Medical Genius Chapter 277-278

 Chapter 277

Huang Liang: "Mom, this is something that Sister Halfsia didn't make up."

                "Shengyuan Pharmacy is a listed group now, the company's market value is over a billion, and it's still going up."

                "It's definitely not a good idea to open one that big."

                "However, opening a smaller one, a chain one, would be fine."

                Fang Hui: "Is that so?"

                "A smaller one, how small is it?"

                "Hanxia, if it's really too small, then it's better for us to be idle all day!"

                Xu Hanxia was helpless, after all was said and done, she was still good at saving face and wanted to open a large chain of pharmacies.

                However, this was something that it looked like she would not be able to stop.

                She had also considered that opening a pharmacy, for one thing, wouldn't be a problem, and for another, she wouldn't lose much money.

                Xu Hanxia nodded: "Let's do it this way, open a chain of them."

                "The company will allocate ten million from its side, as start-up capital."

                Fang Hui looked dissatisfied, "Ten million is too little."

                "The medicinal herb company still has thirty million!"

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly said, "Mom, this is just the initial capital."

                "When you have done well, there will be additional investment on the company's side."

                Fang Hui looked at Xu Jiangong.

                Xu Jiangong's face was still ugly, but he still nodded his head, sort of approving of the matter.

                In the end, the matter ended with Xu Hanxia allocating 10 million to them to open a pharmacy.

                Even so, Xu Jiangong still walked out of the office in a rage, looking like he was still very unhappy with Xu Hanxia.

                After sending these people away, Xu Hanxia sat down on the sofa exhaustedly.

                What could she do when she was faced with such a family?

                These were her own parents, so she could only put up with it!

                Walking out of Xu's Pharmaceutical, Xu Jian Gong had an angry look on his face, "Fang Hui, why did you just speak up for her?"

                "Three hundred million, and you're just going to give up?"

                Fang Hui was helpless: "Old Xu, have you become confused?"

                "You don't know Hanxia's temper."

                "If it really gets serious, she'll definitely die."

                "If she gets angry and donates the company, won't we lose everything?"

                "We might as well take this opportunity to open the pharmacy first, at least we can take advantage of the same thing!"

                Xu Jiangong was annoyed, "Then we can't just give up the three hundred million!"

                "If we have these three hundred million, why do we need to open a pharmacy?"

                Fang Hui sighed, "I can't help it."

                "Then what do you think we should do about the situation just now?"

                "I don't care about anything, you two keep arguing and in the end she donates the whole company and it's all over?"

                Xu Jiangong was so angry that he shivered, but, in the end, he couldn't say anything.

                He knew Xu Hanxia's character best.

                If he wanted to force her to do something, it would be impossible!

                What she was determined to do, no one could change.

                "This child, she really won't let anyone worry about her!"

                "Three hundred million, gone like this, I'm really letting her die of anger!"

                Xu Jiangong said reluctantly.

                Huang Liang said sorrowfully, "When all is said and done, it's still this bastard Lin Mo who's too cunning."

                "I don't know what kind of bewitching soup he's put into Sister Hanxia's head, she's so obedient to him!"

                "I think if this goes on, sooner or later, Lin Mo will own Xu Pharmaceuticals!"

                Xu Jiangong was immediately furious: "He's dreaming!"

                "As long as I live, he will never get Xu Pharmaceutical!"

                "Even if I fight for my life and die with him, he will never take my Xu Pharmaceuticals away!"

                Huang Xin was secretly happy and said in a low voice, "Dad, the most crucial thing is to get him to divorce Sister Hanxia."

                Xu Jiangong was annoyed, "Easy for you to say, I'd like to get them both divorced, but Hanxia won't listen to me at all!"

                Huang Liang was just about to say something when Fang Hui suddenly said with surprise, "Honey, I have an idea."

                "If Hanxia doesn't divorce him, she must have never seen a better man."

                "Let's find a better man for Hanxia, after Hanxia does the comparison, she'll know that Lin Mo is a piece of trash."

                "That way, won't they both get a divorce!"

Chapter 278

Xu Jian Gong thought about it, "Your idea is good, but where can we find a better man?"

                "The heirs of the top ten families, we probably can't climb the ladder!"

                Fang Hui smiled and said, "You forgot, we met that Mr. Zhao at the Genting cocktail party before, his son is good!"

                Xu Jiangong's eyes lit up, "Yes, how could I have forgotten about Mr. Zhao?"

                "He even said at the time that his son is a high achiever from Cambridge University and is now a vice president of the company with a bright future."

                "Moreover, I also saw the photo, he is tall and handsome, absolutely Prince Charming, definitely much better than that Lin Mo!"

                "Mr. Zhao's family still lives in Wangjiang Garden, which is a place where only big shots in Guangyang City can live."

                "Mr. and Mrs. Zhao also looked at Hanxia's photos at that time and were very satisfied with her."

                "If we let Hanxia marry his son, that would be a real match for the family!"

                Fang Hui laughed, "That's what I mean."

                "We can let Hanxia meet Mr Zhao's son."

                "With a comparison, she can know what a good man really is!"

                Xu Jiangong nodded repeatedly, "Good, good, that's a great idea."

                "Let's arrange it like this, I'll contact General Manager Zhao and take some time to let his son meet Hanxia."

                Fang Hui hurriedly said, "Don't be in a hurry, either."

                "That temper of Hanxia's, will she agree if you tell her to meet a man?"

                Xu Jiangong froze for a moment and frowned, "Yes, if she knows that we arrange another blind date for her, she will definitely confront us."

                "What can we do about that?"

                Fang Hui laughed, "We can ask Mr Zhao's son to pretend to talk business with our company and take the opportunity for the two of them to meet."

                "When the time comes, we can contact each other more and ask Zhao's son to invite Hanxia out for a few more meals, and things will be almost done!"

                "Men, the better the man, the stronger the attraction."

                "When Hanxia has more contact with him, she will definitely be able to see how big the difference between Lin Mo and people is."

                "When the time comes, there will be no need for the two of us to worry about it, things will definitely be done!"

                Xu Jiangong nodded his head repeatedly, "Good, let's do it according to your idea."

                "I'll contact Mr. Zhao later, and that's the arrangement!"

                Huang Liang was beside himself with a stifled expression, he still had illusions about Xu Hanxia.

                He didn't put Lin Mo in his eyes at all and felt that he could easily crush him.

                If this were to come from the son of General Manager Zhao, then he would definitely not be a match, wouldn't he lose his chance completely?

                However, even though he was unhappy, he did not dare to show it in the slightest.


                After Lin Mo was transferred to the Chinese medicine department, he was going to be a bit more idle than the emergency department.

                In the afternoon, Tiger quietly came to the hospital and told Lin Mo about the situation outside.

                The bodies of Huo Xingxuan's men had been found and, moreover, they had investigated that it was indeed Zhou Ze's parents who had killed those people.

                Naturally, the Zhou family was shocked by this incident and hurriedly sent someone to find Zhou Ze's parents, wanting to hand them over to the Huo family and settle the matter.

                However, Zhou Ze's parents had left Guang Province last night, and it was impossible for them to find them.

                When the Huo family got the news, they were naturally furious.

                The Huo family head personally let it be known that he would make the Zhou family pay in blood.

                In the afternoon, Master Zhou and the Zhou family head personally rushed to the provincial capital, presumably to find the Huo family to settle the matter.

                Regardless of how this matter will be resolved, after this incident, the Zhou family will probably be removed from the top ten families.

                The Huo family is not a good fighter, so if the Zhou family does not pay a huge price this time, it will be impossible to solve this matter.

                After saying these things, Tiger told Lin Mo about something else that made him angry.

                The Pharmaceutical Alliance had issued a circular asking all pharmacies in Guang Province to immediately withdraw the drugs produced by Xu Pharmaceutical!

                The Pharmaceutical Alliance wanted to completely kill Xu's Pharmaceutical!