Medical Genius Chapter 285-286

Chapter 285
Seeing Lin Mo agree so, Fang Hui's eyebrows flew up.

                "Lin Mo, I'll remember what you said."

                "When the time comes, if you lose, if you don't do as you're told, I will never spare you!"

                "Husband, let's go!"

                Xu Jiangong glared at Lin Mo and spat fiercely, before following Fang Hui and leaving in high spirits.

                Lin Mo watched the two walk away and sighed once again.

                He ran straight to Chen Shengyuan, intending to find out about this matter from Chen Shengyuan.

                Chen Shengyuan had been in the medical industry for a long time and knew more about the Huo family.

                He had also known for a long time that the Huo family was targeting Xu Pharmaceutical.

                After Lin Mo arrived and explained his intention, Chen Shengyuan said directly, "Mr. Lin, there are two ways to solve this matter."

                "The first, is to have Master Tian step in, this is the easiest way."

                "Although the Huo family is powerful, they wouldn't dare not give Master Tian's face."

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, this could be used as a backup method.

                He didn't want to owe Nanba Tian too much, he wanted to put himself on an equal footing with Nanba Tian.

                "What about the second one?"

                Chen Shengyuan said, "The second one, is to represent Guang Province and participate in the Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting, and to obtain a top three ranking for Guang Province!"

                Lin Mo frowned, "What kind of method is that?"

                Chen Shengyuan sighed, "Mr. Lin, you don't know anything."

                "In these few years of the Six Provinces Medical Exchange, Guang Province has always been at the bottom of the list."

                "Therefore, medical supplies from the other five provinces can be sold in Guang Province, while medical supplies from Guang Province are difficult to sell to the other six provinces."

                "The Huo family is also very anxious about such a situation, after all, it involves their vital interests."

                "Over the years, they have been searching all over for famous doctors, just hoping to get some victories in the medical exchange."

                "If you, Mr. Lin, can help the Huo family achieve victory, then the Huo family will definitely regard you as a guest."

                "At that time, this matter of Xu's Pharmaceutical is not even a matter!"

                Lin Mo frowned, in that case, he had to help the Huo family?

                Honestly, Lin Mo didn't have any good feelings towards the Huo family, and he wasn't willing to help the Huo family, either.

                "Is there no other way?"

                Chen Shengyuan shook his head, "The other methods are even more troublesome."

                "Unless you can find the ten provincial families to back you up, and they are willing to help you, in order to solve a crisis like this."

                "Otherwise, within Guang Province, apart from Master Tian, no one can make the Huo family bow down!"

                Lin Mo fell into deep thought, he really wasn't willing to help the Huo family.

                Just then, his mobile phone suddenly rang on him, surprisingly it was Elder He calling.

                He Lao's voice couldn't hide his joy, "Mr. Lin, that thousand year old snow lotus you asked for has been found!"

                "What!?" Lin Mo let out a loud cry.

                The Thousand Year Snow Lotus was the key to saving his sister.

                Because of the lack of this medicine, his sister had been still in a coma.

                "Where is it? How much is it?" Lin Mo hurriedly asked.

                He Lao: "Mr. Lin, this medicine is not for sale."

                "I've just gotten word that the prize for the number one ranking at this Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting is this thousand year old snow lotus!"

                Lin Mo's eyes widened, surprisingly?

                In that case, he still had to participate in this medical exchange meeting!

                Lin Mo looked at Chen Shengyuan, "It seems that I really have to participate in this medical exchange!"

                Chen Shengyuan was delighted, "Mr. Lin, if you personally take part in this medical exchange, our Guang Province will definitely be able to enter the top three."

                "At that time, not only will the medical industry in Guang Province have to gain huge profits, even Xu Pharmaceutical, will also share a lot of benefits."

                Lin Mo: "This matter, can you arrange it?"

                Chen Shengyuan immediately nodded, "Of course!"

                "Guangyang City has the qualification to recommend people to the province, moreover, each city also has their own representative people to compete."

                "The Huo family's people are coming tonight, I will recommend you to the Huo family, and you will be able to represent Guangyang Province!"

Chapter 286
7pm, Times Hotel, 9th floor.

                Many members of the ten great families had arrived to greet the heir to the Huo family from the provincial capital.

                Chen Shengyuan, representing Nanba Tian at this banquet, had also arrived here, and had brought Lin Mo with him.

                The crowd waited here for a while before a cacophony of noise came from outside.

                Immediately afterwards, a group of people swaggered in.

                At the head of the group was a young man wearing gold-rimmed glasses, who looked svelte, but deep in his eyes, there was an indescribable hostility.

                This young man was none other than Huo Tiancheng, the heir of the Huo family.

                The ten families greeted each other, but Huo Tiancheng didn't even bother to look at them, and walked straight to the private room inside.

                These people were all a little embarrassed, but no one dared to say anything.

                After all, the strength of the top ten families in Guangyang City was still a far cry from the top ten families in Guangyang Province.

                Chen Shengyuan led Lin Mo into the private room and greeted Huo Tiancheng, introducing him to Huo Tiancheng by the way.

                "Young Huo, Mr. Lin's medical skills are peerless."

                "With him representing my Guang Province in the Medical Exchange Conference, my province will definitely win big this time!"

                Huo Tiancheng put down his glass and glanced at Lin Mo, a hint of disdain wiped across the corner of his mouth, "Chen Shengyuan, how come you've been living more and more in reverse these past few years?"

                "To find such a milquetoast guy and dare to claim to be some kind of divine doctor?"

                "Are you sick in the head yourself, or are you playing a trick on our Huo family?"

                Chen Shengyuan's face changed slightly, "Young Huo, you've misunderstood."

                "Mr. Lin's medical skills are truly the only ones I have seen in my life."

                "Several divine doctors in Guangyang City have sighed in admiration at Mr. Lin ......"

                Huo Tiancheng waved his hand directly, "That's because there's not much talent in your Guangyang City!"

                "There's no tiger in the mountain, monkeys call themselves kings, what kind of cats and dogs dare to take out their hands?"

                "Chen Shengyuan, I am only letting you in to say a few words because I am giving face to Mr. Nan."

                "Do you really think that my Huo family is easy to bully when you bring such a piece of shit to insult me?"

                Lin Mo frowned, this Huo Tiancheng was too conceited.

                "Young Huo, you've never seen my medical skills, so how do you know I'm incapable?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Huo Tiancheng glanced at him, his brow furrowed, "Is there still a need to see this?"

                "This young man comes from a medical family, so he knows this best!"

                "The way of medicine is the result of years of accumulation, there are no shortcuts."

                "I have been studying medicine since I was a child, and that's how I got to where I am today."

                "What are you, can you still be better than this young man's medical skills?"

                "Only a brainless person like Chen Shengyuan would believe you, but you are still too young to try to fool my Huo family!"

                Chen Shengyuan was also annoyed, "Young Huo, how good is the real medical skill, let's just try it out and see."

                "Isn't it too one-sided for you to judge like that?"

                Huo Tiancheng's face was cold: "Chen Shengyuan, are you teaching me to do something?"

                "Do you really think that just because Mr Nan is backing you up, you can see no one else?"

                "I tell you, I can give Mr. Nan face. But after all, you are not Mr. Nam!"

                "Get out of here, don't affect this young man's mood!"

                Chen Shengyuan was so angry that he clenched his fists, but in the end, he didn't dare to get into a fight with Huo Tiancheng.

                Huo Tiancheng was the heir to the Huo family and had a very high status in the Huo family.

                If it really came to blows, Nanba Tian Tian couldn't be the one to start a feud with the Huo family just to protect him!

                Walking out of the private room, Chen Shengyuan slammed his fist heavily on the wall and gritted his teeth, "I've long heard that this little brat is arrogant and arrogant and has no one in sight."

                "I never thought that he would be so arrogant as to reach this point!"

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, frowned, "If the Huo family doesn't agree, then is there another way for me to participate in this exchange?"

                Chen Shengyuan thought for a moment and said, "There are ways to do so."

                "However, if we really want to use this method, then we will really have a complete feud with the Huo Family in the future!"