to see a doctor!"

                "What kind of stimulus did you get after this, why are you all mad like this?"

                "Winning? On what basis did you win?"

                "On the basis of this Lin Mo?"

                "Do you know that the Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting is attended by the top doctors of the six provinces?"

                "Even He Lao, who is beside you, is only a minor player in this medical exchange."

                "Lin Mo, on what basis did he win?"

                A family head said loudly.

                Chen Shengyuan gritted his teeth, "I believe in Mr. Lin's medical skills!"

                "If he participates in the Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting, he will definitely win big!"

                Another family head sneered, "You believe in him?"

                "If I remember correctly, he used to just sweep the toilets in the hospital."

                "Do you really think he is the sweeper of the Hidden Scriptures, a man of the world?"

                "Have you been reading too many martial arts novels?"

                The crowd burst into laughter again.

Chapter 288

Chen Shengyuan's face was irritated, but he could not refute it.

                Lin Mo's medical skills were only known to them.

                The people of the Ten Great Families didn't know about it at all, and whatever he said, the Ten Great Families wouldn't believe it.

                At this moment, Lin Mo spoke up, "Gentlemen, whether you can win or not, just try it and you will know."

                "I can give you all an oath, if I lose this medical exchange, I, Lin, will give my life to you!"

                The Song family head laughed coldly straight away, "Lin Mo, do you think your life is worth a lot of money?"

                "This is tens of billions of dollars of business, the Medical Association, and two to three billion dollars of revenue every year."

                "You mean to ask us to use such a huge amount of money to bet against your life?"

                "Are you worthy?"

                This Song family head had always been quite displeased with Lin Mo because of Song Zhilan's relationship.

                Seizing the opportunity today, he was naturally extremely mocking.

                Lin Mo's face was cold: "Song Family Master, don't speak too harshly."

                "I have asked for your help today, if you help me, I will definitely keep this favor in mind."

                "If you don't help me, I will also keep it in mind!"

                The crowd burst into laughter.

                "What, you're still holding a grudge?"

                "What's wrong with keeping it in mind?"

                "Is it hard to say that you still intend to be an enemy of our Ten Great Families?"

                "Lin Mo, you're a friend of Master Tian, we'll give you face."

                "But remember, you're not Master Tian after all!"

                "Your favours are of no use to us!"

                The Song Family Master got up, "Let's go!"

                "What's there to talk about with such trash!"

                As he walked to the door, the Song Family Master suddenly stopped and glanced at Lin Mo: "Surnamed Lin, listen to me clearly."

                "In the future, stay away from Zhi Lan!"

                "I don't want rumours to spread outside that someone from my Song family is raising a little white boy, you should understand what I mean!"

                Lin Mo's face was cold: "Song Family Master, you can't manage that wide yet, can you?"

                The Song Family Master sneered, "You can try."

                "Listen to me clearly, my Song Family, is not something that some families can compare to!"

                Next to him, the Zhou Family Master's face was slightly cold, the Song Family Master was clearly mocking their Zhou Family.

                However, the Zhou family head said nothing.

                This incident with the Huo Family had caused the Zhou Family to suffer heavy losses.

                It was hard to say whether they would be able to remain in the Top Ten Families next!

                The other family masters all laughed and got up to leave, looking at Lin Mo as if he was looking at a fool, extremely mocking.

                As Chen Shengyuan watched these people walk away, he could not help but slam his fist heavily on the table, "These old pikers, bullying people too much!"

                "Mr. Lin, why don't we go to Master Tian and ask him to come out and talk to them?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "Master Tian has helped me enough, I can't bother Master Tian with everything."

                "General Chen, this matter, is there any other way?"

                Chen Shengyuan frowned tightly and pondered for a long time before whispering, "There is still a way."

                "However, this solution, more ...... less suitable ......"

                Lin Moqi said: "What solution?"

                Chen Shengyuan: "If you can set up an association to replace the Pharmaceutical Association."

                "Then, you would have enough say and would be fully able to represent Guangyang City in the competition!"

                Lin Mo froze for a moment, "Is this ...... this feasible?"

                "How do you set up such an association?"

                Chen Shengyuan: "It's easy to want to set up an association, the problem is, wanting to replace the Pharmaceutical Association and go to the medical exchange, this is more difficult."

                "The Pharmaceutical Association, with nearly ten billion dollars in assets."

                "If you set up an association that wants to replace the Pharmaceutical Association, you need to have at least ten billion dollars."

                Lin Mo frowned, ten billion dollars of capital, this was not a small amount.