Medical Genius Chapter 275-276

 Chapter 275

Xu Jiangong Fang Hui frowned at once.

                Although the two men were greedy for money, they still doted on their own children.

                Letting an outsider go to jail, the two of them would not have any hesitation.

                But letting their own children go to jail, they both really couldn't bear to do so.

                Fang Hui said anxiously, "Is there no other way out of this?"

                "Huang Liang, you can't bear this matter alone?"

                Huang Liang spread his hands, "Mom, I really want to take it on alone."

                "But we have to take all the circumstances into consideration."

                "If people really pursue the matter, Xue'er will really be in danger."

                "Hey, if I had known this, I would have taken the jade bracelet and sold it alone in the first place."

                "Now this is a mess, and Xue'er is involved, I'm really useless as a husband!"

                Xu Hanxia looked disgusted from the side.

                She could already see that Huang Liang did not want to go to jail at all, and he did not want to take on this matter.

                All of what he said was just an excuse.

                He just wanted to bring Xu Dongxue along with him, so that Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui would give up on this matter.

                The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

                However, Xu Jiangong, Fang Hui and Xu Dongxue could not see it, but instead they felt that Huang Liang had love and righteousness.

                Xu Jiangong sighed: "Hey, this matter, the best way, or let Lin Mo bear the burden!"

                "It's a pity, this people and people can't be compared."

                "If Lin Mo had this one hundred percent filial piety of Xiao Huang, we wouldn't have to treat him like this!"

                Fang Hui looked at Xu Hanxia angrily, "Hanxia, I'm asking you again, do you want Lin Mo to take on this matter or not?"

                Xu Hanxia was very clear: "I won't let him take the blame!"

                Fang Hui thundered, "Then I'll break off the mother-daughter relationship with you!"

                Xu Hanxia's face turned red with anger, "Mother, are you finished?"

                "In the past month, how many times have you severed the mother-daughter relationship with me?"

                "I still don't know what you mean, you just want to force Lin Mo to go to jail so that you can realise your dream of being a rich wife?"

                "I'm telling you, that's impossible!"

                "If you force me again, I'll donate the company and I'll take Lin Mo and leave Guangyang forever."

                "I'll marry a chicken and follow a dog, I'll never come back in my life, are you satisfied!"

                Fang Hui did not expect Xu Hanxia to react so fiercely and was so angry that she shivered, yet she could not reply.

                She also knew that Xu Hanxia was a fierce person. If she was really pushed, Xu Hanxia would really do such a thing.

                Xu Jiangong was so angry that he slapped the table and roared, "You've turned the tables!"

                "And you donated the company?"

                "Come on, you donate one to me!"

                "I don't believe it, I'm the old man, and I still can't fix you!"

                Xu Hanxia gritted her teeth, "That's what you said!"

                "Fine, if you have to force me, then I can do it."

                "I'll donate all of this year's dividends to charity right now!"

                "From today onwards, I will no longer take a single penny from my family!"

                Xu Jiangong was furious: "How dare you!"

                "Do you really think you've gotten tough and I can't do anything about it?"

                "I'm telling you, even if you're rich, you're still my daughter!"

                "I can still take care of you!"

                Xu Hanxia held tears in her eyes, ever since she was young, she had grown up under the authority of Xu Jian Gong.

                She had never thought that she would do everything for her family, but in the end, her parents still treated her like this!

                Gritting her teeth, Xu Hanxia fiercely picked up the phone, "Hey, Xiao Bing, contact the charity ......"

                Fang Hui was startled and hurriedly pressed the phone, saying anxiously, "Hanxia, are you crazy?"

                "You really want to donate the company?"

                "This is our family's company, do you want me and your father to starve to death?"

                Xu Hanxia was in tears, "Mom, even if I go out and work for someone, I'll still support you both!"

                "But, I still say, Lin Mo has done nothing wrong, I definitely won't let him go to jail!"

Chapter 276

Xu Jiangong still wanted to speak, but was hastily stopped by Fang Hui.

                Fang Hui waved her hand, "OK, OK, OK, we know."

                "Hey, let's forget about this money, we are the ones who are not lucky enough to use this money."

                "But, Hanxia, you have to think about your parents."

                "We can't keep waiting at home for you to help us out, can we?"

                Xu Hanxia breathed a sigh of relief, as long as they didn't pursue the money, everything else was fine.

                "Mom, you're both at this age, you should enjoy yourselves at home."

                "The company's income isn't much, but, for sure, we won't let you guys worry about money."

                Xu Hanxia said back.

                Fang Hui waved her hand, "Hanxia, you don't understand what I mean."

                "I mean, your father and I, ah, we can't always stay at home and be idle."

                "It's like this, we both want to find something to do too."

                Xu Hanxia's face changed slightly, the last time they both said they wanted to find something to do, they opened a herb company.

                As a result, the company almost got into a big trouble, what was going to happen again this time?

                But, thinking about the three hundred million dollars, in the end it was better to accept this thing.

                "Mom, what do you want to do ah?" Xu Hanxia asked tentatively.

                Fang Hui looked at Xu Jiangong, whispered: "I think so, just our company is a pharmaceutical company, I want to open a pharmacy."

                "Inside the pharmacy, everything is given to the professionals to manage, and we both stay out of the way and just be the boss."

                "Besides, there's nothing wrong with opening a pharmacy."

                "After all, the medicines that can be sold are all vetted and approved, there will be no problems."

                "Hanxia, what do you think?"

                Xu Hanxia thought carefully about it, and it was a good idea.

                The herb company still had to be clear about the herbs, and with a pharmacy, there was no need for these concerns.

                The shop would be run by qualified people, and the various medicines sold would all pass the vetting standards, so there would be no problems at all.

                Xu Hanxia also did not consider whether the pharmacy was profitable or not, but mainly to give these two people something to do.

                Otherwise, they would be bothering her all day long and she would have a headache.

                After thinking about it, Xu Hanxia slowly nodded: "Mom, your idea is very good, I support you."

                "How about this, I'll help you set up the pharmacy in the next two days."

                "I have a few hundred thousand here, and with an advance from the company for dividends, I can probably open a pharmacy."

                Fang Hui immediately shook her head, "Hanxia, that's a small pharmacy you're talking about."

                "I want to open a big one, a chain one."

                Xu Hanxia was confused: "Ah? What's the point of opening a ...... store that big?"

                Fang Hui said anxiously, "Hanxia, you're the chairman of a big company."

                "If we open a small pharmacy, it would be a shame for you if word got out."

                "If our old classmates and friends knew about it, they would still think you were an ungrateful daughter."

                "She's the chairman of such a big company, and as a result, her parents are keeping a small pharmacy, isn't it a shame?"

                Xu Hanxia was at a loss, what was so humiliating about it?

                However, at this juncture, she did not dare to argue any further.

                It was so hard to change the subject, and she didn't dare to anger her parents any further.

                "Then how big do you want to open?"

                Xu Hanxia asked tentatively.

                Fang Hui thought for a moment, "At least something like Sheng Yuan Pharmacy!"

                Xu Hanxia almost vomited blood: "Mom, do you know how much the market value of Shengyuan Pharmacy is?"

                "Just my Xu Pharmaceuticals, it's less than a third of theirs!"

                "Even if you sold all of Xu's Pharmaceuticals, you wouldn't be able to afford to open a Sheng Yuan Pharmacy!"

                Fang Hui was stunned, "Really?"

                "Is the Sheng Yuan Pharmacy so valuable?"

                "It's just a pharmacy, it's worth so much?"

                Xu Hanxia was speechless, was that a pharmacy?

                It was the most profitable business under Chen Shengyuan's name!